Video fuels questions about 'insider' help for Capitol attack 1

Video fuels questions about ‘insider’ help for Capitol attack


One week after the deadly insurrection at the Capitol, there are still more questions than answers on whether any lawmakers or police assisted the pro-Trump rioters.
The idea of an insurrection is unheard of in modern US history, and the possibility that lawmakers or allies inside the Capitol were helping only contributes to the uncertainty and worry about the event and what's to come.
At least one protest organizer said he coordinated with three House Republicans. There are unverified accusations of a "reconnaissance" mission one day before the attack. And more than a dozen US Capitol Police officers are under internal investigation for allegedly helping rioters.
While President Donald Trump's role in inciting the violence is clear, there are some early indications and accusations that other insiders may have more actively aided the mob.
Ali Alexander, a right-wing conspiracy theorist who led one of the "Stop The Steal" groups, claimed in a livestream video that he planned the rally that preceded the riot with three GOP lawmakers: Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama.
Brooks spoke at the rally before Trump took the stage, and urged the crowd to "start taking down names and kicking ass." In a 2,800-word statement about his involvement, Brooks said he was only telling the crowd to fight back at the ballot box. (Brooks also revealed that a White House official called him one day earlier and invited him to speak at the rally.)
CNN previously reported that Gosar associated himself with Alexander's group in recent months. A spokesman for Biggs told CNN that he hasn't ever met or worked with Alexander.
Alexander said he hoped his "mob" would pressure lawmakers to block President-elect Joe Biden's victory through the Electoral College. After the riot was quelled, the three lawmakers voted to throw out Biden's electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania. Their effort failed.

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    1. @Allan Lindsay every government in history ran on taxes. Give to Caesar what’s his. Go back to the jungle, with all the other parasites, if you don’t like civilization. Stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us!

    2. Which….. side ……is …..inciting …… violence?!?
      1 just ….don’t…. know … why there…. aren’t … uprisings ….allz ….over …the country, …..maybe ..,.. there will be – pelosi…
      2 People….. need … …..start ….taking to the….. streets… this …is a …..dictator – msnbc
      3 There …..needz…. 2 …. be ….unrest…. in the streets as long as there’s unrest in our lives -msnbccc
      4Tell me who said protester supposed to be polite and peaceful – cnnnn
      5They are still gonna have to go out and put бuллет in Donald trump. -msnbccc
      6I have thought an awful lot about блоwіngup the White House- Madonna
      7When is the last time an actor асасinateд a president? -Johnny Depp
      8And if you see anybody from the cabinet in a restaurant and a department store I gasoline station you get out and you create a crowd you push back on them – maxine Waters
      9We’re going to go and impeach the motherfkr- rashida talib (before Ukraine)
      10They aren’t going to stop after election day November and they shouldn’t stop- kamal Harris

    3. @Tim Thomas Antifa, BLM, Capitol police run by leaders of Congress, intelligence angencies, Trump supporters, Q supporters, and anarchists rushed the Capitol.

      It was an obvious setup.

    1. @Ged Farnan It looks like she had some advanced knowledge. My best guess is that she had at least been inside the building a time or two.

  1. There people are like “The vote was stolen because we all voted for Trump!!” But…you do realize that everyone else voted too right? You’re not the only ones voting

    1. @Noland Clark
      Rep Gosar’s objection was particularly notable, as he and other Republicans have baselessly claimed that there were fraudulent votes cast that changed the outcome of the election. But Gosar himself was reelected in Arizona, and Republicans have claimed, illogically, that only Trump was affected, despite down-ballot Republicans like Gosar having been more successful than many had expected during the 2020 election.
      How did republicans win in record numbers in Arizona, except for the president… Were those wins on the same tickets fraud too… It can’t go both ways… Think! It’s common sense.

    2. @Heidy Martinez
      Do you pay into social security?. I mean it’s a ‘socialist’ program, so seeing as you’ve been programmed that socialism is bad, I’m guessing you won’t be collecting a retirement. I’m guessing you don’t use waste services, roads etc. Because socialism… The actual definitions of words like socialism have been redefined to scare people. Take the blinders off…

    3. @Froggy77100 not necessarily I agree because I look at things that way also myself. But how I see it they have been trying for 4 years to get trump out and you can’t make it obvious anyway. This is part of it if you watch any of the hearing and watch Liz Harris you will see how many people only voted on Presidential election and none down ballot. Also Ballots that have no actual address some even vacant lots. Look objectively. I lived in Apache junction for 5 month a year ago so of any states I know more about Arizona and California then any other California has a case in courts right now for election integrity for allowing unconstitutional practices like illegal immigrants voting. People here visiting with Visa and multiple other things. California I spent a year out there. I traveled for a living until this year. Look the California case up it is public record

    4. @Paul’s Hobby Life is it so hard to believe that your president lost because white nationalists politics is not representative of the majority of Americans, imagine that, most Americans don’t side with white supremacists and sociopaths with mass homocidal tendencies, who knew.

