Wounded Army Vet on Climbing 7 Summits 1

Wounded Army Vet on Climbing 7 Summits

Benjamin Breckheimer is an Iran and Afghanistan veteran and Purple Heart recipient who has climbed the Seven Summits – the tallest mountains in the world. He explains to Joe Fryer what motivates him.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Wounded Army Vet on Climbing 7 Summits


  1. Love his story. So inspiring. Find a purpose. Confront your fears. Recovery takes time. Hang in there. Chef’s kiss.

  2. Happy 4th of July everybody . Please enjoy and celebrate it as we came close to losing it January 6th 2021 when tRumps mob stormed the White House .

    1. Thanks man Hapoy 4th ofJuly to you and your family too have a great one blessings and stay safe

  3. I went to the top of Mt Fuji when I was stationed in Japan. That is as high as I want to go without being on a plane.

    1. I think that’s quite common and a right of passage for American servicemen stationed in Japan. It was so common, we called it doing the fooj.

  4. He should’ve done the Australian Continent’s tallest mountain. It’s much easier. You can drive to the top.

    But to the Vet, well done, Sir!

  5. Could of just led w/Purple Heart Recipient, then to say He powered through 7 Summits—but something just as powerful and MORE universal=He took a situation of great pain/insecurity-wanting to prove someone wrong—which in turn took the power away from the pain—what was in His control towards realignment w/happiness and betterment of Himself.
    Get on with it, Sir!

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