Your impeachment (x2!) questions, answered 1

Your impeachment (x2!) questions, answered


Donald Trump just became the first president to ever be impeached by the House of Representatives two times. What comes next? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza answers your most pressing questions.


What we learned from the House impeachment vote

Mitch McConnell has one more card to play against Donald Trump

Reminder: There is no bottom for Trump

How Liz Cheney became the conscience of Republicans

The bonkers Republican logic on why Trump shouldn't be impeached

The devastating silence of the Trump administration on the Capitol riot

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Allison Gordon
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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    1. An impeached president can’t pardon his own impeachment but yes can still pardon his cult of certain federal charges.

    2. TRUMP IS GOING NOWHERE Insignificant, illegitimate, corrupt cheating Joe won NOTHING!! Can’t wait till we draw up Articles of impeachment for foreign interference with an election. Then We plan on pulling him out of there by his hair his hands and his little feet.

    3. @Liss Clark oh wow! It’s so awesome seeing you here, too. I’ve been gathering up all your threatening youtube comments and am going to report them with the handy link you’ve posted in previous comments. Keep it up, Boo!

    1. @David Forte I hate the argument that “we dont’ have a “democracy” we have a republic.” Yes, that is true, but our Republic IS A FORM OF DEMOCRACY. If not, what type of government do we have, a “republicacy?” No. Our government is Republic that is also Democratic.

    1. @shaynna1373 You should read the first amendment and the constution sometime, No where in there does it say you and anyone has the right to have a twitter account,
      No offense but that is just as stupid as stupid could ever be and it should not have to be explained to any adult,,
      As for as the 2nd. No one is coming for your guns, I probably own more than you do, You just listen to sounds bites and dog whistles of someone who tells you who to be afraid of and of and who’s coming to get you, 
      ;You’ve become everything this country has fought against in wars and you trashed a guy who took a knee in peaceful protest against inequality but cheered as trump supporters beat a cop to death at the nations capitol,,Grow up .
      ;American has given you everything you could possibly want to build a good life and you are gonna throw it away for a conman who couldn’t care less about you,,,
      So please tell me what rights have you lost,,You can’t because you have not lost any..

    2. @The Sword of the Spirit sigh, would you be saying the same shite if this were the bubonic plague?? Don’t you realize that the Black Death is what gave regular ordinary workers knowledge of their own power?? I don’t know how to explain to you that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, viruses and plagues don’t care if you are right/left, how did a health issue become a political issue??!…and as for the capitalism/universal basic income thing- lol it’s like you think money will make you happy or something, how much money do you need?? How much power do you need?? Are you trying to buy votes or love or something?? And what do you think fascist actually means?? Are your parents facists for stopping you from running into traffic?? Is it facist to admit that we all have to live together with a finite amount of resources?? There is a difference between caring about society and being subservient to the ruling class

  1. I like how this is geared toward children and he talks to the audience like kids. Or average Twitter adults… Same thing.

    1. @Will he heck as like
      Yeah well, next week I get to splash in the kiddie pool for 3 whole weeks.
      **isn’t that wonderful**

    1. Thanks. I was wondering about all the perks that I heard could also be taken away, lifetime security service detail, travel expenses, pension, etc


    2. @BORN IN USA Cast adrift by FB, this disciple seeks to sow disinformation in new territory. Ignore and report.

    3. the truth will be revealed for all to see on Jan 20… you will see why so many support him… Trump: Road Runner Congress: Wile E. Coyote

  2. “Watch Mitch McConnell” yeah, shame he’s obstructing justice and refuses to get off his a$$ until the 19th! Then I promise you he’ll find a way to stall again!

    1. An INDIVIDUAL would get Greater satisfaction, Listening to a babbling Brook . Than GETTING Anything THAT Even Resembles “JUSTICE”. YOU Digusting So Called Servants of The PEOPLE.

    2. Okay realistically, even if they started the trial today, it wouldn’t be completed before Biden took office. And once it starts, it’ll take up most of the senate’s focus. You’re better off waiting until after Biden has been able to get his cabinet confirmed and push forward his coronavirus stimulus legislation

  3. No questions! The attempted overthrow of the government was broadcast on live TV for the rest of us, while the Senate Members were on the scene. Do they have any questions for us?

  4. What I don’t understand is that we can confirm a judge in 8 days but, after Wednesday, we can’t make something happen faster…

    1. The house impeached him the Senate has to remove him that’s a question for Mitch McConnell and he’s not interested he just lost the Senate majority leader

    2. Look how fast they work when it’s for them , see how slow they work for you . Where is your Stimulus check

    3. After Wednesday? Are you referring to the media saying that POTUS is responsible for people going into the capital? I’m not sure why you think this impeachment trial has anything to do with that .

  5. To anyone reading this comment, hope you have a blessed day. A lot going on in the world right now and the best remedy is LOVE. Please, I challenge you…do a good deed for someone, anyone, including a stranger. You never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors and your small act of kindness could have a huge impact on ones life. I Love You and God Bless you. Be kind, and love one another.

  6. isn’t impeachment important because if he is found guilty or whatever, then he can’t run for president again?

  7. Reason to Impeach after his term is over?: Possibly that he can be barred from holding office at any state or federal level ever again.

  8. There comes a moment when refusing to accept the results of a certified election equals the rejection of elections all together, i.e. the rejection of democracy !

  9. Upon conviction in the senate, trump will no longer ever be able to hold public office if the 2nd vote gets a majority

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