1. “He’s still a kid.”
    “He’s 23.”
    “He’s still a kid.”

    Maybe mentally, but he’s well past being a kid.

  2. “Weak people take revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” – Albert Einstein

    1. @ScatPackNickB
      When you quote someone they should have actually have said or believed the quote personally.
      I guess we could assume, if this quote is legitimate, that Will Smith did not think like Einstein.
      Einstein is suggesting that rational thought should supercede raw emotional feelings. It’s possible that most prisons would have fewer inmates, if thinking through an issue were valued over an immediate heated emotion. People attribute these emotional “thoughts” to a “reptilian brain”. Do you think that this is a compliment?

    2. @ScatPackNickB
      I live in Texas and it is a concealed carry state. Even disrespectful people carry a concealed gun in Texas. I question Will Smith’s survivability in Texas, given your quote. Perhaps he should stay in Cali.

  3. I LOVE HOW THEY WANT CONFLATE. Trying to tie outside things that have nothing to do with a guy with no self control. This is beyond cut and dry.

  4. How are people actually trying to say no body is in the right,he assaulted chris rock over a joke which wasn’t even bad 🤔

    1. @Donna B. I will compare them all I fucking want, because balding can have a horrible effect on men’s self esteem and life as well. Especially men who develop early, even really young like many men do in their 20s. And being natural doesn’t equate to being completely benign and free of a terrible effects. Ever heard of pregnancy and post-partum depression? Both are natural occurrences in humans, yet still traumatic.

    2. @EH Meh We just witnessed a physical assault, which is a criminal offense, on national TV. Will Smith is not a child. He is an over-privileged black man who is worth 350 million dollars. If he is not Will Smith, he would have been arrested by now.

  5. Will’s wife cheats on him and he is “ok” with that, but a lighthearted joke he is offended?! Chris appeared to be moving on when Will decided he was going to show his lack of manhood! I lost any respect I had for him, including Denzel and Perry who supported his actions!

  6. Imagine you are at your job, a guy walks up and slaps you, threatens you, and then gets a standing ovation. After, all people can talk about is Imagine things from the point of view of your attacker. Would you go back to work or view any of these people as friends?

    1. Don’t say something stupid to get smacked in the face in the first place. Folks don’t randomly slap someone for nothing 😂

    2. @Caliboyk I don’t know the laws where you are from, but in the civilized world, assault is a crime. You don’t get to hit people because you are a weak snowflake that gets triggered by jokes.

  7. If Smith had said “welcome to earth” after he slapped Chris Rock that would have been legendary.
    But yeah, a little too much tears for my taste.

  8. Any man that assaults another person whether they’re white black yellow purple polka dot The cops would have arrested The man in question even if the victim didn’t want to press charges. This is a clear case of how the privilege are treated compared to the general population. If no consequences are presented either through the academy or through the judicial system this sets a dangerous precedent and the very fact Will was allowed to accept an award give a speech and most actors stand up and applaud him shows mob mentality among the privileged actors.

  9. No matter what is happening with Will Smith, he has no right to hit somebody. Academy should take his award back. It is easy you hit some body then cry because you are actor and then apologize to fool people.
    Academy should punish him hard so that this thing does not happen again.

  10. Honestly I don’t think Chris was being malicious, I don’t even think he knew about the alopecia and he was a comedian working a gig, if you find a joke offensive just don’t laugh, it looked to me like Will and everyone else knew he was going to win so he could’ve even called Chris out in his speech if he wanted, this was a major lapse in judgement

  11. Always excuses. Never accountability. When they say I’m not saying it was ok, they are saying it was okay.

  12. Almost all people who commit violence have a tough “History”, its uncomfortable to watch people try to defend his actions because he is Will Smith.
    He should have been escorted out of the room.

  13. Imagine if a common guy “at his breaking point” decides to do that to the first bloke who cracks a joke about him. That guy would probably be in a police station, instead of being allowed to talk and receiving a standing ovation immediately after the aggression.

  14. Stop making excuses for a grown man!! Most of us are at our breaking points, but we do our best to be mature and take control of our lives.

  15. Surely this can’t be the first time Will Smith has physically accosted someone. You don’t just wake up one day, and in the context of a completely non threatening environment, snap and attack someone over a lame joke. Obviously Will has a latent aggressive side to him and it wouldn’t surprise me if Jada does too. I wonder if Jada and Will have physically abused one another at some point?

  16. “Nobody is saying that it was okay …” yet, people are trying to defend his actions by using his trauma etc. IT IS NOT OKAY! PERIOD!

    1. Two things can be true at the same time. There was a better way to handle this. But at the same time Will has considerable relationship TRAUMA with a capital T, that should give context to his behavior. Everyone sitting back wanting to condemn this man and send him to jail need to understand that even from a higher perspective God’s judgment is always tempered with mercy. AND YOU ARE NOT GOD. We cling to black or white judgment. But God dwells in the shades of gray.There are gray areas here that must inform our perspective on this matter.

    2. @Kai Nkosi how’s if someone slaps you in the face in public and gets unpunished??? you were saying that people with traumatic background is excuse for violence… smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. “Nobody is saying that was okay to slap Chris Rock in the face. Nobody is saying that.” – except everyone who attended the Academy awards and didn’t call the police.

    1. They all knew it was staged. So do the authorities, by now. You know things on television aren’t real, yeah?

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