Six Reasons For Optimism Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. There’s absolutely nothing optimistic about the coronavirus since America has no idea how to address it

    1. @Crom the Wise that’s not the point and you know it. Trump is destroying the us in every way possible….. he’s out.

    2. @L Van I rather think that’s your point. Yes I do. Let me ask you something. How exactly can Biden do better here?

    3. @Crom the Wise well, for starters he can do exactly the opposite of EVERYTHING trump has done in the last few months. I think that’ll sum it up.

    4. Real M I’ll tell you why Trump was elected. Because the democrat donor class would rather have trump than sanders in office. They squashed a candidate that could win and pushed a corporatist. The donor class had to make some adjustments with trump but they still became richer. They would have lost money if sanders became president. DINO’s control the party and would never allow a progressive who represents the interests of 99% of the people to be nominated.

    1. @LG Roots
      These last 4 years have been the era of the ignorant Deplorables. They cause this disaster the only time we did not watch them and got distracted.

      Now that we know the extend of this Deplorable group’s size, it’s extreme ignorance, treason, and racism, this country needs a major disinfection cure ASAP. SOON!!!

    2. @Real M Real M
      27 minutes ago
      Humanity will thank you 🙂

      Real M
      17 minutes ago
      @Peter Bills
      Sorry Deplorables….

      It took you 10 whole minutes to call me a reecist. Pathetic

    3. @Peter Bills
      You Deplorables forget the very simple fact that you ARE who you support. So, most of you Deplorables are ignorant inbred racist treasonous Confederates that still wave your treasonous racist flag. After more than 150 years. The rest of you are simply too ignorant and buy all the BS from this cheap con man and that makes you as dangerous as the Confederates. This is how America and humanity as a whole sees you Deplorables. After after almost 4 years you still wonder why your lesser kind is despised by ALL.

    1. @Real M When you folks post like this and seem unhinged, you forget that others will go on this thread and ask themselves “what is wrong with the left?” As they should. I was a Dem, you know. Voted for Obama twice. I kept seeing stuff like this – so I stopped. Now I’m an independent. Careful what you say. It just might cost you the election on of these days.

    2. @The new normal isn’t normal If we can win the Senate too, good things will happen with Biden in office.

  2. Things are going from bad to worse. If it is not obvious by now, the trump administration is the catalyst for our decline.

    1. LG Roots He won’t even talk about it. He doesn’t show empathy for those that have passed. Those of you still supporting haven’t had a person on a ventilator, or has passed (anyone you care about, like he wouldn’t care either). He doesn’t care about the children returning to school. He doesn’t care it will cause illnesses and death. He wants kids back in school, so he can say….’see what I’ve done, I got our children back in school, the virus isn’t that bad’. Purely political.

    2. @Kathy This is why our ideologies and cultures don’t get along. THIS. You’ve spoken your heart, and that’s good, but your party has been completely subsumed by the need to be taken care of. To get “comforted” by a President. We find that ABSURD. It’s fine that you don’t, but when you ask yourself why we don’t get along, remember what I said. How many times do you hear conservatives say “I just wish the president would care more.” We don’t. We don’t want a president to care. We want a president to do the job we elected them to do. And Trump is, in my opinion and most conservatives opinions.

    1. Lol. I think you meant to use the word “and” rather than “an.”
      Videos: 1) “Unfiltered: ‘The left practices tolerance in the most superficial ways” (by Yahoo Channel).
      2) “Dear Socialists” (by Jasmyne Contours Channel).

    1. ​@The new normal isn’t normal Mexico has 317,000 cases and 37,000 deaths. So there’s that. For a country with 130,000,000 that’s kinda high.

    2. @Crom the Wise your math makes the USA look like the SHITHOLE country Trump made it into
      America 330Mil
      Covid cases 3.5 mil
      Covid death 138k…………………….BY THE MATH….MEXICO IS SAFER THAN HERE

    3. @Todd Jenkins Not really. 1% are infected in the US. That’s it. That’s diddly squat for 6 months? Exactly what the models said. Now if you believe the Mexican government estimates, that puts them at .02% infected. BUT, NYT is reporting the Mexican government is lying and those numbers are 3 times that. Here:

      Most of Mexico is rural, whereas most of the US population is urban. So the infection rates are much higher here. If you look at the numbers in Mexico City – it’s horrific.

    4. @Todd Jenkins And Todd, I’m an environmental health scientist. I know my epidemiology, micro and virology.

    5. @Todd Jenkins Todd…you off your shift? Are you an “independent” contractor or do you work in like a call center type environment?

    1. Uh…it’s not cancer. It does the damage then it’s done. If it’s done damage, you’ll know it.

    2. @Crom the Wise
      Do some research and find out what doctors are discovering in northern Italy to start. Get your heads out of the sand people, it’s more than some people dying.

      It’s all on YouTube…. and it’s not fake news either.

  3. You may get a grip on COVID-19 but what are you going to do about MORONOVIRUS-45? Therapeutics offer hope so long as they are not $3000 per treatment.

    1. @Radwulf Eboraci Both the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet, who previously published studies claiming HCQ was dangerous and ineffective as a treatment against COVID, have since retracted their studies.

      Both Tom Hank’s wife Rita Wilson, and Democrat State Representative, Karen Whitsett, were successfully treated with the drug.

    1. Which is a good number compared to the millions who would have died if dems were in charge remember how it was racist to shut down china?? Haha trump did it then you’re god faccui said it saved millions of lives and was a great move….are u really that brainwashed by fake news?

    1. You must really think people are stupid. Or you are really that stupid. I’m not sure which.

  4. It doesn’t matter what you tell them, there is a certain group who will not listen WEAR A MASK


  6. We need relief and freedom from the Trumprona virus because it is destroying our country at an alarmingly fast rate.

    1. Crom the Wise At least admit that people are acquiring this virus and it’s killing many. He cant admit it, he says…’we are in a good place’. He thinks people will believe him and not the medical or science individuals that work closely with the virus.

    2. @Kathy It’s infected a very small proportion of the population and is killing far fewer. If you run the numbers and ratios, it’s not that many. More than the flu, but not that many more. Certainly not enough to justify this madness. 3.4 million people in 6 months and 139,000 dead in six months. I don’t want you to guess on the flu numbers from 2019, so here – check this out:

    3. @Kathy And Kathy, medical personnel are trained from “birth” as it were, to care for human life. One loss is too many for them, because they’re disciplined individuals. They tend to overreact. I feel that way in my work. I’m an environmental health scientist. I’m more about environmental damage. But reality has to be taken in this case. There was never much hope to deal with these losses. I’m not happy with them. I’m happy it hasn’t affected dogs, which was predicted as a possibility by CDC.

  7. The saliva test sounds like a game changer! Cheap, easy, instant results – everyone could use them daily. Way better than “immunity passports.”

    1. You guys are just like Foxtards. You post random political crud which has nothing to do with the story. Only in their case they manage to say something bad about Hillary in news articles about the “Rising Price of Peanut Butter.”

  8. Thanks for the good news. It’s all appreciated by those who know what they’re talking about.

  9. And the biggest reason of all to be optimistic about beating the pandemic: Trump might lose the election!

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