45 Problems? Giuliani Criminal Probe Expands As Trump Braces | MSNBC’s The Beat

The probe into Trump ally Rudy Giuliani is expanding as feds now look into his consulting in Romania in addition to their investigation into his dealings in Ukraine. In a separate lawsuit he's facing concerning the insurrection at the Capitol, Giuliani's lawyers offer up a new defense. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on these updates with former U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Rudy and Gaetz better learn to protect their holes on command. Weld an iron patch or something down there

    1. Justice is coming to all who protect Trump and running away, lawyers, judges under the table, and anybody else who with him

    2. Florida is the home base of Trump family and half the mob there and around the world and most in Florida are hiding before they get cought in there stupidity … lawyers, and seems some celebrities worked with Trump meaning there’s good and bad remember that.. and anybody else who was working with Trump

    1. So trump’s DOJ wouldn’t take Hunter’s hard drives but now he expects Biden’s DOJ to take them? Didn’t he claim last year that the FBI already had them and charges were imminent? The man is dumber than a sack of potatoes.

    2. @Daniel Hawthorn Funny coming from someone who believed “Russian collusion” for two entire years. 😂
      And you’re STILL here for more propaganda??? Talk about DUMB!!!🤣

    3. @Rod There was russia collusion. BTW trump wasn’t acquitted in a criminal trial, only in his impeachment trial…..meaning he can still be charged. What did you think the guilliani investigation was over?

  2. These folks are like little children. Hard to believe he ever was an accomplished lawyer the way he defers and refuses to take responsibility for his actions. Rudy is cooked. And I’m here for it. 🍗

    1. It’s entertaining to watch you libs feed on MSNBC’s bull💩. Do you ever research anything on your own?

    2. That’s an insult to little children who generally, behave quite well especially in a good environment. Children learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Children can learn to share and help others. My children were great, and now as adults they’re great!

    3. He should stop going on air after drinking. He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth and spit is flying everywhere. Gross.

    4. @Rod this ain’t a “lib” thing. I am also more centrist than flat out liberal. Def more liberal after this past administration. He’s clearly off his rocker. You take things from news with a grain of salt… but Rudy and crew have completely lost it. How is yelling about Hunter Biden going to help him?

  3. Mme. Vance is an American treasure, a living treasure. Never a word out of place, and the words she uses all count…ever single one of them. I hope she winds up on a stamp, but not before living another hundred years and thinking,and speaking,the way she does the whole darned time. You go, Mme. Vance! Good luck to the USA.

  4. Putting these guys in prison will send out
    a big message.
    NOT putting them in prison will send an even BIGGER one

    1. Not true you must be a trumpism puppet trying to spread the big lie so your shrinking base survives after your modern day hitler and all his Wallstreet Swamp Cronies go to prison get it through your head it’s over for the worst ex president to ever step foot on Earth who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and got the USA banned from the entire world in only 5 months and wrecked are country from the inside out with his lies and bogus conspiracies and bribery and insurrections against are democracy and future

    2. @Radical leftist yup don’t listen to this hunter biden trumpism puppet who is just trying to spread the Big Lie and tired old instant replay of lies and bogus conspiracies from last year that his modern day hitler had to crash a stranger’s wedding for because Trump has gotten so desperate to stay relevant with his shrinking delusional base

    3. only in america a bunch of nucking figures try to gang up on last prez soviet style….youre gone have rude awakening

    1. Biden should be allowed to be President forever.
      Look at all the good things he has done so far.

    2. @Hermann Goring
      At this point no one can out dumb Rudy. He has incriminated himself several times.

  5. “I will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court……. Yard by Marriott” – Rudy

    1. @New Usurname sheep shouldn’t call people stupid when you yourself dont know history. Go pick up a book, clown.

    2. i know youre probly all nucking figures that wont b able to comprehend this but u cant imprison youre political enemies…soviets do that

  6. Rudy “I offered them 2 hard drives of Hunter Biden….and they wouldn’t take it.” 🤣🤣 FBI “We are here with a search warrant to investigate you, not Hunter Biden.”

    1. @twt [1 ➕ ✔️5] ➗ 2 — Two posts to cover the same comment — I’m glad I’m taking you away from your paid task of trolling by getting you to waste time with me!

    2. When your served a search warrant they take everything ,they carnt take things you don’t have and that aren’t there , trying to deflect isn’t going to help you now .

  7. Joyce Vance is brilliant, measured, clear. I love her podcast, Sisters-in-Law, with Barb McQuade, Kimberly Atkins, and Jill Wine-Banks. I’m so grateful to these women and their ability to walk us through all the many legal messes from the former guy and his goons.

  8. Joyce knows ‘hen scratch,’ when she sees it‼️The pecking order on Trudy’s service is not looking good.

  9. Jesus, at what point does He get placed in “inpatient mental health” care with his insanity???

  10. During his time as a prosecutor, how many phones and electronics has he seized? Rudy’s big mouth is the gift that keeps giving!

    1. @Top Secret That was like a autopsy make up job gone bad!!!! Talk about a dead man walking.

    2. He knows how this all works, all this ‘hunters hard drives’ and ‘i would have given it to them’ is pure distraction.

    3. @badtz maru Yes but as he ages, he seems to have fallen off the beam. He is not as sharp and articulate as he once was.

    4. @Vernon Engbino no question he’s pretty out there now a days but even if he forgot all the legal stuff he learned it’s not like he doesn’t have lawyers. Him and Gaetz both never seem to have learned how to STFU.

    5. @badtz maru YUP, which is why I said his mouth is the gift that keeps giving. Common trait w/ egomaniacs.

  11. “I forgot to give you guys these Biden hard drives I’ve had since April, six months BEFORE the election. You want them?” 😂😂😂

    1. I have the sense there is no laptop at all. The laptop has replicated into two laptops now. Ridiculous.

    2. Rudy and 45 are starting to see the gig is and they are reaching for whatever straws they can, what the brainwashed and the g.o.p. party doesn’t understand is that they have been used as pawns for him to try to bolster that he has the money that he claims to have, when he may reach that Plato with their donations, they just need to charge him and show his followers that he is the con man that he has been all of his life

    3. Someone needs to explain to Rudy that saying “What about Hunter Biden?” is not a defense.

    4. @Sally F There is a hard drive but it supposedly contains only business emails and some personal photos. If it was any more than that we would have heard more. The FBI, Steve Bannon, Giuliani and various others have had access to it but still NO conclusive evidence of anything illegal.

  12. *I’m so glad that MSNBC realized how smart Joyce Vance is and that they were smart to put her in their lineup of expert advisor/commentators! Ms Vance has been there since pretty much the beginning of all this so she’s obviously well versed! Just Brilliant!*

  13. The reason why Agolf Twitter ISN’T acting like he’s concerned is because he already has his pocket pardon nicely tucked inbetween his “cheeks.”

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