1. @セ千尺ㄖ丂セ
      Not true look up BRIC nations. These countries could destroy our western civilization. We don’t make anything just remember that

  1. I don’t drink and I enjoy a low-salt diet, but I have just given up vodka and caviar to support Ukraine.

  2. Well I think cutting off the sale of vodka should irreversably cripple their ecomomy. But don’t quit buying their oil as eastern canada needs that after destroying our own oil industry.

  3. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, guys.

    Canada is not a big player here. The best we do is provide medical and logistical supports for some Baltic states, as it does currently with a small military contingency in Lithuania or Latvia. Canada is indeed a player, but not a superpower.

  4. There are many ways yes imports of any kind is a start . Expell Russian nationals that come here to play hockey and students that come here . It may not be much but anything Canada does . And also stop trading with countries that continue to do business with them . Stop trading with Russia period . Canada must be ready to take as many refugees as we can .

    1. Don’t know why Justin Trudeau is sending troops when Putin told everyone to basically mind their own business.

  5. What are Ms. Joly’s qualifications to be Foreign Affairs Minister ? Anyone know what her pre political carrier was ???

  6. Russia is considering the idea of nationalizing all foreign industry located in its territory, as well as appropriating all their assets. This knife is going to cut both ways.

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