Yoga Ban In Alabama Schools Lifted After Nearly Three Decades 1

Yoga Ban In Alabama Schools Lifted After Nearly Three Decades


After nearly three decades, Alabama lifted its ban on yoga in schools—but with specific guidelines, like prohibiting the use of the word “namaste.”
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    1. Now Republicans are trying to ban History classes regarding slavery.

      It’s always blown my mind how Republicans can go full Communist mode, while still convincing our least educated, that anyone but themselves are the Communists. SMH

  1. Oh geez….thirty years? I dont know how too react to this article. Yoga…the “Devils” work. I thought my state of South Dakota was wacked out.

  2. “Namaste” basically means “The God in me greets the God in you.” I think that works as a positive sentiment for any faith, yes?

    1. I think it’s funny in 1963 was a big year for America not only did we lose probably the greatest president we ever had yet we lose the right to study the Bible in schools

    2. Not Buddhism, not any faith that postulates a strictly transcendent god (even some forms of Hinduism do) and not no faith at all.

    3. @CJ No. There is literally no objection to Christians in school whatsoever. This is part of the Christian persecution complex where you WANT to feel attacked and you feel VINDICATED if you’re attacked, because you genuinely believe that Satan is always out to get you. Persecution *reassures you* of your faith, so you find *any excuse* to feel persecuted. “Oh! There it is! There’s the SATAN COMING TO GET ME.” But it’s just that … a complex. Christianity is welcome in schools. Kids can pray if they want. They can read the Bible if they want. The only caveat is that teachers can’t teach scripture outside of a religion class … and that’s a good thing. Because the moment the Bible is in the curriculum, the school board controls the Bible. And that’s REAL danger for Christians. Stop with the “Oh, us poor Christians” shtick. It’s so old and tired. Let the kids do frickin’ yoga, sheesh.

    4. @Savage Trump ES Bible study was moved to religious studies class. There’s a difference. You can still read the Bible, you can still go to Christian schools … no, you never lost the right to “study the Bible” in school.

  3. I have been doing yoga since I was 19 and blew up my back at work….
    came for the pain relief, stayed for the physical and mental benefits…
    it just makes you feel good…
    it just goes to show that crazy has been a custom in the US for much longer than just now…
    but we all knew that right?

    1. I went to a yoga studio that wrote on it’s class schedule “we guarantee we will cure any ailment or your money back.” I carried that in my wallet for years just to show people. Doctors won’t do that.

    2. Marijuana feels good, eating unhealthy food at a cookout feels good, but the Origin of a practice is what counts . Buying cheap hair clippers, feels good until a week later, and so does eating bad food at a restaurant- The origin counts ! I want to do a exercise merit to a spiritual Deity that I have not studied! Bandwagon people always get misled to a demise!

  4. I bet the parents who want to keep yoga banned in schools because they feel it’s too closely related to religion also want to bring back Christian prayers in state schools

  5. As a former Seventh Day Adventist. They taught that the various positions you do in yoga was a way to invite the devil in the body.
    Thank Vishnu i learned better to see the world.

  6. I am a Hindu and by no means a yoga expert having done little yoga throughout my life, but one thing I can tell you is we’ve never really thought of yoga as this big religious thing. It’s hilarious the reasons Alabama schools had concern over it, to the extent banning it

  7. Yet they want to teach religion as history, science, biology, and never having to ask any questions again

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