Your Trump Indictment Questions, Answered

Donald Trump is expected to be arraigned in New York City this week after a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president, the first time in American history that a current or former president has faced criminal charges. We break down what we know about the investigation, what the arraignment could look like and why this case could be the least of Trump’s legal concerns as the 2024 presidential election draws closer.  

Guest: Paula Reid, CNN Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent

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  1. This obsession with him has become tiring. I’ve never seen a select few hate one man so much.

    1. ​​@Tim Lepley considering the size of his last rally, and the number of protestors showing up for him, after he asked people to come out, I’m confident you’re sadly mistaken about how many supporters he has left. We kicked him out of office once, we’re not letting him back in

    1. @Smiley P The legitimacy of the online list is still being questioned. No official, confirmed client list has ever been available.

    1. @Jerrydactyl Except we ARE approaching 2024. Every second we are closer. With 2024 being the target it’s fair to use it as the talking point.

    2. @harshbarj as someone also said above, we are also approaching 3024 at the same rate. It’s all semantics and arguing over it makes both of us
      into a clown

    1. @Francis Hurley Trump is also quoted in that article as saying that, just like Trump, Epstein “loves beautiful women, and some of them are pretty young.”

    2. @Francis Hurley Do you have a source? Can you reference the headline for a reputable article?

      …who is TFG?

    1. @De Sitter Space oh I see, you must have gotten special privileges to unseal the indictment. Please, get real.

  2. I figured this would be a bastion of propaganda on this subject. Section 30.10 of NY Senate law on the statute of limitations is somewhat of a open door for interpretation or practicality. Why would a serious offense like a felony take time out when someone is out of the State they allegedly committed the crime? When the whereabouts of said ‘perpetrator’ is well known, why would a law suspend justice by not acting in due diligence and bringing charges in a timely manner?
    How do you know this whole thing is propaganda? The alleged crime happened in Oct. 2016, and only now is this a big national debate.

  3. I hear they got him on Video Jay Walking and they are going to roll the charges of paying off an Extortionist and Jay Walking into a RICO case. I wish them luck

  4. A forensic accountant could have determined if any crime was committed in less than an hour.

    1. Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without saying you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. An hour? Surely you jest. A lot of variables enter the picture when tracking money where it started where it went and how many dead ends were met,,,,especially if there is no documents for payment is anywhere is fight. Don’t get happy about it yet.

  5. 2009 Fort Hood Shooter Could Face Execution – Would be First Military Execution Since 1961- IT’S ABOUT TIME

  6. El Salvador just responded about Trumps indictment, saying they don’t want anymore lectures about DEMOCRACY! 😂😂😂😂❤

  7. Yes!!! Let’s all pay ~very~ close attention for obfuscation, projection, and deflection. Look them up, so you’re educated. Then call it out, and avoid it (in others and yourself).
    There’s hope for unification, people. You are made of he same stuff as anyone you can’t stand.
    And the U.S. voting populations are all parts of the same voting body, for crying out loud. So let’s work together, not contemplate how badly we can hurt each other via different versions of violence. 🙏🏼

    1. Good luck with that. I have a bucket of Unicorn fart dust for sale, I will give you a sweet one time price if your interested?

  8. Good summary – it certainly clears up the confusion behind what is going on. Best wishes from Canada.

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