Concerns Begin To Arise As The Delta Variant Spreads 1

Concerns Begin To Arise As The Delta Variant Spreads


As Americans are preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July, there are concerns regarding the more contagious variant.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Concerns Begin To Arise As The Delta Variant Spreads


  1. Even though the majority of people in my area has been vaccinated, my workplace is still requiring masks because of the Delta Variant. I have absolutely no problem with that, as we don’t know which of our customers have/haven’t been vaccinated yet

    1. @My opinions are secretly facts well 150,000 people are coming in a month and they are not tested, not quarantined and not vaccinated. DO you think they brought their immunization records?

    2. @G Whiz better test, quarantine, and vaccinated the 150,000 plus people coming in a month. Oh that’s right there isn’t a border crisis

    3. @smaky smack My expertise in infectious diseases does not come from YouTube, but from UCLA, where I got my degree in microbiology. What Geneva, and others, wrote is correct, trying to achieve herd immunity through infection is a very bad idea. For one thing, naturally derived immunity does not seem to be as effective as vaccination, against many of these new variants. For another, death and debilitation numbers are too high, to try to achieve herd immunity through infection.

    William H Music aka the Tweatles is trolling. Don’t respond and line his pockets.

    1. He is one of the busiest trolls ever. Not too bright, but they try hard. Same with David M. So transparent.

    1. @Devo Sure, a small percentage of vaccinated people still contract the virus, but they have very mild infections. More importantly, their viral load is very low, so they rarely infect others.

    2. @whatsyurprob ? Scientific theories have much greater bodies of proof than any religious ‘fact’.

    3. @Deborah Freedman I agree, but there’s really nothing we can do about it. Hospitals should just turn them away when they get sick so they can just die off. It is Darwinism, but instead of survival of the fittest – in the modern day, it is the more intelligent that are most adaptable to change that will survive.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Look at what you just said, and then tell me how it’s not completely INVERTED.

      Look at it! 🙄


      Why don’t you know that a “fact” would always TRUMP a “theory”?

      Look at it!!! 🙄


      You just literally PWNED yourself!


      Even so, let me help you, sport.

      Science = ‘Theory’

      Always has. (FACT)

      Proving science is done by experiment. If the experiment fails, back to science you go. However, if the experiment is successful, it’s no longer “science”, but FACT. (Scientific Method)

      So, why are you trying to argue anything further on the matter?

      I’ve heard of apples & oranges, but your way of faking it takes the cake. 🤣


      “Religion” = pleasing God(s) by your own works

      “Faith” (Christianity) = Pleasing God by way of another’s works – Christ Jesus.

      See the difference?

      Of course you do, but you’ll never admit it. 😑

      Even so, you come back n see me soon. . . sonny.


    5. @Deborah Freedman And still people are scared and angry at the people that dont want to take the vaccine? When (in your words) those that are vaccinated get mild infections..

      Why should you ucare if others take it or dont take it then.. It’s their choice, stupid or not. Nothing we need to concern ourselfs with and definitly no need to force them to take the vaccine.

      Seriously… The world promised you wouldnt neeed a vaccine to do your normal life, but now people start to push for “forced” vaccination.

  3. Trump rallies will be massive spreader events where majority are unmasked and unvaccinated.

    1. @Jonas P too bad Fauci was acting as the expert and giving us bad advice about the travel ban, mask usage, the lock down and curve, natural immunity, herd immunity etc.

    2. @NCRailProductions He already looks like a murderer.Half a million of your fellow Americans would be still be alive if they were, say, Canadian.

    3. @Kimberly Garrett Easy there Kim. You can’t sow division without creating the illusion that only conservatives are the ones not getting vaccinated!
      Stick to the Script. Conservatives aren’t vaccinated and want to defund the police! Making them bad….. If you go to multiple left wing news sites they will give you the answers! Just BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE!!!

    4. @Kimberly Garrett The US screwed up big time and it was nearly all on Trump’s shoulders. Let’s never forget that. All Fauci did was update data as more was learned but idiots only refer to his original statement. How is it other countries who followed his advice nailed their responses? Because their leaders listened to experts. When Fauci advocated masks, why wasn’t he supported? What travel bans, he wanted the bans to start earlier in hot spots like Europe. Did they? Nope. he wanted national testing program set up. Was there? Nope. He wanted contact tracing program set up. Was there? Nope.
      He wanted lockdowns earlier to slow the spread. Were they? Nope. He wanted to delay the reopening as fall & winter was going to potentially deliver hundreds of thousands of potential deaths. Were they? Nope. 350,000 died over winter. Right, got it. Selective memory recall is great isn’t it?

  4. Well at this point it’s all personal, you get the Vacine or you don’t, you get sick or maybe die or you don’t,,,it’s their choice

    1. But they are putting those vaccinated at risk by potentially creating a variant that could break through the vaccines and make them useless.

    2. @pj B ive heard we may need a booster. When we had the polio shot, we had to have a booster. I’m not worried. We’ll get immunity without them. It’s really their choice. Life is about choices. We have to have a flu shot every year so I expect we’ll need a Covid shot every year too.

