Yamiche Alcindor: Pres. Trump Has “Never Talked About Systemic Racism” | The Last Word | MSNBC

Yamiche Alcindor, the White House Correspondent for PBS Newshour, joins Ali Velshi to discuss Pres. Trump’s lack of plans to combat systemic racism. Zerlina Maxwell adds that Trump has been implementing “racist policies” since the beginning of his presidency. Aired on 6/5/2020.
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Yamiche Alcindor: Pres. Trump Has “Never Talked About Systemic Racism” | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Nero whitey… what authority do you have as a white person to tell the black community what is right for them.

    2. I am in Australia. I see how bad Trump is. I know there are many Americans that also see the damage he is doing to your country and reputation. What I cannot understand is that so many Americans still think he is ok and agree with him. Very sad.

  1. At this stage I don’t think Dumb Donald has the ability to answer a serious question. All he can produce is meaningless word salad.

    1. @Kevin Preston I never mentioned anything about RACISM or anything about being PROGRESSIVE either. However, if the cap fits…..!

    2. @Too-much-cider What you implied was those that call themselves nationalist are racists. What you implied was that that progressives believe in the Constitution. Let me rephrase.. Name one Democrat that does.

    3. Let’s discriminate and be prejudice against “orange” people! 😆🍊😁🍊😂🍊😄🍊🤣🍊🤔🍊🙄🍊😒🍊😯🍊😮🍊😲🍊🤤🍊🙊🍊🙉🍊🙈🍊😠🍊😡🍊

    4. @Tahir Ali, I don’t mean to bust your bubble but you do have some Black people that do support Donald Trump, people like Chi Brown, Ben Carson, David Clarke, Patricia Dickson, Damani Felder, Derrick Gradenigo, Anthony Brian Logan, Jesse Lee Peterson, Brandon Tatum and the twin sisters Diamond and Silk so Tahir what do you say about all these people that I have mention that are Trump supporters.

    1. when talking about interracial felonies and the rate for the average black and the average white…

      white 1…. black 40

    2. White man. you wouldn’t know what systemic racism means either. What authority do you have to tell the black community what is right for them!!!

    3. Not only does he look orange, he’s got an orange in his head instead of a brain! 🤔🍊🙄🍊😒🍊😠🍊😡🍊🙊🍊🙉🍊🙈🍊😾🍊👽🍊💩🍊👹🍊👺🍊💀🍊

    4. @Mike Polakowski Let’s discriminate and be prejudice against “orange” people! 😆🍊😁🍊😂🍊😄🍊🤣🍊

  2. It’s all lies. Our institutions are whittled down, our constitution is under threat and our way of life though hardly fair is under increased peril. It’s our country too.

    1. @pmboston They seem to forget that if he lived, he was a man of peace. It’s the perennial “god is on our side” crap!

    2. _”The truth is,_ that we brought with us the rights of men, of expatriated men. On our arrival here the question would at once arise, *_by what law will we govern ourselves?_* The resolution seems to have been, *_by that system, with which we are familiar;_* to be altered by ourselves occasionally, and adapted to our new situation. 4 Jefferson’s Corresp. 178.” Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Book 1, Ch 16.

      _”The truth is”,_ the Western Hemisphere and colonies were stolen from the indigenous peoples under the Laws of Feudal Europe, specifically the Royal *_Corporate_* Charter.
      _”The truth is”,_ the US Constitution established a divisive feudal society; a Mercantile Corporate Plutocracy run as a Republic. American voters, living their delusion of democracy, always get what they deserve in their government, and then they blame each other for their bipartisanship through their representatives, apologists for the socially created Corporate Persons.

      _”War is just a racket … It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses … The flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag”._ — General Smedley Butler, 1935

      _”Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to _*_the sacred principles of liberty,_* which are embodied in _one maxim: _*_The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.”_* — Bertrand Russell.

      >The Psychology of Democracy as a Social Altruism< *_"… there it is, it’s Death; it’s utterly democratic.”_* The late Rick Roderick on "The Masters of Suspicion [full length]" *_Consume, Obey, Procreate_* *Authority, irrespective of claimant, is self-serving, biased and socially divisive.* Divide and conquer. *_ibiubu_*

    3. @Ellen Peba no we are getting rid of you, Trump Nazis. You need the REAL Jesus in your heart. You sound soulless. Sad

  3. We see protesting all around the globe, not just these 50 States.. I was so thankful to the Pope for his words and his prayer for America.. I’m not catholic but that was so very touching..

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _ nothing to apologize dear. You appreciate the goodness of people or an individual bring to everyone, and so the sincere approach of the Pope, instead of being cynical and judgemental without understanding the foundation of somebodys faith. Thank you for acknowledging it. To you and your family, stay safe!

    2. @Teresa S well said. As if any other religion or sect or cult is perfect. Just like what you said, it is better to empower what is good for everyone, rather than blaming and judging that causes inaction. If someone else still lives in the past, theres no use of them in the present.

    3. @MMAorNada what does it make you? Are you perfect and of no sin? Whos making the agenda now and making division as you said that Catholics should not befriends? Your arguments are like of the high priest that push Christ to be crucified.

    4. @John Gomez the makes me logical . Some one who thinks for him self and researches instead of taking things as they are. I don’t just accept things to spare some ones feeling and I believe in what is right. When I make mistakes I acknowledge them and work to fix them. I’m a human with faults but I don’t use it as a reason to justify premeditated mistakes .

