Small, fully autonomous electric boats being developed 1

Small, fully autonomous electric boats being developed


Engineers are developing fully autonomous electric boats to ride the canals of Amsterdam and eventually other waterways around the world.

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  1. In the Turkish newspaper  STM CEO Murat Ikinci observed that his company’s kamikaze drones “all have artificial intelligence and have face recognition systems.” Weighing less than 70 kilograms each, they have a range of 15 kilometers and can stay in the air for 30 minutes with explosives. In addition, the Kargu drones can operate as a coordinated swarm of 30 units which cannot be stopped by advanced air defense systems.

  2. It only took a little over a 100 years ,for the petroleum,and diesel engine to cause such grief to our planet.this technology has been around for 20+ years,and it’s a shame that we’ve waited this long to make change.

    1. And it only took 10 years for overpopulating Canada to effect our environment… pollution from Overpopulation open borders on-top of a destroyed housing and rental market…if we weren’t over populated we wouldn’t have an issue ..we can’t farm enough food or anything our waters destroyed everywhere has to many idiots living there …Canada was clean until we opened our borders and became the same as every immigrated country were open to… disgusting over populated trash filled destroyed city’s and homes….Canada needs real change end the open borders and migration because our homeless population has grew to much due to it… pollution from over population is truly disgusting I’ve witnessed it through 35 years

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