Will David Johnston call inquiry into foreign interference? | CTV’s Question Period

Minister Dominic LeBlanc says the government is committed to following the recommendations of Johnston when his report is released.

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    1. I was just thinking that. Nonanswers appear to be a norm when it comes to those who take up careers as politicians (regardless of their political leanings).

  1. It is still so unsettling that if it wasn’t for a whistleblower at CSIS, we wouldn’t know ANY of this. How can Canadians ever trust the government moving forward?

    1. You never could trust them in the past we just didn’t know it, now that we do there’s no reason to trust them going forward.

  2. when the guy refuses to answer the question if he understands that Canadians won’t trust Johnston’s decision decision, means he knows his decision won’t be credible.

  3. Johnstone accepting the job in spite of his conflict of interest indicates a lack of character. He has discredited himself, and aligned himself with the authoritarian government.

    1. Johnson will side with Trudeau. Johnson should never have taken this job. No Canadians do not agree with Johnson doing this

  4. Any recommendation other than a public inquiry is evidence of a cover up. He is literally investigating a foundation he was on the board of.

  5. Johnson should never have accepted the “special rapporteur” position. Period.
    Gotta love how they frame this as “Johnson is under attack from the opposition” and not “Pierre has a valid point”.
    Vassy stated “the prime minister did NOT know”…
    Oh word, Vassy?

  6. The Liberal NDP would definitely be condemning this if the conservatives did it this way so be honest for a change and admit it .

  7. It is difficult to imagine the level of uproar and backlash that would occur in Canada if David Johnson were to shield Trudeau from this scandal. Given the significance of the situation and the potential impact on public trust, such actions would undoubtedly provoke strong reactions from the Canadian population.

  8. It’s like he has no choice… Like we didn’t need him to call for a public inquiry (Johnston). Stall tactic, do it already PUBLIC INQUIRY!

  9. If he was a judge in a criminal proceeding he would have to recuse himself, not sure how this is different..

  10. It would be nice if you had a rebuttal spokes person. Vassey looks like your carrying water for Liberal-NDP.

  11. It does not make a difference if there is an inquiry or not! the scabby dog will use smoke and mirrors to dodge deflect and rub our noses in it with a smirk.

  12. Isn’t it odd that the ethics commissioner job is still empty after this clowns daughter in law was appointed? She quit because of the optics yet johnston stays there because no investigation can be done while the seat is empty.

  13. If Johnson had any ethics or backbone, then he would not be involved but rather insist on a public inquiry.

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