1. Easier for politicians to play this game than acknowledge and apologize for problems they facilitated in their own countries, eh?

    1. Two words “Pat King”…if you are still supporting the organization, that he was a part of, your true colours are showing.

      Not sure what I mean, look it up yourself…

      Plus the whole world backs Ukraine!

  2. That so sad Ukraine is in war with Russia right now. Hope that Ukraine win or at least resist Russian attacks. Support Ukraine from Mexico 🇲🇽❤🇺🇦

    1. Mostly Europe will suffer, specially Germany
      Not that much Russia they don’t have any deals with Canadian and Americans

  3. Also – remember – a lot of these Putin Pal – freidom loving fan bois – an old, drunk, disenfranchised dude – due to low education and expectation, have pity on him. Let him eat sunday dinner in his f150. But take his keys – you know how he like to drive with a beer in his hand

    1. He took over Georgia in 2008, ( the country) and the Crimean in 2014.
      The Ukrainians have been fighting a war on its eastern border in the Donbas ( next to Russia)since 2014.
      Stay safe, stay sane, stay Strong Ukraine 🇺🇦

  4. This President is definitely a leader to admire! Our PM would have hit the Cancun beach, growing that ugly beard to hide, way before any attacks had even been talked about!

  5. If we support a non nato country are we fair game for Russia?….we should send all support to nato only.i think not enough thought is put in about military supply.

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