Keilar: Police admit Trump's 'tear gas' lie didn't pass the smell test 1

Keilar: Police admit Trump’s ‘tear gas’ lie didn’t pass the smell test


CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape one year after peaceful protesters in Washington, DC, were tear gassed so former President Trump could walk to a church and display a Bible. Police recently admitted through an attorney that law enforcement used tear gas against the protesters.

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  1. Anyone with eyes could of seen it was tear gas but like Trump and all his cronies lies are the norm.

    1. @Cyril Millet Mueller report is more vague allegations against the person they’ve been trying to smear for 4 years. It also came to the conclusion that the evidence wasn’t sufficient enough to charge Trump but you know the media and dems ran with it anywase because accusations are proof of guilt to these loons, anything to get the upper hand politically.

    2. @Cecil_Branford46 _ well then I’m sure you know that there was enough evidence to charge trump but because of a memo within the justice dept he wasn’t allowed to. You do know this don’t you?

    3. @notyourroad no there was not. The report tries to paint a picture thats not there. There is no SOLID evidence.

  2. Trump has a country of 330 million people arguing over the alphabet. *”Does ‘B’ follow ‘A’, I’m not so sure. Many people don’t think so.”* That’s how low the USofA has sunk.

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and RBG and I are getting along
      great all of a sudden….

      She hasn’t sent me any “bullying”
      e-mails for months now….

    2. @Kriptz Coo koo, coo koo..Dumpy is so for America, why was he in bed with Putin? Right. You know snorting that koolaid is much worse than drinking it, goes straight to the brain cells!!! Idiots!!!

    3. @Kimo Coloma don’t forget the, do not exist voters as well, and the multiple times voters,

    4. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden….

      …and they just found 18,000 more
      votes for “yours truly”..

      …in the sunken titanic, at the
      bottom of the north Atlantic…

    5. BREAKING…..….

      11,000 “mail in” votes for
      Joe Biden found in basement
      of the “great pyramid”….….

  3. Only Nazis believe anything Trump has ever had to say, other than when he admits his crimes on camera by accident.

    1. @Justin Bradburn “‘In this period my eyes were opened to two menaces of which I had previously scarcely known the names . . . : Marxism and Jewry’” (Adolf Hitler qtd in. Ian Kershaw’s “Hitler 1889–1936: Hubris” 1998, digital: p. 28).

    2. @Justin Bradburn “Whenever fascists reached power, to be sure, capitalists mostly accommodated with them as the best available nonsocialist solution” (Robert Paxton “What is Fascism?: From The Anatomy of Fascism” 2004 digital p. 6).

    3. @Justin Bradburn “Resorting to direct mass action also risks conceding advantages to fascism’s principal enemy, the Left, which was still powerful in the street and workplace in interwar Europe. The only route to power available to fascists passes through cooperation with conservative elites. The most important variables, therefore, are the conservative elites’ willingness to work with the fascists (along with a reciprocal flexibility on the part of the fascist leaders) and the depth of the crisis that induces them to cooperate” (Robert Paxton “The Five Stages of Fascism” 1998 p. 16).

    4. @Justin Bradburn “Virulently hostile to democracy, liberalism, secularism, Marxism, and especially Freemasonry, Franco joined Hitler and Mussolini in April 1939 as a signatory of the Anti-Comintern Pact. During the battle for France in 1940, he seized Tangiers. He seemed eager to expand further at the expense of Britain and France, and to become a ‘full-scale military partner of the Axis’ (Robert Paxton “The Anatomy of Fascism” 2004 digital loc. 2891).

    1. @A.G. Slutburger Hey Troll go pray next to your golden Trump statue..I see your knees are not dirty enough.

    1. He literally used footage of himself at the church & the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters, clergy & journalists- in a campaign AD, shortly after the incident. He is both anti-Christian & anti- American, because he openly embraces fascism.

    2. Nah that was a poor attempt of an Ozzy Ozbourne moment. trumpo chickened out, he didn’t bite the head off of a bat. chick chick.

