Wilson-Raybould on new memoir, SNC-Lavalin affair, Trudeau 1

Wilson-Raybould on new memoir, SNC-Lavalin affair, Trudeau


Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould discusses her new memoir which contains her opinions about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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  1. I think it is important to note that Ms. Wilson-Raybould had this book in the works for some time (before this snap election was called early) and the release of the book is just bad timing for the Liberal party and Mr. Trudeau in particular.

    1. @Charlene French Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, all the same. Speak the truth as a woman and get shut down, shut out and silenced.

  2. Its been interesting watching Friesen and Soloman absolutely light into JWR like she did something wrong and Trudeau was an innocent victim.

    1. Clearly Evan Solomon is a Liberal partisan. So many other interesting questions that could have been asked. E.S. wanted a “gottcha” interview but JWR too smart to take the bait. Hope we see her in politics again and soon.

  3. The book would have been written long before Trudeau called the election. I hope she sells lots of books. She was way to smart not to be a threat to him as a leader.

  4. I will buy your book for sure! What ethics you displayed, congratulations! Trudeau has no ethics. Why has the RCMP not commented on Trudeaus conduct, he obviously broke the law.

    1. Their boss was personally picked and placed by Trudeau , do you really believe that she will bite the hand that feeds…!!!

  5. Soloman is such a Trudeau shill as one person said. It is actual embarrassing, I would not talk to this guy. He should be fired.

    1. Him and Leslie Roberts of CFRA are Ex-Montrealer’s and are Liberal Biased reporters . You can tell by their commentaries. Graduated from McGill University . I’m confident he’s rubbed shoulders with Justin Trudeau.

  6. This is why News is untrustworthy and has its only goal of making gossip news and trying to turn something that creates sensationalism out of fact. NEWS trys to give you LUNCH out of a PICKLE!!! Like watching tv talk trash shows. Judy has class and is a strong women. You sir and your like are a little of why canada is being sideswiped by non thinkers!

  7. Jody’s true complete testimony was blocked by “Cabinet privilege”. That does not imply falsehood but a coverup by Justin himself. She deserves a medal for defending Canadian justice.

  8. Thank you JWR for discussing these issues, bringing some of these out in the open. Clearly governance of our country is riddled with severe problems. And we need to reflect and deal with these or things will continue to spiral. Happy you wrote the book and am reading it.

  9. How many Canadians honestly believe that Trudeau didn’t try to compromise this woman’s ethics? Common sense dictates that she was released from her responsibilities because she wasn’t complicit in the game he was playing……

  10. Raybould is a person of fine character…. no wonder she didn’t fit into Trudeau’s circle of frauds, crooks, and cronies. Trudeau is the biggest disgrace in our beloved country’s history. Time for change. Anyone but Trudeau.


    2. also in ontario toronto east york. strategic voting conservative. anyone who is voting liberal now…. is not doing so rationally, but on ideology. outdated ideology. you don’t follow captain schettino to the bottom of the sea regardless of party.

    1. He has already been implicated in some suspect art scandal designed to enrich himself and for which he was fired.

    1. J.T. is the real piece of work. Noting you can say or do will change my mind. Guy is not fit to run a lemonade stand. I’d normally think he was the worst P.M. in Canadian history but a P.M. wouldn’t do the things he did and does so I don’t consider him a P.M. With that notion he isn’t the worst PM. in Canadian but would be otherwise.

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