No evidence UFO encounters were alien spacecraft, but can't be ruled out: U.S. government 1

No evidence UFO encounters were alien spacecraft, but can’t be ruled out: U.S. government


UFO disclosure expert Victor Viggiani discusses the U.S. government investigation into strange flying objects.

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  1. This report is pointless “not ET yet we don’t know what they are” so how do u know it’s not ET if you don’t know what they are? Smmfh…

    1. Now we know it’s not ours. That’s major. We’ve at least eliminated that, and in my mind, that was the most likely scenario. It’s highly unlikely it’s another country, considering that some of the videos are from 2004.

  2. No evidence of alien spacecraft could quite literally mean that we haven’t followed any to their home planet.

    1. @Wayne Slater The more recent sightings are just drone like aircraft and maybe regular ships. As long as the military doesn’t get a visual on what’s inside they can claim no evidence exists these are non terrestrial aircraft. The report probably doesn’t cover all cases dating back to some where there were unknown creatures found inside these.

  3. The Govt will never report the true truth…Haven’t in the Past..Present or Future…So just forget getting true facts!

  4. “We dunno what these things are… BUT THEY’RE NOT ALIENS! (but we can’t rule that out either)” -the government

  5. Before you dismiss this issue as a none issue, listen to his point at 2:16.

    Power structures will be disrupted if this news turns out to be non human, just keep that in mind.

  6. No evidence that it’s aliens but also no evidence it’s not aliens. That should be the title

  7. “It turns out the truth may not be out there after all” was your lead-in to this story. It didn’t match the rest of your story at all.

    Please stop with biased attitudes towards this subject. The NYT headline did this as well and had to be changed.

    Please do better. Thank you.

  8. They have already confirmed that there are physical objects traveling through our atmosphere and under our oceans at terrific speeds and exhibiting flight and propulsion characteristics that defy known dynamics and physics. That’s HUGE news, folks – don’t dismiss it!

  9. I just want to point of that we have many ancient manuscripts, painting and poems that depict, describe or tell stories about UFOs and who pilots them.

  10. they know who they are, they are aliens with high tech, the question is: why now? there is a purpose behind that, they will not give any decisive evidences even though they have.

  11. “The fact that these objects are blinking in and out of existence means what we might be seeing is a 3 dimensional projection of a 5 dimensional object”

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