Williams: Data doesn't support calls for early reopening 1

Williams: Data doesn’t support calls for early reopening


Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams says the province's slight rise in COVID-19 cases may be from the long weekend and that they'll need more data next week to see if the province can enter Stage 1 of its reopening plan before June 14.

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    1. this is the same guy who got caught on camera saying “i dont even look at the sheet, i just read what they tell me”

    2. @The Awakening Project He did not say that .
      The female health person did . BUT he did not argue the point .

  1. no one wants a re opening. what we want is the state of emergency lifted and the law repealed so ontarians will never be abused like this again.

  2. Funny how a country shuts down on alleged future happenings——ask funeral homes—business as usual and no more last year/—someone’s data does not add up!!!—how about an independent forensic audit of “data”—fat chance

    1. Speaking of funeral homes, a Canadian woman taped herself calling over half a dozen funeral homes, mostly in the GTA (if i remember). She gave the same polite spiel to each and they answered her that there was no increased deaths. One had a bit under normal deaths, one had a small increase. There’s of course going to be bit of difference in districts, likely due to more aged (or maybe a high crime/drug area). The overall takeaway is what every world statistic site shows, no increased deaths.

    2. @Sainte Jeanne d’Arc That is… not proof, assuming she even conducted the survey as claimed. That’s six funeral homes in one city. Moreover, you don’t mention when this was conducted, and ignore both the non-fatal consequences and the reality that lockdown measures are in place precisely to minimize deaths.

      And something tells me that you clearly haven’t been paying attention to India, where there’s a dramatic increase in deaths even when you stick to official figures (the collapse of its healthcare system makes it likely that cases and deaths are underreported). That country is an example of what happens when you ignore safety precautions out of an eagerness to pretend things are normal.

    3. @Sainte Jeanne d’Arc interesting. Can you share the link? BTW, Arcade Fire has a song with your namesake.

    4. @Toronto loves Gandhi! I’m not sure which link? I mentioned quite a bit in my 2nd post. I found her video on Bitchute. I just did a search, “Woman calls funeral homes” and it’s still on there. She was definitely calling real funeral homes, because she got their little voicemail jingle at least one of them while she waited. One of the director’s answers was esp. telling.

  3. Why on earth would anyone let this weasel have so much of a say in their lives. These experts are drunk with power, this insanity needs to end.

    1. I think they report to a much higher power that’s calling the shots. That’s how our country works. Democracy in our country has always been an illusion, but now it’s just becoming painfully obvious.

    1. @Patty Gould out of a population of over 22 million. A microscopic blip. Perhaps someone needs to explain to you that dying is a part of life and working up a fuss over every lost life would result in nothing ever ever ever getting done.

    2. @Patty Gould Patty prefers Ontarians to die of suicide. Much more noble than covid.

    3. @Patty Gould 58 died in California. I thought the lockdowns are supposed to bring it to zero no?

  4. The current politicians driving lockdowns need to be imprisoned for the remainder of their natural lives!

    1. @Anime Productions A couple of real geniuses here…if you believe in it take it. Sounds like you two are the one’s doing the whining and for what ? If you want this stuff in your body have at it. What others choose quite simply is their business and absolutely none of yours. Freaks.

  5. Maybe his paycheque should be stopped for the next year and a half. Can join many of those that they have had there taken away by force.

    1. @Anishnaabe History Podcast Bad time for enlisting as a Doc.the% have been blackmailed.

    2. They’ve all gotten richer in a year Fords net worth has risen to 50 million I’m sure Deco Labels has a label for it

    3. @Anishnaabe History Podcast Yeah…like maybe I should become a butcher to stop the slaughter of cows…

  6. May be, he should try living without any income for the time equivalent to the lockdowns he has recommended.

  7. Why does someone who believes what he is saying constantly self comforting himself through his whole spiel? He’s petting himself compulsively.

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