1. @Ghazi Abu-dayyeh Tell me where I am wrong
      Health Agency of Canada Dec. 31th:
      2020 = 15,787 deaths out of 588,939 cases (2.68% overall case fatality rate)
      2021 = 14,532 deaths out of 1,636,132 cases (.89% overall case fatality rate)
      30,254 (total deaths) / 2, 450,000 Recoveries = 98.9856% Recovery Rate

    2. @Crypto holica72 Let the truth set you free, the hardest chains to break are the ones of our own creation. I wish you well, stay safe

  1. you know how fishy it is to have a mandate on a medical product where the company that designed it doesn’t legally have to share its own data on the medical product for another 70 years? that’s like cheating on your spouse and not saying anything about it until your elderly

    1. The courts in America turned that down. They have eight months ( which is still waaay too long) to release the information. Who knows how truthful it will actually be.

  2. Those truckers should block all major roads with those trucks
    They are driving alone, sleeping alone in the truck they are not dangerous to anyone

    1. I think we should. We are about to get scapegoated anyway. We will have shortages from mandates which will cause some inflation on top of the inflation from printing money for two years. Then inflation will be truck drivers fault.

  3. This guy is forcing things he doesn’t understand. I’m sure he’s not receiving any illicit funds 🤦

  4. Yes keep the truckers, as and essential workers, we are already paying a higher price for groceries, the government need to work out a solution with the truck drivers.

    1. The government needs to drop all insanity mandates. They are doing absolutely nothing they are intended to do.

    2. They need to stop overstretching their powers, there has been no indication of trackers have been the source of outbreaks

    1. The government policies and mandates and closures are the cause of 99% of our disruptions, inflation, and empty shelves.

  5. Disgusting situation. No medical treatment should be mandated. What next? Mandating diets for the obese?

  6. This still feels wrong. How does science help explain that we should target truckers during a time with so many shortages to begin with? Why are we doing this? How will this change the outcome of the pandemic? How will this benefit every Canadian?

  7. COVID is not a scapegoat. The compilation of consequences we are facing is directly due to reckless policy making, and the blame is to be put on the government.

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