Women Fear Losing Rights Under Taliban Rule 1

Women Fear Losing Rights Under Taliban Rule


The Taliban today are telling Afghans that there is nothing to fear now that the country is back firmly under their control. But thousands of Afghans aren't waiting to see if that's true, as the Taliban's history of human rights abuses and their disastrous record with women and girls triggers old, but very real, fears. Joining Geoff Bennett to discuss is Photojournalist and author Lynsey Addario, who for two decades covered women in the country, and former BBC Persian Journalist Nasrin Nawa, whose sister is still in Afghanistan. 

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    1. You think men would have made sure their women and children were being put on planes! No! Their president ran fast to get away! Paid to leave! Pukin helped moron create Taliban control in may 2021!

    2. @Blast 4 Me I’m talking about any of the men attempting to flee the country. The women and children are perfectly fine to flee, but it’s expected of men to stay and fight for their nation possibly getting killed in the process, submit to the new order and help them achieve a better future, or die in some pathetic attempt to run away.

  1. The women shouldnof been trained to defend the country instead, theres no doubt in my mind they would of fought they know first hand what’s truly at stake for them and they wouldnt want the same for their daughters!

    1. background checks to obtain a weapon? ID to vote? Vaccine passports? What will they do on their southern boarder?

    2. There were women trained to fight. They even had a commando unit. Where are they now? The failure is due to many more complex issues that go beyond just training and equipment.

  2. Will the Taliban now confess and denounce their past mistreatments of women? Did they ask for forgiveness from the mistreated women victims, their families and their communities? Do they want to be held accountable for any injustices against women?

  3. “fear”? it’s over good luck and get out of dodge if you can. Of course the Biden administration won’t help though, even our own citizens are left to fend for themselves.

    1. Why does the media insist on flogging, the struggles of these Afghanists !? America has spent enough time and money on their war. Other countries have their own trials and tribulations, and America can’t be expected to help everyone.

  4. Obama gave away Iraq, it seems only fitting that Biden would give away Afghanistan. It’s just what democranazis do.

    1. Bush started this SHT. Moron gave deals to Taliban in May 2021! Didn’t inform Biden what went down! Pukin gave orders, wimp followed them.

  5. The Afghan soldiers didn’t want to fight for their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. America can’t want it more than they do.

    1. The middle east does not live in a bubble. They see what feminism has done to the west. Men fought for freedom in the west, now men are openly treated like garbage……
      Notice how few men are fighting ‘for’ women, ANYWHERE? Women believe they are equal?? Then fight for it. Stop asking men to do it for you. We bled enough, and no one cares.

  6. If the Taliban is smart they would respect women rights and maybe the international world would accept them as a legitimate government that deserves to be left alone lol.

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