Ex-Trump adviser appears to endorse QAnon coup conspiracy 1

Ex-Trump adviser appears to endorse QAnon coup conspiracy


Michael Flynn, former President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, appeared to endorse a Myanmar-style coup in the United States on Sunday.
For months, QAnon and Trump-supporting online forums have celebrated the deadly military coup in Myanmar and suggested the same should happen in the United States so Trump could be reinstated as President.
Flynn made the comments at an event in Dallas on Sunday that was attended by prominent peddlers of the QAnon conspiracy theory and the Big Lie.
"I want to know why what happened in Minamar (sic)can't happen here?" a member of the audience, who identified himself as a Marine, asked Flynn.
"No reason, I mean, it should happen here. No reason. That's right," Flynn responded.
A message posted to a Parler account used by Flynn on Monday claimed Flynn's words had been twisted and that he was not calling for a coup.
Lawyer Sidney Powell, who has represented Flynn in the past, said Monday that he had in no way encouraged "any act of violence or any military insurrection." She claimed the media had "grossly distorted" Flynn's comments. She did not explain why Flynn had answered the question the way he did.
CNN's Donie O'Sullivan has more.
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  1. It does get more insane. The moral democratic USA running itself down. Media, stop giving them oxygen.

    1. The only way to end the Left Wing control of everything is to make it collapse. We Conservatives never wanted 90% of your institutions anyway, so bye-bye!

    2. Trump gets the blame not the media. It is important that all of us know that these idiots are out there so I commend the media for reporting on it.

    3. @The Tweatles And what the hell is wrong with that? It’s their rights, and they’re not hurting anyone, except for some conservative old loons’ feelings. Get over it, jerk.

    4. @mizzury54 When China starts WWIII, it will be important to remember who defended them…

  2. “Every man has his breaking point, Walt Kurtz has reached his…” This looks like a job for Capitan Willard.

    1. So over throwing the Police movement by the Democ—Craps does Not mean throwing the Government, YEAH Chinese News Network CNN we Understand ur Chinese Game here

  3. They should charge Flynn with treason ASAP!! All the people in that Texas crowd that applauded should be looked into carefully!!

    1. @markdalbey yeah kinda like Democrats calling everyone that disagrees with them a racist the word gets watered down and loses its punch.

    2. @Maddog Killer I think YouTube is screwing up again. I don’t think this reply was meant for me as I was not the original poster, who this appears to be directed to. Flynn should be neither charged or booked with treason. This is not Treason. Treason is defined in the Constitution and this does not meet the Constitutional definition of Treason. It does meet the definition of Sedition. He should be charged with this. He probably wouldn’t be booked. Booked is a police term. When you are arrested and put in jail you are usually booked, but have not been charged yet. Charging is the start of the legal process, booking is the end of the police process, but it is not a part in any way of the legal process. You can be booked and never charged and then you are released from police custody. You can be charged and never arrested or booked. When you have been booked you have a police record. The police book you and the District Attorney’s office files charges.

    3. Haha yall wish you had the power to do that…yall have no idea what’s bout to happen

    4. @StillLivinginthewoods this speaks volumes…these words are literally in our constitution and I feel it’s time to put the political correctness to the side and say what needs to be said

    5. @Avalanche powerful-poetry oh don’t tell you believe that Trump is going to be reinstated??

    1. There is no reason that we cannot have a purge of individuals like Powell and Flynn. And if you claimed you were saving lives that works for me if I’m on the jury.

    2. @Scott Allen yes— I wish people would check first to see if they are trolls and not give them any oxygen. They don’t deserve oxygen anyway but especially not the trolls in their first day/month out a-trollin’

    3. Could happen, is a speculative statement. If I said, (It could rain tomorrow) is that not an opinion on what could happen? I NEVER said, I hope it happens. Here’s a statement you can quote. You liberal pigs are brainwashed.

  4. CNN, this is a weak headline. Flynn does not “appear” to endorse a coup. He DID endorse a coup.

    1. Watering down any story that exposes the far right is clearly part of the agreement they make , way before they are considered for a job .

  5. Flynn meant what he said he needs to face court martial and loss of his Tri -care and pension .

    1. Flynn doesn’t care about the United States because he was a spy for Putin and if he was a spy for Putin then that mean he was a spy for Xi Jinping also because Russia and China are allies

    2. @Don nawzd What you don’t understand is that having a higher approval rating doesn’t mean people worship him and hang on his every word and want to see him every time he speaks. Hardly anyone is all that super excited about Biden. He won the election because he’s not Trump. Trump has millions who love, love, love him, worship the man practically, love him more than they love their country. But even though there are many millions of them they’re just a minority of the population. Even more people absolutely despise Trump. There have been so many polls on this and even the more conservative tilted polls show Trump’s approval rating being low and the majority disapprove of him. Watch what happens if he runs in 2024. Even more people would show up to vote against him and he would take a bunch of Republicans on the ballot down with him. I seriously doubt that he will run. He would win the nomination easily but would then lose the general election, and he knows it. He’ll make some excuse about his heath. In the mean time he will keep pretending like he’s going to run, keep raising money and spending it on his properties and he will keep his stranglehold on the GOP. He loves the power. He’s destroying the GOP too. I’m no Democrat but no way would I vote for Q politicians or a Qanon party. They’ve gone off the rails and until they get it together I will vote for and financially support the competition.

    3. @Harry Amos the GOP will do great without a traitor like u, keep worshipping Chinese News Network CNN hey I hear it helps Tremendously with DJT syndrome Therapy

    4. @Don nawzd You Q cult members are the traitors. You value this very flawed man over your country. You have misplaced loyalty. You people are the exact opposite of patriots.

  6. Sidney powell in a motorcycle cut leather vest looks like a dorky high school principal trying to wear hip hop clothes and a doo rag.

    1. @sherrie weege “It’s a shame that you believe people who ride motorcycles and dress in bike gear…are beneath you”

      First, those ellipses are completely unnecessary.

      Second, that is a strawman argument. The OP never said anything about bikers.

    2. @Ronron RonRon One of the pundits mentioned it . ” Whistling past the graveyard …” as in pretending current problems will be solved by our jamming our heads into the nearest sand dune .

  7. “Appears?” This criminal and traitor was calling for trump to introduce Marshall Law and is now calling for an open rebelion.

    1. Anyone wonder why the rush to pardon Flynn prior to election.
      This has been in the works.
      Flynn’s brother held back support for DC Police.

  8. Now I know why he was locked up, and relieved from his duties. He’s a dangerous exstreamist. He likes evil, and evil doers. He’s showed us time, and time again. In my damned opinion!

  9. Court martial Flynn, take his pension, his Tri Care, and let him spend his last days at Leavenworth prison! That’s treason!!

    1. @Ryan Christopher you don’t and you can’t which is what makes the idea complete nonsense.

  10. Stop saying he “suggested” or “effectively” called for a coup. He said “it should happen”. Doesn’t get more clear than that.

    1. I agree with you, and feel that is the most expeditious course in dealing with his obvious statements and acts of sedition

    2. OK, I know, what about-isms.. But Biden’s on video, bragging, & laughing about how he blackmailed the former Ukrainian President. Stupid hypocrites.

  11. USA after these latest QAnon shenanigans: “Hey Mom, can I rejoin the Commonwealth?”

  12. That traitor Flynn should still be behind bars if it wasn’t for the corrupt trump administration, REMEMBER THAT!!

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