    3. @pj B yes ,your right but they won’t change their minds as long has the replublicains senators, fox news,internet and pastors keep telling them not to

  5. This is natural selection folks. All the banana Republic idiots will contract the new variant. And America will be great again. LOL

    1. @David M Faux News’ RaDiCaL border theory is more infectious than COVID. LOL Simply send the powerless third world lone star state to Mexico. Problem solved. We can then build the wall. LOL LOL

    2. @Isaac Elliott

      The Hispanics that follow the rules are usually conservative, not the cheats

    3. @Trump Lost LOL

      Good luck with that girl, Texas doesn’t give FU@# what your soft opinion is

  6. It’s still 67% more than the last president, in fact, he was causing deaths through playing it down

    1. Well since the vaccine was only there for a little over a month while he still was in office, Biden just benefitted from Warp Speed being ready to go

    2. @Suomy Nona Biden received the vaccine on Dec 21st. Moderna signed a 1.5 billion contract to supply the US with 100 million doses of its Covid 19 vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech partnered to sign a 1.95 billion contract to supply up to 600 million doses of its Covid 19 vaccine. Under the contract, the US would receive 100 million doses of the vaccine with the opportunity to secure 500 million more doses, but the US did not secure the additional doses. Johnson and Johnson signed more than a billion to supply the US with 100 million doses of its Covid 19 vaccine. 10 other companies received contracts as well ALL part of Trumps Warp Speed. If you need further information on other contracts please see Beckermet Hospital Review article by Maia Anderson titled – 13 drugmaker contracted by Operation Warp Speed in 2020. PLEASE stop with your lies.

    3. @A. Stri Biden got his vaccine in Dec of 2020. Reuters report that 2.8 million Americans received a covid 19 vaccine going into the last day of December. YOU lie.

    4. @Suomy Nona From US NEWS Dec 14, 2020 Sandra Lindsey is inoculated with the Pfizer BioNTech covid 19 vaccine. Biden got his first dose in December as well. Read the article from US NEWS why are do you keep changing dates on when their vaccine was Released?

    5. @Suomy Nona provide your sources as you keep reporting false information, are you a Chinese Bot?

    1. @Matt F. You have no idea what youre talking about.
      If covid scares you that much put a plastic bag over your head and stop trying to ruin things for normal healthy people.

    2. @Taj Gibson NBA Taj?
      Whatever, Superhumans do exist, I guess. Maybe you should brag or boast with that family that lost 3 or 4 members to COVID. Seek them out and rub it they face. They will probably hail you as a hero of COVID.
      But, what’s the prize? My bad, bragging about it is the prize. Is it tangible or a “see I told you I’m superior” kinda satisfaction?

    1. @Gemalacahaya Purnamashanty yes they do & the state of Tasmaina had no cases yesterday either. Not for the first time in a year though, they last had a case on the 9th December

    1. Go look at the 2020 IG Nobel Prize awards – in particular the one for “medical education” that trump was the joint winner of. I think that answers your question on those awards at least

  7. One would think that the GOP wouldn’t be in favor of killing off their constituents. I don’t get it at all.

    1. the democrats did the same thing when they said that no blm protests have ever led to a single case of covid. The democrats knowingly spread covid into black neighborhoods just to bump up biden’s poll numbers. Of course, I understand you’ll just call me a racist russian trump supporter. But deep down you know I’m right about that

    2. If you can gerrymander your way to minority rule you really don’t need that many supporters.

    3. @Kimberly Garrett right, instead the minority can trample the right of the majority in the USA

    1. @evan doe accept help prevent the spread but that’s nothing for people who don’t care about others

    2. @evan doe he’s a guy who was radicalized by Fox News and then murdered his son for Donald Trump how’s that not make sense

    3. @evan doe OST other idiotic thing the rights doing well I won’t have to worry about it too long all end up catching the coronavirus yourself which will save the world whole lot of hurt go get them Darwin

    1. That is true they’re always fighting on why they can’t take there mask off in the house and its clearly stated once your side has more than a certain amount of people vaccinted they dont have to wear mask

    2. if they could keep their infections to themselves… well, even if they could do that, less vaccinations mean more mutations of the virus and worse long term consequences.

    3. The Republicans stupidity is killing themselves you can’t get any dumber then that!

  8. The Dr just gives simple facts without getting all excited and freaking out. The journalist who is now a specialist in medical advice on the other hand is preparing for the end of the world

    1. How have you demonstrated compassion recently? How did you demonstrate compassion before 2020?

    2. Compassion should extend to all living things not just humans. Where is your Compassion for the life of covid. I say let it live. Who are we to play God. If we got the chance to evolve why not let everything play its course because we are Compassionate by nature. Instead we live in fear and guilt thanks to people like you. A virus so deadly people have to be given free stuff to get the vaccine and yet majority still don’t want it. Now they have to add more fear and blame those who are unvaccinated. Wake up

    3. Ironically the lack of compassion and tolerance comes from the party that preaches it, the democrats.

  9. I Britain we are being advised that one dose of the vaccine offers only limited protection to the delta variant.

  10. Please stop showing needles going into arms; it traumatizes people like me. I’ve been vaccinated, but am very squeamish, and can understand people being put off by the sight.

  11. That Omega Variant is gone be a BEAST … That’s if we ain’t in Great Depression 2.0 or Ww3 by then….They really really wanna get that hi tech fluid into everybody…. H@LL TO THE NAW

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