1. Congratulations to all these Estonian Women, determined to defend their freedom and their homeland!

  2. See Russia, your actions make ALL your neighbors more militant, not less. As the grandson of a Lithuanian I couldn’t more thankful for the Baltic countrys’ NATO memberships. Estonia and Latvia have substantial Russian populations that might harbor 5th columnists so they need to be extra vigilant during these times, unfortunately.

    1. @Assaultstan <---"If only Russia was more like America, a deeply divided country that's full of gangs guns drugs illegals hate ignorance overweightness lies and violence with a president that mumbles and shits his pants, then the world would be a better place."

    2. You can garauntee that if Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were not in NATO Putin would try for them to do he could Link Russia with Kaliningrad

    3. @User User Ukrainians proudly boast that they are nazi’s yet you’re calling the Russians nazi’s? Unbelievable!!!
      And you wonder why you will never be successful in life. Stop watching believing and repeating the tell-lie-vison like a programmed bot. Learn to self teach and research. Learn how Ukraine has been bombing and killing their own Ukrainian/Russian civilian citizens that live in the eastern part of Ukraine, all because they have Russian ties and because they have love for Russia. Learn about how the Ukrainian military has been shelling and killing their own innocent men women children and babies every year since 2014. Educate yourself and PS the tell-lie-vison will not do it for you.

    1. @Women’s rights was a Mistake I guess youโ€™ve never heard of Boudica. She gave the Romans a run for their money!

  3. No, I don’t think he did. I think he was quite clear. He had an emotional response to the war, the bombing, the deaths, the displaced Ukrainians. I think he said exactly what he felt and he clearly said he’s not walking back anyghing.

    1. YEP…and I’m getting sick and tired of these ‘media types’ constantly apologizing for the rabid DOG PUT-LER out of their personal fear. KUDOS to the Estonian Foreign Minister for not buying into that ‘apology’ narrative!

    2. Thank you..she said that n I wanted to call CNN and bit*h n tell them it’s crap like that causes so much mistrust..example
      Tmz n page six both said Chris n will made up n went to same after party..tmz even showed a bro pic, wills arm over Chris shoulder..
      10 minutes later I read another that says Chris has not spoken to will n left right after the slap…seems maybe someone’s working hard to save wills career but Chris was the victim imo so..who do you believe tho? Media sux..prob only thing Trump was right about

  4. Rightly so. Not only around Russia but everywhere. Mothers need to be strong not only to protect themselves but also their kids/ family. I am an old fella now but I remember my mom was not only ” presentable” but she could definitely protect her family with or without arms when required. She in fact taught us to play games and fight back intelligently. Good Mothers care for the future of their family.

  5. Awesome!!! Respect to Estonian women!!!
    Btw..Biden did NOT walk back his statement..he “clarified” but even said, I’m not walking back, but I’m not asking for a regime change..most ppl happen to agree with him..

  6. We are living in a period of two wars that could destroy planet Earth: WAR NUMBER 1 – Democrats vs. Republicans. WAR NUMBER 2 – USA (Dem. + Rep.) vs. Russia and China. May God let us survive.

  7. Salute to this womanโ€™s of Estonia for standing up and preparing for war against the Putin the Thug๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸŒนGo Girls

  8. 4:00 How will they arrest/take into custody those accused of war crimes? If they are found guilty and sentenced in absentia, what difference does that make to the guilty? They just sit in their massive country and continue with their corrupt and doctorial leadership. Is there an international agency that can go into Russia and remove these people in order to stand trial?

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