With the U.S. moving up its COVID-19 vaccination timeline – where does Canada stand? 1

With the U.S. moving up its COVID-19 vaccination timeline – where does Canada stand?


With the U.S. moving up its COVID-19 vaccination timeline – where does Canada stand?

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    1. @John F. …Unless you’re Aboriginal, you’re also part of this diversity!…So what’s your excuse?

    2. He can possibly use “inclusivity” portfolio, it’s one his favorite words. He likes to include the not excluded and defend the not injusticed.

    1. @xQCxMadrox Oh la la another heart broken french! maybe it’s too dry. Here’s a baguette a la fromage avec ton self-entitled tears.

    1. I just asked my new computer when the Antichrist what coming and that’s that Cortina believe that’s her name anyway I’m not quite sure but she said that he came out 20/20 this is a spiritual warfare

  1. His dates will never materialize just like everything else he say.
    The only thing that materialize with Trudeau is taxes and job losses.

    1. The job losses wouldn’t have been much different if the conservatives were in power. Stop complaining abt it

    2. @koshka 六百六十六 that estimation didn’t account for human stupidity. You always have to consider how dumb our species is.

    1. @Dr. Winner didn’t you read the title?! It says prime minister update… As it happens his actions affect our lives, So I listen hoping that I hear something useful.

    2. cause you mental cases wasted my time. this time mankind cease to exist nor ever to be set free again. none of you can go home, to your long lost soul

    1. Because he has and he does not know how to run a country. That is what you get when you vote for a party that only cares about keeping power.

    1. @Friendly Pup I can’t remember. I probly heard him say something in there about getting back to normal and probly had a brain fart and my fingers started typing that the government and any of its faculty to them normal will be more lockdowns

    2. @J Hard working Canadian citizen I’m pretty sure every normal human wants things to go back to normalcy. It’s not an issue that liberals actually want to take this pandemic seriously

    1. If ya haven’t figured it out yet we’re at war, democracy has been dead for a long time, we just didn’t see them moving their chess pieces into place till now be. The debt party is over, inflation is coming. UBI and total control is around the corner.

  2. Canada used to be a leader in medical innovation and progress. Now we beg other countries for assistance for something we should be producing here.

    1. @koshka 六百六十六 you do know that deals made decades ago still have major impact today right?

    1. Nah then taxpayers would still be paying for his living, he needs to be working a minimum wage job living in a crummy 800$/month cockroach infested montreal apartment

    1. @Norm L If you mean that I hate “Fearless Leader” refusing to actually lead than you are right.

    1. Yep, there’s absolutely ZERO doubt who his pappy is. Certainly not the one who actually graduated from Law School and can form a coherent sentence, despite also being a terrible PM.

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