1. I’m part asian and this is very upsetting when people are getting treated like this…that is very messed up how these people do these rude things to them…poor ladies…
    And this isn’t just for asian women this is for all woman of any color so none of those women out there shouldn’t be treated like that.

    1. @Jo Sm Yeah well that’s them. But we know not to mess with the Asians in Chinatown up here in Chicago. Because the Japanese crime syndicate has the other ones that run Chinatown. And they’ve been running that neighborhood since the nineties and you barely heard about them in the news. Because they’re so quiet and that’s actually a good thing.

  2. This is not acceptable! I hope my country of Switzerland treats our fellow citizens of Asian ancestry better than that but I can’t be sure.

    1. Actually you can be sure it’s not as bad. The US is a developing country in a civil society sense.

  3. Viewing & treating someone as lesser on a visible (thus easier to convince oneself) “reason”, is the easiest way to regard oneself as more. No need for self- reflection/development, critical thinking or accepting/ tolerating the unknown as possibly nót unsafe.

    The unknown/ unfamiliar: an evergrowing, yet very basic, fear. Something our mind has adapted to & operates automatically against, playing with our perception, within the confines of our society, background, morals, upbringing,… independently protecting itself from something that could’ve meant death when we were primal beings.

    Especially when groups form that affirm this nonsense within (echo chambers), it’s obvious that fear is the enemy of clear thought. I do wish these blindfolds & chains that keep us from seeing & embracing eachother can be somehow promptly broken. But for that, a harmless, yet difficult step into the abyss of uncertainty must be taken & the realisation that your OWN mind is a trickster must be made.

  4. Is it so hard for Americans to be kind and respectful to Asian-Americans living in The United States of America?!❤🇺🇸❤
    #LOVE ❤ #StopHate 😢

  5. Why would you yell at anyone for something they aren’t responsible for? Asian-Americans aren’t responsible for Covid. Arab-Americans aren’t responsible for 9/11. Modern white Americans aren’t responsible for slavery. The list goes on, but the principle is the same – As MLK said, people must “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

  6. This is disgusting and disappointing. If anyone does this to you, remember a super majority of people agree w me. I know this may not help, humans can be disgusting. I like to think that I would put myself in harms way for anyone this was happening to. Let’s be way better.

    1. Decent people are against racism.
      If feeling threatened by others, and there are other people around, scream out either “FIRE” or “RAPE”. That should get peoples attention, as to what is happening.
      I feel for these poor women.

  7. To all the women in this video, and every other Asian American woman who get harassed like this: I really, really hope you never forget it’s not you, you’re victims of a society that’s (increasingly) off the rails. Never lose your own sense of dignity, do not hide, wear your favorite summer dress, stay proud of your beautiful heritage,… For every nut job there is a kind person. Nevertheless, this is so, so wrong, stay strong!!! Lots of love from Belgian Women

    1. While homeless women are threatened, attacked at an extraordinary rate. We continue to give preferential treatment to one group of historically privileged people.

    2. If only women voters would stop rayping their male counterparts.
      One reason society is “increasingly off the rails” is because men’s natural authority in marriage has been criminalized. Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people. Do away with marriage and civilization falls. You are right, incivility is increasing, and that’s why.

  8. Unfortunately manufacturing fear is regular theme for some political parties. The saddest thing some of the very people making comments of ‘how sad this is’ actively support those very parties.

    1. I know, I was thinking the same thing. People don’t want to look at the source of all of this – especially if it is connected to them.

  9. Omg
    I had no idea this was happening. We don’t have many people who are either Asian or Asian American in my community. But I will have to keep an eye out for this, just in case something looks off I can better recognize it. I appreciate these women sharing their experiences.

    1. Yeah, wake up..same group of men target religious Jews. Evaluate the D.A. in your city and see if he/she/it/they/them, is actually interested in keeping the town safe.

  10. I live in Europe I have never experienced something like these ladies did, but I can immediately feel if someone hates me being Asian or not. I am so used to and I do not even think about it as I know racism will never go away.
    But when I experience the kindness or open minded smiles I appreciate them and you won’t feel this unless you ever been faced to racism.

  11. Society has shown too much tolerance for this level of sickening aggression, harassment and violence. Either verbal or physical. See where it brought us.

  12. I’m Mexican American and I have been discriminated against plenty of times- including by other Hispanic people. It’s sick behavior no matter what the victim or the aggressor looks like. We all need to stand up against racism.

    1. @Ryan Hawkins the name “Vanessa” is a female name, not male 🤦‍♂️

      Looking at your post, this doesn’t surprise me at all 😂😂

    2. @Ryan Hawkins you’re definitely NOT the brightest color in the box of crayons, that’s for-sure! Lmao

  13. be strong, girls, many of us hear you and are on your side. The pandemic exacerbated mental illness, not just xenophobia and racism, so i hope you never forget that it’s not you, it’s them

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