‘You’re Gonna Die Tonight’: Shocking New Jan. 6 Bodycam Video Released By DOJ 1

‘You’re Gonna Die Tonight’: Shocking New Jan. 6 Bodycam Video Released By DOJ


Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection police bodycam video newly released by the Department of Justice shows a police officer under attack by a mob. Rep. Madeleine Dean joins Joy Reid on the latest developments regarding the select committee probe.
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    1. That statement has Disney, other tourist attraction etc looking at their security standards in light of the government’s new standard of behaviour.

    2. Fred A,
      I went on a tour of the famous Fantastic Caverns many years ago.
      It was a bloodbath. I’m so lucky to have survived it.


    3. @dark14life • When did your class go? I went in eighth grade as well, but that was years ago. I didn’t know there were schools still affording that opportunity.

  1. Republicans are basically saying – ‘We will not participate in the Jan. 6th committee because we don’t want to be hauled out of the Capitol in handcuffs because we were in on it.’


    2. There are concerns that Jim Jordan will sit on the committee. I could see Jordan, as a sitting member, being subpoenaed by the committee, tripping over his tongue under questioning by a member that is exponentially brighter than him, committing perjury, then inadvertently confessing to multiple felonies.

  2. Jan 6 is the saddest, most horrific day of our democratic Republic and requires very thorough investigation.

    1. @Apache Aye good one,it’s fkn June 10th & your lot are still crying about his loss over 7months ago ffs & that deluded clown & his support tried a pathetic but tragic attempt of a hostile domestic terrorist lynch mob coup takeover!Who is the cult leader temper tantrum throwing fits that a 3 year old would be ashamed of lmfao

    1. Lock them all up! Bury them under the jail! These people a rabid Nazis! The GOP is an insurrectionist conspiracy! Lock them ALL UP!

    2. @Eviltwin531 yeah, that’s what he wanted, but Pelosi screwed him over on that by putting Cheany on the committee.
      It’s bipartisan whether he wants it or not.

    3. @Peter T True, but the fact it’s still going to be 7-6 at a minimum is enough for them to claim it’s still biased. Logic doesn’t really matter anymore.

    4. Evil twin 571, regardless of what McCarthy says, he wants to make it partisan, then “make it so” drag it into net summer, release the “findings” in the fall before the 2022 elections. Subpoena McCarthy, Boebert, Clyde, Brooks, Trump, Giuliani, et al, jail the people who refuse, and censure the representatives who refuse. Remove their committee posts and voting rights.

  3. Republicans moto: we are are the Law and Enforcement party unless they oppose our violent uprising to destroy democracy then screw them all

    1. @Mark Andrews
      So because what happened last year, it was ok what happened on January 6th, is that where you are going with this ?
      A lot people was arrested last year and because what happened on January 6th 2021.
      I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat, riots is NEVER a good idea.
      Have a Goodnight!

    2. @Mark Andrews what?! Because there are blank people in Congress and the senate etc, black oppression / white privilège doesn’t exist ?!?
      Is that your argument ??
      What a fkin joke

    3. @Greg Hernandez all lives matter. BLM lost all respect when they burned looted and murdered

    1. @Noneshere – If you brandish ANYTHING with intent to do physical harm in an attempt to achieve a political goal (stopping the certification of the 2020 election, for instance), that is a terrorist act.

  4. glad to see the truths all coming to light how in the world can people believe the LIE must be dummies for sure

    1. They don’t truly believe the lie, they just have to stick to the lie in order to cover up their crimes.

    2. They have been “programmed” by their cult leader. In America, one out of every 3 people now need to be deprogrammed.

    3. @ComesTheLight 1 out of 4 republicans actually need to be committed to a psychiatric hospital. The other 3 know exactly what they’re doing, and they know it’s illegal and harmful, but yet they continue, because power is an addiction.

    4. The truth isn’t just now “coming to light”. We saw the truth on 100’s of videos on Jan. 7th.

  5. These are the finest tourist visitors the disgusting GOP are talking about.

    1. @A C. it can be a put down, when the person writing or saying it to you means, “ Bless your little heart,” you dumb, uninformed person.
      It, when you give someone a gift, for example, it can mean you are sweetheart, thank you so much!

    2. @DC S lol you think that is thesis. Show’s what kind of an education you have had!!!.
      A typical Thesis for a Bachelor’s degree is 40 to 60 page’s. For a Master’s 60 to 100. A PhD Thesis is typically 80,000 words, mostly between 100 to 200 pages, not including references, footnotes and bibliography.

    3. The typical GOP politician despises those who attacked the capital and regard them as being about on the same level as a slug, but they do so need their votes and will do anything to keep them voting Republican. ANYTHING!

