1. Of course he used it. This media junkie wasn’t talking on the phone during a 7-hour period? Riiight.

    1. @Bryan Holden — nice response, did you use up all 6 IQ points writing that out? Or were those all wasted when you chose to vote for Trump? 😂

    2. @Bryan Holden Somewhere out there, there are a couple of trees working really hard to replace the oxygen you’re consuming. Now go & apologize to them.

  2. The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.

  3. Thanks Bobs, you save America from a rogue president at the beginning of you careers, and this time, a delusional autocrat turned Putin sympathizer. With you on guard America is safe from domestic tyrants and mobster second story men. You both deserve the “MINUETMAN” award. You are true patriots.

    1. @Sergeant Castle Which one recently said that Putin moving in to take Ukraine was “genius?” That’s who we’re talking about.

  4. Now the DOJ Garland Attorney General needs to do his job if he does nothing the American people will feel that he is also a criminal covering up for the criminals as well

  5. EASY TO FOUND OUT WHAT PHONE HE WAS USING – He would have been making calls in that same finite area that can be tracked by the phone carriers.

  6. Someone needs to tell Garland he works for the “Department of Justice”, not the “Department of Just Us”.

  7. We’ve already heard this story. He was obviously using a cell phone from one of his kids or Don Jr.s girlfriend.

  8. In world filled with Trump’s & Putin’s, be a Zelensky….
    God bless #Ukraine 🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  9. We all watched what happened with our own eyes. Blows my mind that we’re still trying to prove these peoples corruption. It couldn’t be more obvious

    1. Sure. It’s been I’ve 15 months and still nothing. The FBI and the Democrats can’t find anything.

  10. 1. Records were tampered with (illegal). 2. He deliberately communicated through unofficial channels (illegal). Both of these clearly demonstrate knowledge that his discussions were evidence of crime.
    3. He didn’t communicate with anyone outside the WH during a national emergency (serious dereliction of duty).

    1. So if unofficial comms channels are illegal can we throw Hillary in jail for her email server already? Truthfully, I’d like to see them all in prison.

  11. He should be using his phone to put a stop to the riots and ensuring safety to Congress. You can also see that as 7 hours of neglect.

  12. Trump’s just like a Mafia don. Never is directly attached to the “bad thing”. No emails, no texts, and uses a burner phone.

  13. “You almost couldn’t get him off the phone,” all the Fox and Friends are nodding their heads. 🙄

  14. “Presidential “ defined, means a person with the demeanor of a leader and servant of his electorate. DT only ever served his own personal ambitions. My Christian son could not understand this simple concept. We don’t talk anymore.

    1. Donald Trump only ever served his own personal ambitions, but somehow is the most popular incumbent president to ever live and the most popular Republican candidate to live. Makes a ton of sense. Now watch doofus reply with about the only thing they can: wElL jOe bEaT tRumP, dIdnT hE?

    2. @G W No, it doesn’t, it opens your eyes wide. Of course, you know this, I believe you use to be a Christian. Ah, what am I saying, the evil one’s trying to blind me, too. I ain’t no better. I do know this, I’m still gonna hold onto God and Jesus in the midst of all this. Right now, They’re all I got. They’re all WE got, when it comes down to it.
      But hey, Christianity’s about choice and you choose not to. There are some Christians who would call you ignorant also but I ain’t. It just ain’t proper, you know. I will say a prayer for you though, heck, it beats dissing anyway.
      Oh, and to anyone who gets offended by my words about God, please don’t sweat it.
      Why get offended about something that one doesn’t believe in?

  15. We see that we have two sets of laws in this county. One for the poor and not well connected. This group get the bulk of the policing, the courts and the jails. People who are in power have another set of laws, and law makers and people charged with maintaining the laws, are weak and not able to hold this special class accountable. I will laugh now, every time we have a solemn swearing in ceremony, for a legal, political, or law enforcing candidate, as it has been proven to be no more than eyewash for the public.

  16. I’ve been around and sailed the seven seas , but I have never ever seen or heard of soo much corruption in a democratic society with no repercussions.

    1. @Pete Pierre how long was Bannon jailed for and what crime was he found guilty of committing?

    2. @Pete Pierre what was he found guilty of and by whom?

      And what’s the crime?

      I understand if you can’t answer these simple questions, you’re limited to repeating CNN

  17. No way he wasn’t on that damned phone for that long. Everyone was witness to just his Twitter feed alone.

    1. @Doogie Bear  the DOJ is busy sweeping his files under the rug ..we prosecute Republicans and their supporters only 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Show us the emails? How about show us the phone records? Anything he accuses someone or doing, he does.

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