    1. Realize she’s knows and she’s the only one with hat glasses and hiding her face… probably a republican aid.

    2. @mirzamay The point is these people are NOT ignorant. They actually have money, gear, skills, strong social networks, etc. They just see the world and the country differently. Fascists tend to be highly skilled but just don’t see things the way liberals do.

    3. That woman in the pink hat & shades with the bull horn is the same one who was bashing in a window with another guy using either a pole or the flag from the outside of the building. The feds need to check that because there’s a better clip of her outside the building breaking the window. It’s angle.

  2. “It will be us today, it will be you tomorrow.”
    – Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, 1936, Address to the League of Nations on the Italian fascist invasion

  3. “Missed warning signs…” we been knowing white supremacy extremism is the greatest danger to America for literally decades.

    1. @fisher king
      Republicans believe black people can stand on their own two feet. Democrats treat them like unaccountable children.

    2. @kenny lc
      So-called white supremacists are boogeymen conjured up by white liberals to keep black people on the Democratic plantation

    1. @Wendi Hall
      James Hiding is a troll or bot who joined a week ago to be a keyboard warrior. Ignore it, it’ll fall in line…

    2. @Carolyn Moore please please please post the video of all the BLACK BLM rioters that reigned hell down on our Capitol arm and arm with their white supremist Klan “brothers”.
      We’re waiting……

    3. @Wendi Hall
      You are very welcome! I don’t want your intelligence, logic, & good sense wasted on nonsensical fools with nothing better to do. The actual patriots of the United States of America have to start blocking out the noise of those who have pledged their allegiance to their pseudo dictator/messiah, sadly forgetting a patriots allegiance should be to the USA.
      I still struggle not to respond, hoping they will have a moment of clarity where they realize they have been conned. I’m at a 3 strikes your out rule & the account has to be at least a year old…

    4. @Wendi Hall
      Keep the sarcasm coming though!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys a good laugh… We gotta laugh at the literal insanity of these lost people. No leader, no country.. No plan…

  4. I think we are expecting a lot more charges on every level. Good they are treating it like a terrorist movement because that is what it is.

    1. Where was all this force with blm and antifa. I have nothing against those who were peacefully protesting there but blm and antifa burned down cities and killed people. Kamala harris raised money to bail them out. How about some equal justice.

    1. Giti I don’t think it’s stupid. You did not say things were the problem. You said the ease in which you can get a gun is the problem.

    2. Mind you the Black Panthers were targeted, infiltrated, locked up, murdered and destroyed by FBI. They were deemed a threat to America while these groups and KKK was not.

    1. V hoping your citizens are making a enough NOISE to make sure every state Capitol is PROPERLY PROTECTED!nothin else is right!

    2. @Him Again you think protesting human rights and protesting democracy are the same things? Hint: one of these makes you a traitor.

  5. The women on the megaphone was seen on nbc video footage in the grounds on the day of the riots and was approached by a news crew. So they will have full footage of what see looks like.

  6. The reporter kept saying “like a terrorist probe” as if it were anything else. The Trump thugs were terrorists. Not really very well organized ones, but fully intending to do serious harm.

    1. I agree these Trump protestors were terrorists just like the BLM rioters burning down police precincts and businesses.

  7. “The same tools as they would in a counter-terrorism probe”

    I wonder why. Could it be that this… is terrorism?

  8. We all know there was inside help and we all know it will be exposed and some Republican members of Congress will resign. They need to be charged with treason.

    1. Yes there was inside help of course, the political actors the reality shows that’s all it is the reality show. I don’t think people should take this serious I think they’re just making a movie or something.

    1. Except Democrats are the ones putting their entire states on lockdowns while they rake in the cash from the oligarchy

    1. @Nk Nk from all the protests i have seen in Lansing its only the trump supporters who are running around with enough guns to supply a small army. The rest leave them at home

    1. @daniel edwards. No; they should not be called the “radical right.” They should be called “the radical wrong.”

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