‘You Wanted To Be Just Like Him’: MLB’s Oldest Living Hall Of Famer Turns 90 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

MLB's oldest living Hall of Famer, Willie Mays, turns 90 this week, and writers Howard Bryant and Tyler Kepner join Morning Joe to discuss Mays' legacy.

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'You Wanted To Be Just Like Him': MLB's Oldest Living Hall Of Famer Turns 90 | Morning Joe | MSNBC



  1. I remember in my backyard would imitate that over the shoulder catch. I was particularly proud of my spinning falling on the ground throw after the catch. He was amazing and inspired a generation of little league players like me

  2. You have to bring back strategic base ball!!!! Science sucks when it comes to this it ruined the game what happened to sacrifice fly what happened to the steals the double steals what happened to the bunch II just can’t wrap my head around it no more and that’s what killing the game right now

  3. Kicked out of baseball for taking a post-career gig at a casino. Now baseball is in full partnership with gambling.

  4. Mays was better than all of them, including Ruth. No doubt about it. Being an old time New Yorker, I loved the debates about Mays, Mantle and Snider in the 50s. Mays and McCovey were the best dynamic duo. Add 100 Hrs to Willie if he played in any other park than San Francisco.

  5. My most cherished prize is a Photo of Wllie and I when I was 9 years old. Almost 70 today and still have the Photo😎. Dream has always been to have him Sign It😉. Happy Birthday Say Hey Kid😘,rayray ✊✌️

  6. The smile and the propped hat are what made Willie the GOAT, along with some baseball stuff.

  7. I have a very old issue of Sport magazine with a big story and pics of Mays still on the east coast and heading out here.

  8. ‘SAY HEY WILLIE!” 5,000 years of memories came rushing back. May God Bless Willie Mays.TY

  9. Willie Mays was the greatest baseball player not just because of his physical skills, but his mental skills. He was the smartest player on the field. He always threw to the right base, always played the hitters correctly, always knew when to take an extra base, and when NOT to. His understanding of the game as a whole, and the circumstances of any game at any time, made him better than anyone before or since. He wasn’t my “favorite” player when I was growing up (Frank Robinson was my personal demi-god), but even then I acknowledged Mays was, without question, the absolute best ever.

  10. No performance drugs for Mr. Mays, just pure natural ability. Oh, how I miss it! Say hey Willie, happy birthday. You sir, are a legend

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