  4. Trump attacked peaceful protestors for a photo op to shill religion by holding up a Bible, then lied about it

  5. *REPUBLICANS without LINCOLN:* _Intelligence_
    Republicans have two parts of a brain, ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

    1. They are the descendants of Dixiecrat parents who learned about history through Daughters of the confederacy text books that recreated history portraying the rebellious traitors as the good guys and the Yankees as the bad guys.

    2. there is nothing right in the left side. One on the right side see that there’s nothing left of the left side but a open path back to the right side. That’s right throw the left side of the hot air in the left brain.
      I fixed you quote for you. You must have a bad auto corrector software.

  6. You are providing truth when trump and the GOP are trying to convince that their vast lies are true. Thanks for speaking up. I was watching it all and yes there was teargas.

  7. It’s so pathetic how many Americans look up to this criminal and admirer his blatant offensive behavior.

    1. @Robert Marrero perhaps because he reflects their own practices, morals and ethics on many levels.

    2. The lies that Txxxx spread willingly and gleefully and frequently repeating the lie, was an effort of brain washing, that has penetrated many of his worshippers. Jim Jones all over again.

  8. Breanna is literally “the truth” when she “rolls the videotape” someone is about to be exposed as a liar

    1. @Dicky Jones It’s more her reporting than her… “German blue eyes” that are impressive to me, but OK.

    2. @Kriptz Dump only cares about himself, not his kids or any of his cronies either who went to jail or were convicted of crimes. How many lies did he tell the American people about Covid , how many people died as a result of his refusal to do anything to stop it from spreading, under his incompetence a half a million people died. That is Dump’s LEGACY. President Biden has done more in 4 months than Dump did in 4 years. Please get back to reality and stop hating a normal president just because he is NOT ranting like a crazy lunatic as the former moron did.

  9. “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on.”

    Trump’s (and at this point, almost the entire GOP) lies don’t even bother with pants. The Emperor has no clothes.

    1. A lie is a lie no matter how much people you make believe it some people love to be lied to

    1. and other side, CNN’s Democrats, follow a man who cannot read 4 lines before his mind having a blackout, yes I do mean Biden, the man who can barely walk, talk, think or get up some stairs, oops he is in trouble if he talks to press, oh no!

    2. @Serpico Right…and Trump had to be helped down a minor incline at the Annapolis graduation speech. Talk about feeble! Biden has gracefully overcome a speech impediment. Trup IS an impediment. Trump is a pox on democracy!

  10. Lol, do the police even have “smoke bombs” that aren’t tear gas? Do they also have stink bombs and whoopie cushions? What a bad cover story

    1. @Dunbar F I’m a nurse and midwife, I’m at the border, helping out with the crisis, so my comment is FACT

    2. @Hayley King no, it isn’t. it’s an appeal to authority argument, and it’s awful. try again.

  11. “Tear gas lighting,” that’s a good one.
    But seriously, Republicans are the enemy of the nation now.

  12. Remember, Hitler was actually elected. The people chose him. How? Propaganda. It’s a thing you need to both make & keep a dictator.

    1. It kills me how they hate ANTIFA. Anti-fascists. Who the he** would support Fascist Hitler? Hitler was a full blown fascist…..who wouldn’t be ANTIFA??? They’re so stupid.

    2. Hitler won a 3-way election. If you Google it I think you’ll find that he only had about 35% of the vote, but it was enough to beat the other two candidates.

    3. @Blue Patriot 35% huh? That seems oddly like the same percentage that just defeated the Jan 6 commission.

    4. @sauceLion That’s why the filibuster must be outlawed. It’s not lawful that a simple majority doesn’t suffice. We don’t need a super-majority to weed out the traitors.

    5. @Blue Patriot I think you’re absolutely right that something needs to be done about the filibuster. But I think getting rid of it is too far. Going back to a talking filibuster is about my favorite suggestion. Moving to require 40 votes to filibuster instead of 60 to break it is another smart move.
      Keep in mind that they may once again be in power. If so, what goes for us goes for them. So going simple majority now could knee-cap us later, when we truly can’t afford to be powerless. It’s a game of chess to be sure, but you are right, something HAS to be done about it.

    1. I know you’re morbally obese and a loser but come September you’re getting back to work buddy. No more freebies for you.

  13. The lying, deception, and criminality in the Trump Administration was a _feature,_ not a bug.

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