With Millions Of Votes Still To Be Counted, Trump Falsely Claims He Won | MSNBC

With Millions Of Votes Still To Be Counted, Trump Falsely Claims He Won | MSNBC 1


Trump claimed victory early Wednesday morning in a number of key states where millions of votes are still being counted and results remain uncertified. Trump's remarks came after Biden urged 'patience' while votes are counted. Aired on 11/04/2020.
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With Millions Of Votes Still To Be Counted, Trump Falsely Claims He Won | MSNBC

62 Comments on "With Millions Of Votes Still To Be Counted, Trump Falsely Claims He Won | MSNBC"

  1. I smell something fishy

    • @Sean Breen 😲😲

    • I smell it too.

      There should have been no reason Trump could win with many 2016 Trump voters turn away and many Republican leaders turn away, and without churches support and etc.
      Also, they were against mailing vote, but about a few days before, Trump operative started to stop saying against it.
      I thought “??? Strange. Does it mean they found a way to cheat on that?”
      Also it is strange because until yesterday, it was said that counting could take many days, and today, ABC started to predict as if it is already decided.
      And, Trump still try to ignore mailing vote.
      Putting cheating aside, I feel that Trump wants to mislead nation and stop counting and discard ballots so that we can’t really see the truth.

    • @Sean Breen
      If so, it is fraud, and also, I don’t think he doesn’t allow them anyway.
      Also, it it is true, it means American Trump supporters are deceived.
      I hope it should be investigated.

    • @Sean Breen how can they escort illegals to vote the DAY AFTER ELECTION??? explain please and how do they have ID????

    • @Tom Peters degenerates . That said it all.

  2. Fast becoming the Divided States of America.
    Hang in there people and stay safe.

  3. hope this nightmare will get a Hollywood ending


    • Stephanie Logan Geesh, grow up lady

    • Mr. MS Paint At that point Biden will forget where he is and what he’s saying again!!!

    • Evan Col That’s why they’re still crying, he used to be one of them then switched sides because he grew a conscience 👏👏👏👏 Awesome job Trump!!!

    • Lesia’s Life Tell me about these sexual assaults liar. If that were true he would’ve made Bill Clinton look like a choir boy!!! So far Clinton and Weinstein are the most believable womanizers as far as the evidence and facts go.

  4. Millions of ballots have yet to be counted. It’s not over.

    • @InfoJunkie Biden leads Trump in Nevada…only 67% of the votes have been counted…shall we stop counting?

    • ღSwnsasyღ _ | November 5, 2020 at 2:18 AM | Reply

      @Edward Cullen I don’t understand your question. I was asking a question and clarity of someone else so why are you asking me about 2016 when all I did was ask someone else what do they mean?

    • @ღSwnsasyღ _ my bad. Think I sent to wrong comment, wrong name,

    • @ღSwnsasyღ _ sorry. Guess I sent my comment to wrong person, I was asking them about something they commented on happened 2016.

    • ღSwnsasyღ _ | November 5, 2020 at 5:21 AM | Reply

      @Edward Cullen Oooh, lol.. I was so confused… No worries love

  5. Bozo wants to count all votes wherever he’s behind, and assume victory where his running count is ahead. He’s practicing hypnosis on willing subjects. He lies non-stop and they love it. Folie a deux.

  6. Ashutosh Miskin | November 4, 2020 at 4:22 AM | Reply

    Never since 9/11 has the world prayed so hard for America…

  7. Monica Matthews | November 4, 2020 at 4:56 AM | Reply

    Wow just got up😢😢😢 the nightmare continues, God Father Help Us.

  8. YAWN… More of the same… He’s a one trick pony.. Nothing new here, more of the already anounced attempt to steal the election… Setting the stage for his criminal activities…🤢🤮

  9. This man is insane. These are not the even-handed views of a democratically elected President. Listen to his words. “We want ALL voting to STOP… We don’t want them to find any ballots and add them to the list.” They are the words of a loser, and make no logical sense.

  10. Trump seems like a kindergartener reading to his class. Makes things up when he’s not sure, unable to go into detail on anything, and exudes pride when he strings together a sentence.

  11. And I thought cancer was the worst thing I had to deal with.

  12. The clown and his sheeple are delusional we already know that.

  13. This man is the worst human ever to become president

  14. Good morning everyone…. Have a great day and quit stressing over this election it will do nothing but give you a headache.

  15. Who’s not surprise that Trump falsely says something?

  16. ***Trump Virus 2020***
    Misuse and
    Abuse of

  17. “quite frankly,” which means “in an honest, open, or candid manner,” is often used to introduce an opinion that might not be welcome.

  18. Sam Cunningham | November 4, 2020 at 8:58 AM | Reply

    he has one thing right in that speech. “this is an embarrassment”

  19. Thomas Moeller | November 4, 2020 at 3:59 PM | Reply

    “We won Texas. We won Florida.” What he’s saying is that he is winning in solid red states that haven’t gone Blue in decades. Show me something big like winning California or even New York and THEN you will have something to brag about.

    BTW Mr Smohe, voting has ended. Ballot COUNTING hasn’t.

  20. Chronicling this as an example of counting your chickens before they hatch.

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