Will Trump run again in 2024? 1

Will Trump run again in 2024?


Will former President Donald Trump run again in 2024? In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Trump’s hold on the Republican Party would likely pave his way forward to the 2024 nomination, if he runs.


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    1. @The Saint ST1 The fruitcake is the one who wakes up every morning and by his own admission say to Nurse Jill “Where the hell are we?” Oh no, that’s The Corrupt Dementia Patient. My bad.

  1. It’s going to be hard for him to run when he has to spend all his funny money on lawyers. Might be getting an orange jumpsuit then he will look like he’s invisible

    1. @The Tweatles does that excite you? What’s your point? Its usually the “bigots” who object the loudest that have the biggest closet. Stay on topic or stfu.

    2. This countries system is fucked, should not have to piss away money to defend yourself in a lawsuit if you are found not guikty. Especially if its the government suing you.

  2. He’s going to keep teasing that he _might_ run, just to try and stay relevant

    1. @e b The idiot in the White House Cheated! The world knows this! But we caught him we are now proving it…then we’re going to do something about it!

  3. “They promise them freedom but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” 2 Peter 2:19

    1. ​@Hayle Seyton Also tells masters to treat their slaves well. If they had taught that slaves must be freed among those who were already killing them for their belief in Jesus they would all have been slaughtered by the Romans, almost half of whose population were slaves; Paul implies this. It would have been seen as rebellion and if you had any real knowledge of Paul’s teaching or the Bible you would know that.

      Instead, they knew that love would spread and change people’s hearts through faith, even though almost every nation on earth practiced slavery as a normal way of life until faith-filled Christians finally managed to be elected and outlaw them through the British parliament and subsequent British naval blockades. One of Paul’s letters in the NT begs a slave owning believer to set his slave brother free as a personal favour to Paul and as the right thing to do.

      The rules in the OT actually hold people back from what their cultures otherwise demanded, allowing “an eye for an eye”, instead of wiping out the entire town where someone injured or insulted you. The OT rules for Israel don’t apply to Christians of the NT, instead they are held to a much higher standard of loving both neighbour and enemy, however hard that can be, given haters gotta hate and there’s so many more of them around these days, as Jesus told us there would be.

      Thankfully the Holy Spirit is given to help us and, as Paul states, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit inside you, you don’t belong to Christ and can’t walk by faith in his precepts. Many have claimed to and failed, and caused much damage in the attempt.

    2. @Doug H 35%er/–{Hey, thailor!)
      Blabbering nonsense is all you’re working with, eh?
      People with self-respect would be ashamed of being connected to that kind of weakness.

      Suckers and Losers!

    3. @Doug H give it up..repubs are sunk..just like Titanic…dems suck too..but we independents had to go with it this go round..Trump is the most corrupt pos our country has ever seen..Dillinger was far better a man

  4. I watched the movie ‘Unfit’ last night and let me tell you.. I didn’t see anything that I didn’t already know, it was refreshing to hear people in upper positions say what I already have said a thousand times. The past 5 years have been the scariest of my life. It isn’t over yet. It won’t be over until his supporters realize that the big lie was just that.

    1. Highest employment figures in the history of America .. peace deals all over the world.. made America energy self contained .. secured the borders .. very tough on child trafficking .. low gas prices .. what’s not to like? you don’t like him because he plays golf? lol

    1. @Axel Johnston how about the tens of thousands of innocent American citizens who died because trump lied? It’s a hoax
      Smh it will magically disappear in April. Well it turns out it wasn’t a world wide democratic hoax go figure? Nor did it magically disappear in April. So when did dump start operation warp brain speed?? Just after his lies that it’s a hoax and will magically disappear in April? I will tell you it wasn’t in a timely manner. Epic fail childish tRump with his childish fake words KayLie said they should name it the trump vaccine trumps vaccine cure for covid is
      And childish lies
      Trumptardism 11

    2. @David Martin well, there‘s the Covid relief package, the vaccination programme and the infrastructure package for starts, three things that Trump made a major mess of. In time, he will also fix Trump‘s pointless tax relief to people who didn‘t need it in the first place and put that money to better use.

    1. The Supreme Court should make change the Constitution, that if you are a convicted draft Dodger. You cannot run for the presidency because as a felon you can still become president. Because when you’re president you are the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of this country. As a Veteran he was never my commander-in-chief. Instead we called him commander and Bunker boy.

    2. Like what? Our economy was booming, we bad border security, we had no wars, dollar was strongest, and wasn’t pushing an anti Christ agenda. Biden has done the complete opposite!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

  5. “He might be something that never fully goes away. He’s like herpes – there might be blossomings of him where we have to take Valtrex,”
    — Steven Colbert

    1. @Neal McKinney have u bothered watching him the entire time? Spend time with old people. Its CLEARLY visible. Especially if touve ever worked at a nursing home. Where he belongs

    2. I wish people would stop bad mouthing other’s comments on here and stick to the topic at hand. If Trump is convicted of a Crime he will NOT be eligible to run in 2024.

    3. @Neal McKinney wtf. Send me a link to one Biden speech where he speaks clearly like a normal healthy adult. Good luck digging

  6. He’s totally going to run again, if only to make the kind of money he did the last time. We all know he’s gonna be broke within a few months.

    1. @Thomas Rice maybe it is fake! Maybe he was born in another country and should never have been allowed to be president! Just like him always saying his father was born in Germany when he was really born in the Bronx in 1905.

    2. @Marty S
      Kind of like your lord and savior Obama! How else can a community organizer own a 4 million dollar “summer house.”

  7. “It’s Summer” since I saw The Irishman, Al P. comes to mind in that priceless scene down in Florida.

  8. The Trump win was a vote against Hillary, now common sense tells folks Trump just is not smart enough for the job, he won’t win so he will not run.

    1. Trump didn’t lose in 2020. Pedophile protecting Demophiles stoped election in 7 states with President Trump in the lead. Four hours later start up the election with president Trump loosing millions of votes and O’Biden jumps 30 million votes ahead. Not even sly about election fraud. Right in front of the Americans you stole votes from. Talk about being disenfranchised by the perverted leftist demophiles.

    2. @Bill Bolser None of that has been proven. The facts show that The Chosen One gave the election to Joe Biden. Where’s the Kraken? How is it possible for the crying fat dummy to lose the popular vote in both elections? It’s because Americans didn’t vote for him and his abject incompetence. It’s just that simple. His single term was enough failure for this country. The voters have spoken. And now the only thing Cult 45ers have left to cling to is conspiracy theories that will contribute to the downfall of civilized society in the USA. It’s so pathetic.

  9. Most people venture into Crypto currency to be a millionaire meanwhile I just to be debt free and live comfortably

    1. Trading crypto now will be wise but trading on your own will be a risk I think it will be best to get a pro

    2. @Anthony Carrett Every one of these comments is a fake profile. They were all made the same day. Be careful out there folks.

  10. Maybe Trump will take a literacy coarse and a history class and come out and surprise everyone! Lol I don’t think so

    1. Now creeper Joe and his crack head son doing deals with Chi … na is way funnier than even Trump. Ur hero’s are Creepers and criminals like saint Floyd.
      Yet Trumps still living rent free

  11. What if we make him say he lost the last one, before he can run for the next one. I bet his head would implode.

  12. He’s a pathological narcissist, he needs attention like humans need oxygen. That’s all there is to it. Whatever generates most attention.

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