  6. McCrybabie said ” I don’t want to give ANY committee’s to any Republican taking assignments from Nancy Pelosi”

    1. @TheDiamond2009 as long as the Republicans aren’t the establishment i can breath easy. Thank God for the 4th estate. Oh yeah, that means the “Media”

    1. @dustigenes Worse. Then if anything happens to Biden and Harris, that makes Trump president. And there will surely be plans to make something happen.

    2. @dustigenes Everyone in both parties seem to agree that it’s practically inevitable, but I hope you’re not wrong.

    3. @DynaCatlovesme So do I, and if not I support an northern wall, so we can be safer up here! I didn’t sleep well for 4 years, I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t know how you guys managed.

    4. McCarthy will never be leader of the house. Senate Republicans denied funding the capital police.

    1. @John DiGiacomo
      Are you referring to the police that I saw moving barricades and waving those idiots on in to the Capitol?
      Or perhaps you meant the highway patrol that escorted those white busses filled with the other idiots that got this whole sh!t show rolling.
      I know, you believe a full grown man that murdered a 120lb UNARMED woman is a hero.
      (BTW, her death was the ONLY one that day that was directly related to violence)
      That pretty much sums it up for your type.

    2. @John DiGiacomo
      Furthermore, please explain how I threatened anyone on this thread.
      You sir wrote about how you “would’ve started shooting”.
      Now, who is trying to be a bada$$?

    3. Corn pop, you’re the one who claimed to be a “bad dude”, and I specifically stated that I wasn’t as badass as the Capitol police who fought to hold the line without drawing their guns. I said i would have shot them because I wasn’t a badass.

    1. @espy @FBI , this user has insider information they want to share with you. Get the proof ready for your field visit @espy

    2. @I make peace not war YES! Who removed those panic buttons in certain offices, who gave the insurrectionists tours the prior day, who coordinated the National Guard/other LE not being called in, who showed them Rep. Clyburn’s office, and why don’t we hear anything about these actions in terms of accountability?!? Why has no one been charged?!?

    3. @Jen Vicinity I live near the border in rural south Texas and the hotels are being filled with what I suspect to be military and others hired by border patrol? They’re secretive regarding their purpose here

  7. Republicans, if you investigated Banghazi 10 times, why can’t you investigate 1/6 even once?

    1. Ooh ooh, I know the answer!!! Because they don’t care. They don’t care about America the country, they don’t care about American the people, they don’t are about America the experiment in democracy. There is only power and beating whatever the latest out-group is.

    2. @Eric Rowley
      We are “obsessed” with saving Our Country from the fascist overthrow trump and his cronies have been plotting.

    3. @Kat Thomas and their media echo chamber , they rely heavily on that to get them elected and cant have people messing with their money maker ……

    1. Brian Evans, Clinton garnered 3 million votes more than Trump. The biggest difference was Comey announcing an investigation ten days before the election in violation of FBI policy of not commenting on ongoing investigations. His “exoneration a few days before the election was too little to late.

    2. @Brian Evans sounds like the usual pathetic, empty headed logic of denial and deflecting used by MAGA chumps.. it’s not working.

    3. but wait, Jr’s gf assures us, by shouting loudly, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME !!!” Does she also shout that when Jr is about to climax?

  8. Why do Trump supporters even bother saying they love America,
    when their very actions betray a deep and abiding hatred for America.

    1. You have to understand that Trump supporters DO love America.

      It’s just an America that consists of one ethnic group, one official state religion, with the culture controlled entirely by that one ethnic group. Anything that isn’t that is not America in their eyes.

    1. @Shine Aqua Illusion By whom; Rachel Maddow? It’s only been ‘debunked’ in what passes for the minds of gullible people like you.

    2. @Shine Aqua Illusion Pelosi was caught lying she declined added security days before the event. The fbi told them they knew an attack was planned but they still declined added security weeks before. Trump also requested security and was denied.

    3. @DME57 That lie has been debunked cultist. You seditionists were most likely aided by some of the GQP members.

    4. @Shine Aqua Illusion wrong they just got them to admit it was true. you don’t know because they refuse to show you anything that will contradict their narrative. You’re a manipulated fool spewing bs so you don’t feel like a fool for not listening to us. You can deny the truth all you want, it doesn’t make it any less true.

  9. Does anyone just point out to McCarthy that he’s complaining about something that HE voted against?! What would his reply be? He couldn’t deny it!

  10. Who really gives a sh*t anymore what McCarthy wants anymore, it’s all about obstruction and slowing any actions down.

  11. When You Allow Trump Lovers to Try and Run America, This is what happens. This Should Never be America, Ever Again.

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