‘A Danger’: Trump Insider Who Went To Prison On Trump’s Life After WH | The Beat With Ari Melber

'A Danger': Trump Insider Who Went To Prison On Trump’s Life After WH | The Beat With Ari Melber 1


    1. @Frail Bones Biden You mean the video of Biden strangely yet grandfatherly kissing the top of their heads or Trunp awkwardly kissing a token little black girl then trying to force her to give him a mouth kiss? #ifepsteinandnaderarepedostrumpistoo

    1. @Carly Crays he was cruel and viscous to people who deserved better treatment. He may be reformed, but I wouldn’t trust him with anything I care about.

  1. Reminder: Donald Trump’s presidential immunity expires on January 20th, 2021, at 12pm Eastern Time 😁

    1. @AMM0beatz except for for the 74 million who voted for him..sadly..
      But hey at least the majority of us aren’t that ignorant !😀

    1. @Uncle Foiley It’s amazing how often I have heard variations on that theme in the past week! One person said that Trump should ride in an open car in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

    1. For America’s sake.. I believe Cohen has hit the nail on the head.. Trump will sell America’s intelligence to the highest bidder to get what he wants.. Even if it means him staying out of jail..

    1. @GreenIdLady 1 looks like we have a new bigger criminal coming into office… I hope you can understand chinese….

  2. Michael Cohen reflecting on Donald Trump, “I think he’s a danger no matter where you put him.” Well that about says it all doesn’t it.

  3. I think we can now believe what Michael Cohen say’s being that he has predicted everything that is happening now.

    1. @Manuela Costa Lima yep 👍 hopefully he learned honestly this situation reminded me of JIMMY JONES. I never understood why people would’ve believed him and even drink a deadly cocktail 🍹 🤷‍♀️ why ? Unbelievable 74 millions voted for Donald Trump seriously??
      is an alarming amount 😳 they watching Trump crazy behavior and they still following his evil self. With all do respect I definitely think is a lock of mental awareness no offense 🤷‍♀️ that is exactly how JIMMY JONES killed so many , because they had no ability to think 🤔 or put 2&2 on their own 😟 I am not going to jail or lying for anyone one ☝️ I still remember how DT walked away from Cohen like a coward remorseless as he always do. It doesn’t take a genius to caught on DT evil motives Was nice chatting with you 😊

    2. @Tyana Campbell —
      I appreciate your comparison to Jim Jones and the almost one thousand followers (including many children) he convinced to drink the poisoned kool-aid. After having several people shot on the spot, there’s no doubt that anyone who’d try to leave would be killed right where they stood. As for Jones, he was as cowardly as he was crazy: he killed himself. Cults and their leaders are a phenomenon that I personally don’t accept or understand. However, uneducated and gullible people are taken by corrupt con artists all the time. They easily fall for the garbage and lies they flog like cheap moonshine, and pay no attention to the facts in front of them. Just like Jim Jones — or even worse since he’s still the US president — Donald Trump has corrupt senators and congresspeople who are willing to break the law so they can do his irrational bidding. What Trump is doing is incredibly damaging to the country’s democratic institutions and to the people who live by them and are protected by them. I hope you understand this analogy, but Donald Trump is like a deadly and evil viral infection with no cure or vaccine to prevent it from spreading. The only force that can put Trump and his crazy minions in their place is the vital strength and intelligence of the American people. Thank you for listening, Tyana. Stay safe and all the best to you and yours.

  4. It’s so ironic that MC turned out 2 be the hero 2 expose all the criminal acts of that 🍊 buffoon.

    1. It’s kinda like those stories where one of the main villain’s commanders becomes an antihero after realizing their intentions and how damaging it can be.

    1. I believe it. They’re so brazen they did it under all our noses. Remember when Trump had that “private” 2 hour + meeting with Putin when only Putin’s Russian/English translator was allowed in the room? This was a huge news story for 10 minutes when Trump and his admin. threw another shiny object to distract us and make us forget.

  5. 👍 yep….IRS. IRS has a Dif set of criminal rules. IRS has sent many thugs to prison. Can’t get em on Murder, get em on Cheating IRS.

    1. Maybe that’s why all his pay goes back to government agencies. They are not charitable contributions and so many non-profits could use the money.
      Maybe I just feel better thinking he’s on the IRS payback plan.

    2. Scientology got away with it. After raiding the IRS offices, Scientology managed to steal enough information that even after catching and arresting six of the individuals involved (Including Hubbard’s wife), several years later they gave them tax exempt status. Which was the goal of the infiltration. I don’t know what they uncovered, but it was enough to scare the IRS into submission. They’ve got weakpoints.

    1. If a person of color tried these things he woulda been out.. for his reputation.🤨eyes open. watch out gracefully…not pridefully. Theres only 1 master creator of this. GOD. He will discern the spirits for us!!! We kno nothing.

  6. Trump is effectively the incarnation of “The Father of All Lies” and approximately 1 out of 2 USA citizens support him. This is extraordinarily bad.

    1. Yup I feel a civil war coming on because of these lunatic extreme violent right wingers. Everyone should keep their eyes and ears open. Stay safe out there!

    1. Wasn’t a fan of him after hearing him on tape threatening people. But like you said, he’s the only person out of slew of many that is actually trying change who he used to be. I can respect that.

  7. I remember vividly during Cohen’s testimony to congress, when he said ‘there is no way president trump will accept he loses the next election and he will not leave willingly, he will make our lives miserable until the day he is no longer president”! Now that exact situation is happening!

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