1.3 Million Jobless Claims Added Last Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. They all got the heads up on the pandemic and moved their money around, see Loeffler and others in Congress for example.

    2. The way I see it the stock market doing this well. Under these circumstances… something illegal going on .. wall street

    3. @wel1968 itcwas about to happen if the fires continued, the people still working need to lay themselfs off. Got to drag the overinflated housing market down to reality. We never recovered 08.

  1. Pay close attention to what he says. At least one million Americans have filed for unemployment for 17 weeks straight. So, how could Trump’s May jobs report add 2 million jobs to the economy? Could it be that Trump was lying? 🙂

    1. It’s funny how the mind of Magatard “works”.
      When government agencies report something positive for Trump: It’s the truth
      When they do not: They want to make Trump look bad, the “Deep State”.
      And a lot of times, it comes from the same people.

    2. My state has a small population, and in the first few weeks we lost over 500,000 jobs, mine included. Over 30% UNEMPLOYMENT. Took me 4 months to find a job for less pay. Now I’m waiting for the State to shut down businesses again.
      Thank you so much donald trump for destroying a perfect economy given to you by Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. I’m sure all the families of the deceased covid 19 victims thank you also! All the service men and women and their families serving in our military thank you for allowing Vladimir Putin to bounties on their heads!
      You have no shame, no honor, no empathy, no compassion no sence of what it means to be an American. Your attempt at tribal political policies has succeeded, you’ve left this nation fractured and divided. For all of the above-mentioned, you area failure. Your actions or lack thereof have shown you are a traitor or clearly lack the fortitude and intelligence to lead.

  2. The so called jobs that were gained in May and June were only some people returning to work. No one got a new job. Most people lost their jobs and continue to keep losing their jobs. Millions of more Americans are unemployed than they are telling us.

    1. @Hard Rocker Wake up. Ten years ago will feel like the good ole days when people really start to get eviction notices and the foreclosures start. That has not happened yet. It will. And, the virus is not going anywhere. However if Biden wins at least we will not have a delusional, completely morally bankrupt , moron in the WH.

    2. The people that have lost jobs laid off Are not going to be hiring new people. What about daycare some are open were I live, but lots off parents might not want to send their little one back to day care nor children that go to regular schools. Then again a lot of parents may not have any choice. Just have to see how it weighs out I guess.

  3. Our collective blood is on the floor, winter is coming to America in the form of a depression.

    1. @David Tucker I upticked you because I believe you were being sarcastic. If you weren’t I take it back..

  4. So, when will the Trump white house ask that all jobless claims have to be sent to the administration instead of the US Department of Labor?

    1. Bonnie greatorex And going by his 2nd. post he is in dire need of at least a half decent education, smh.

    2. @Cort Good point – Trump is a highly successful man – who has risen to the highest office in the land – has a supermodel wife and success in many arenas – and keyboard warriors riducle him from their mommies basement – do you think that is valid criticism of you resentful failed bitter ne’er do wells

      ls ?

    1. MAGA, Be Best, I Don’t Care Do You, Find Something New. Sounds like a winning strategy, first one is borrowed, second one is terrible English, third is brain dead, and last is just plain rude.

  5. Stable Genius jr. Jared Kushner in May 2020: _”I think you’ll see by June a lot of the country should be back to normal and the hope is that by July the country’s really rocking again …”_

    1. @Charles Leano
      Only people too stupid to realize working for Trump can land them in jail work for Trump.

    2. Just more empty spin from a family member who probably has never had to worry about where the next buck is going to come from to pay the rent.

  6. 30 or 40 years ago we all watched the series “Dallas” about the rise an downfall of a welfty American family. Now we see the the downfall off the whole American society. The higher you fly, the deeper the fall. You elect a clown, you get a circus with 350 mljn of effected people. Get Nero jalouse.

  7. Elect a businessman, who hides his taxes and has filed for bankruptcy at least 6 times, they said. What could go wrong they said?

    1. @Ruth Harris And they got those tax breaks, because they claimed they were the job creators. Wal mart is the biggest employer in the U $ A. 3/4 of their jobs pay $11.00 an hour, and are part time. In other words, crappy jobs.

    2. Trump did ask, “What have you got to lose?” By voting for him.
      That question is an old schtick snake oil salesmen asked while conning people, most of who knew better than to believe/buy their product to protect their pockets, health and peace of mind.
      But, then there’s the few…

  8. Steve Ratner needs to look at the jobless rates of people with disabilities. Autistic people have 87% unemployment.

  9. I’m going to find something new. I just registered to vote on line. They will send me a mail-in ballot.

    1. Arnold Angel Wars and supplying these war,s seems much more profitable to the 1% than cutting some military and increasing education for the mere mortals.

  10. People dying from covid every day. Millions of people out of work, some on their way to being homeless. Gassing peaceful protesters. Tired of winning yet.

    1. Putin is sitting back in the Kremlin laughing and rubbing his hands, we’ve really juiced up the division in America. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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