Will Doug Ford unpopularity impact Andrew Scheer’s success in the polls?

The Strategy Session panelists discuss how Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer can distance himself from Ontario Premier Doug Ford ahead of the upcoming federal election.

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    1. @dipperdandy no we are not going down this route. We can disagree with one another but wishing a dangerous act on someone isn’t something to be supported but condemned

  1. I hope the people will not give him another 4 years it would be a sad day for Canada and the people

  2. Fords great. Anyone who doesnt think so works for the government or has a friend who works for the government and want the gravy train rolling

    1. Or we’re from TO and we know just how fake the Fords are, no gravy train exists (except for the corporate welfare machine). Also, might just be people with basic economic knowledge, so we know that neoliberalism is collapsing everywhere. And going further the right won’t help.

    2. You mean the nepotism gravy train that just stopped at Queen’s Park this week? Dean French’s 26 year old son’s friend’s and his wife’s cousins appointments?

    3. @Dirty Burger read Jerry’s comment. These appointments are so damaging to Doug’s theme of ending the gravy train. It makes him look like a hypocrite.

    1. No doubt. Comments removed from Scheers gala jokes in 2018. A news organization lol. This is why they are crumbling.

  3. The real question is, “Will the defeat of the Wynne government impact the Trudeau government chances for re-election”. The answer is yes. Like the Wynne government who had left Ontario in scrambles, Ford is trying to pull Ontario back on its feet. Now the MSM is claiming Ford is unpopular for his efforts, they will likely do the same to the Scheer government when they tackle the mess Justin has left. Leave the blame where it truly belongs- squarely at the feet of Wynne and Trudeau, not Ford and Scheer.

    1. Gary D You are so right I can remember when Ralph Klein was elected in Alberta in 92 The cuts he made had most people hating him then But it wasnt long before his programs started to work..He had Alberta completely debt free in 5 years He became the most loved Premier in Alberta history the same thing will happen with Ford

    2. since Ontario must borrow 11 billion dollars to cover the 13 billion dollar annual interest payments, he didn’t have much to work with after the liberals left, in all fairness Ontario is bankrupt, and should be in creditor protection now

  4. Regardless of the leftist spin, I think Ford is doing a great job. Not a fan of Scheer but I truly don’t think these 2 will affect each other come the federal election. Trudeau has made his bed, no one can overlook Trudeau’s scandals.

  5. Oh really…his “unpopularity”…so the majority of voters casted ballots for Him, that’s how He won the election. I love when liberals cry about Conservatives, just like my 9 year old Son cries when He doesn’t get His way, and stomps His feet… 😢

    1. Ford didn’t run on gutting the public service and not funding programs properly. He lied through his teeth and you suckers bought the shtick

  6. maybe these so called experts , should talk about how Ontario is bankrupt because of past government policies

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