Party Of Benghazi Probe To Filibuster Investigation Into Attack On America


    1. When they’re wearing red hats with the letters MAGA written on them you know they’re a few cards short of a deck 😳

    2. It’s easy to identify leftists now. They’re the ones wearing a mask outside and in their car😂

  1. GOP can talk all they want to. Karma doesnt care. They are not going to lie and gaslight their way out of accountability.

    1. “Instant karma” is when you do something really shameful and bad and it comes right back at you immediately. When you “continue to keep lying and saying hateful things and doing bad things” that karma “accumulates” so much so, that when karma does come around it comes at you like a hurricane and it never stops…

    1. ABSOLUTELY! I’m in love with this Repugnicon civil war! let this be the permanent death of the Repugnant Party!

    2. @Vvoh vaelez you KNOW what they reaction will be: “FAKE NEWS, he’s not really indicted!”
      when he’s in prison: “FAKE NEWS, he’s not really in prison, Q said it’s a body double and the REAL Trump is out fighting Demoncrat pedophiles!

    3. I call them the “party of trump” at this point. the gop gave its soul to a New York conman

    4. Don’t forget the only people who voted against commending the police at the capitol were GOP congressmen who begged for the police to save them.

  2. Crooks shouldn’t be allowed too investigate themselves !
    Force them out of the way , go around them !
    Get it done !

    1. The agreement on this investigation, that McCarthy agreed to 2 weeks ago, is for people who aren’t in office to run the Bipartisan Commission.

  3. The people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.
    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

  4. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

    1. @No Show Joe, Didn’t you state that the rioters were really BLM and Antifa..? You should be hollowing for the investigation.

    2. @Bruconic Inferno [N4NO] platoon,just ignore the trump troll who joined 2 months ago.

    3. @No Show Joe “And I’ll be right there, marching alongside you!” – Captain Chickenspit

    4. @No Show Joe You want evidence? A commission would be a great place to get it. Oh. For some reason Republicans don’t want one. I wonder why that could be?

  5. When it comes to investigations into possible wrongdoing it’s ok to have 9 committee investigations into Benghazi and 7 Million dollars of taxpayer monies to fund them and have Hillary Clinton testify for 11 straight hours. But when it comes to donnie’s insurrection on Jan 6th, 2021 it’s all crickets over at the GQP headquarters.

  6. They have plenty of material to read aloud during the filibuster. Just read through the thousands of hours of Benghazi investigations.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Merrick Garland doesn’t need permission to do his job, in order to get to the bottom line of what happened. He has already said he’s going to find out. & everything that’s done in the dark will come to the light ✨

    1. I’ll bet at this point they sure wish they’d have just let his SCOTUS nomination thru 😆😆👍
      still, after Mueller it’s hard to let my hopes get up that any of these MAGATs will truly be held accountable, even for their attempted COUP

    2. I agree. I think the fact that the DOJ let CNN know (and other journalist) that trump and his “DOJ” people were spying on Barbara Starr and the Washington post journalist, getting their ph.#’s e-mails personal info is an excellent sign! They let them know about this earlier this month. That is JUST the beginning of all that DOJ will “CONTINUE” to find on trump and those in his administration! Justice is coming! trump went after anyone that reported the facts and truth and then sent Barr to go after them. Just like a big Mafia mob organization would do…or an authoritarian country and leader would!

    3. I’d prefer Congress do their jobs and protect the capitol police who saved their lives that day instead of Garland being the only investigation.

    4. @E E That’s a whole different bill, but I agree & thank God the Democrats hold the majority. Because they have the bill thats going to protect the Capitol building from another attack.

  8. You would think since Republican Nazis claimed that the rioters were really BLM and Antifa, they’d be hollowing for the investigation.

  9. Hypocrites can rarely see how hypocritical they actually are. We’re watching though. We see it, and we vote.

    1. I call it “desperation”. When you know you are not “winning” and you are a small minority of the country that supports you, then desperation can make you do horrible shameful things, if you no longer have a conscience. That is how blatant, obvious and shameful most of the GOP are now…or the “GQP”! I should say! It is truly pathetic and eye opening for most of us to watch, hear and observe this!

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