  4. First, tell us, oh Dear Leader, what EXACTLY is it that YOU have done for Black America that is, ‘more than any other president has ever done.’ (if you can name a single thing YOU have done, at all)
    And Second, why is it the no one mentions that Trump has the rare distinction of LOSING the largest discrimination lawsuit in the history of NY? For discriminating against Blacks specifically. He and his father were sued for their systematic culling of rental applications for one submitted by Blacks and had instructed their managers to mark all of those applications with a ‘C’, for colored. They also employed thuggish and sometimes disgusting tactics to try and force the few Black renters out of their buildings. Trump and his daddy were sued. And they lost.

    1. Weird all this happens in districts led by Democrat city council’s, DA’s, Mayors, Judges and so on. But someone in middle AMERICA is the problem.🤔

    2. Larry Garland What are you trying to spin here bud? The fact that Donald Trump is a corrupt, crook in a state where more of the democratic party is elected? Please tell us the thinking behind your comment.

    3. @Colin Cleveland I know Polish people, I know how they think, my father was one. There is no way they would support what trump is doing. Are they racist? yes they can be vey racist, the funny thing is, they dont realise they are being racist. There are many good ones many many level headed ones, but the history of their country, and how they have been treated, would tell them that trump is heading that way.

    1. Awe yes, because a bunch of people say “systemic” then systemic exists… Liberal reasoning as usual.

    2. @Scott Gust That’s racist… the anti-racists are more racist that the racist… and incredibly stupid too.

    3. @Tech ti donnie is not standing strong. His administration is shaky and apt to jump ship at any time. He’s an illiterate uneducated unqualified leader. His history of failures are far too many to name
      He has law suites galore. He caused the death of hundreds americans by sleeping on the covid 19. Not to mention he was impeached. His legacy is 💩and he will go down as the worst modern day president.

  5. Trump’s playbook: ignore the poor, ignore the the pandemic, ignore the violence.
    Next step? Ignore the election results.

    1. @Killroy was here,
      A 100% partisan vote for impeachment is such a violation of the essence of America it is already Null and Void in the minds of all good and intelligent people and will be Null and Void officially during President Trump’s next 4 years!

    2. @Mark bodman,
      Five years ago during Obama’s ‘New American Normal’ Pelosi, making light of his horrible economy and continuous layoffs, said, “Look on the brightside if you lose your job you can finally take that walk in the Park or take up watercolor painting.” We should have cut her airhead off and placed it with Marie Antoinette’s, but like you said, she’s still out there with her insanity!

    3. Mark bodman A federal court ruling just dismissed a Democratic National Committee (DNC) civil suit against Julian Assange‼️ “with prejudice” was a devastating indictment of the US ruling elite’s campaign to destroy the WikiLeaks founder.🤪 It exposed as a fraud the entire “Russiagate” conspiracy theory peddled by the Democratic Party, the corporate media and the intelligence agencies for the past three years‼️
      The decision, by Judge John Koeltl of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, rejected the smears that Assange “colluded” with Russia. It upheld his status as a journalist and publisher and dismissed claims that WikiLeaks’ 2016 publication of leaked emails from the DNC was “illegal.”
      Despite the significance of the ruling, and its clear newsworthiness, it has been subjected to an almost complete BLACKOUT by the entire FAKE NEWS media in the US and internationally.
      The universal silence on the court decision—extending from the New York Slimes (which buried a six-paragraph report on the ruling on page 25) and the Washington ComPost, to “alternative” outlets such as the Intercept, the television evening news programs and the publications of the pseudo-left— can be described only as a coordinated political conspiracy.📣💸💸💸

    4. @Downright Dutch Julian Asanage is a whistleblower. Funny how the ducking femocrats support some but not all whistleblowers. Let me see what’s the difference. Oh i know whistleblowers against them the sue, whistleblowers against Trump they support.

    5. @Downright Dutch Assange said several times his sourse was not State sponsored. Then went on to hint at Seth Rich.

    1. Trump is a liar and a con man. He has been his entire life Trump appeals to the lowest common denominator

  6. This Great Liar President is shameless and lies with two eyes WIDELY open without any conscience! Unbelievable!

    1. You miss one thing. Trump lie with 3 eyes open widely. The third was on his butt, people called it butt eye….

    2. Can some work on proving that the employment announced this week is FAKE? I think someone misread the number’s direction and dropped off a zero. (FIND the TRUTH)

    3. @shaw stef lo,
      President Trump said he will always tell us [Americans] the truth when he was campaigning.
      – Can you tell us one Presidential lie he has told? I bet you can’t!

  7. I’m German. When I hear, “He’s just a black man,” I automatically hear, “He’s just a Jew.” And I know the consequences.

    1. @Larry Garland For me there is a person of the Jewish faith. A human being. No more, no less. I’m a Catholic theologian. I’m friends with Jews. I go to synagogue. The Jews attend my church. We are united in Germany. We live in peace.
      The same is now with the Muslims. Although we despise political Islam that instrumentalizes its own religion – just as we despise the abuse of our own religion -, we know that religious and enlightened Islam (which certainly exists) is peaceful and civilized. We learn to live together in peace. The American president said to Germany when we took in people threatened by terror: “It’s insane.” Every western country chooses its own leaders.

    2. @Christopher Wenningplease ignore the russian troll. they get paid 85 rubles for each direct reply to them.

    1. Please tell the verified truth only, don’t play ‘the ends justify means used’ in attempt to prevent re-election of Tramp. Ends don’t justify means.

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