1. Gotta be more than that with more testing and 80% false positives..we can guess better than that.

  2. This is not going anywhere so be prepared for more later on this because we are going to lockdown likely when flu season starts coming Sep, or October because they have been distracted from the truth re the global economy so check that out

  3. Of course, when you keep falsely inflating the case and death numbers you can ‘expect’ whatever the hell you please.

  4. Why no reporting about the floods in China?.This is what happens when you go against natural law!.Now you have even more blood on your hands!!.

  5. uh oh….. WHO said a million more in a week. I guess another round of Lock down for everyone. Don’t worry we will get Universal Basic Income for Everyone.

  6. If the who would’ve stopped it from the beginning we wouldn’t be going through this he belongs in prison

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