NYT: Trump Admin. Passed When Pfizer Offered To Sell More Vaccine Doses, Could Delay Further Doses

NYT: Trump Admin. Passed When Pfizer Offered To Sell More Vaccine Doses, Could Delay Further Doses 1


    1. @michael boultinghouse Trump: MEXICO will pay for the ‘TRUE’ terrorism.
      So far Biden hasn’t declared that any foreign country will pay for a dam thing over here. In my books we’re already better off.

    2. @great observations Biden will bring in 125% more foreigners, and give DACA citzenship, then allow the caravans from guatemala in. Then he will erase the china tariffs and re-install US troops in Afghanistan. You are either going to be for America or an enemy. all we ask is that you STOP PAYING TAXES to this marxist regime
      you dont have to join a militia, just stop funding our enemies

    3. @grosbeak2007 i know there are thousands of brave patriots just like him gathering materials. ever tried to find ammonium nitrate these days?or ammo? you are a former American now, just a marxist traitor, and you will be hunted

    4. @Abraham Szekely there are thousands of Breiviks now, hunting you former Americans, now marxist traitors

    1. Yup- he stated Covid-19 is Democrats’ hoax, to allow sufficient time for fellow republicans to dump their stocks before market collapsed. Stock Market is far more important to DT than the American People dying by hundreds of thousands.

    2. Sup all? My opinion doesn’t matter. Social media is stupid. But if trump runs in 2024 he will lose by 10 million votes. Right? The guy is a gift that keeps on giving.

    1. I totally agree..he doesnt give a sh.t about Americans,hopefully your nightmare will be over soon. I cannot imagine what its been like for the past 4 years. Good luck and much love from Australia.

    1. Too late for the 25th Amendment, besides if that was used it would only give Pence the opportunity to Pardon tRump.

    1. Ya but there’s already a Trump Vaccine. It’s called the 2020 election and it will be purging the White House of his infection soon.

    2. yep…… Still trying to figure out why when he had NOTHING to do with it and he said it was a HOAX by democrats… SMH

    1. A lot more will die in the next couple months as a result of the stupidity that continues. It’s not just this presidents blatant disregard for human life, it’s the cult followers who continue to participate.

      I’m a nurse and I will tell you that this has been 100% the absolute hardest and most baffling insanity of my career. People have been suffering, lies have been told since day one from this president and then backed up by spineless pieces of sh*t in the administration and his supporters because unfortunately this virus became a political fight like never before in history. I’m serious when I say I want to cry right now. This isn’t okay. People are fighting for their lives, people have died needlessly and have died alone gasping for air or on a ventilator. I can’t fully articulate what that heartache feels like when you have a patient dying alone and broken inside.

    1. it’s all on purpose, Trump doesn’t care about helping the country out of this nightmare of a pandemic, nor does Congress for that matter (both parties). It’s been over eight months since the last stimulus bill (which we know now was basically corporate socialism), and now Pelosi is going to try and pass a less costly stimulus bill because Biden won (“a game changer”, in her words) and a vaccine is “on the way”, they won’t need to help the American people as much any more, people whose rent is going to run out at the end of the month, people who wait in miles-long lines for food banks, people are hurting and nobody in Washington (with the exception of a few reasonable Democrats, like Katie Porter). It’s f*cking criminal! I remember months ago arguing with my dad about the economic situation. He was like “What can you do?” and I said “just pay people to stay home, pay people to keep their businesses afloat, DUH!”

  1. This loser is going to be a private citizen soon, and he has blood on his hands. Lots and lots of blood.

  2. It’s not in confidence he’s doing it on purpose he wants to destroy the country. Death by 1000 cuts wake up America

    1. JUST LIKE the FBI said…… McCain said that the REPUBLICAN party had been compromised.. .I watch as McCain said it and looked so sad… He said it PAINED him to say it. THAT was when I really started to pay attention… I voted straight blue for my first time

    2. @S McDonald yep, The forefathers set up a strong democracy but the Republican party that is today… is going to destroy it. They don’t care about freedom or democracy… they want money and power.. that is all they care about

  3. Had trump managed the covid virus like a real president, he would have won a 2nd term. The story of his life, total loser.

    1. According to the CDC coronavirus has a 99.7% survival rate. So yes Trump should have acted different, he should have never let the states go into lock down.

    2. @World View Warfare And you should be one of the 3% If you want a Dictator or a King then you are living in the wrong country.

    3. @Hayanah Remember, he just needs to get to the supreme court. His puppets he placed there will declare this election null and void.

    4. @World View Warfare laughs if any of the judges side with only one man, and not the will of the majority of the People, they can be impeached, Trump lost and he is the only Fraud. There was no Elections Fraud Talking about puppets how does it feel to be a puppet to a Con Man and wannabe Dictator.?

  4. That’s our Art of the Deal President, he can’t make a deal if people’s lives depend on it…literally

  5. “I’m all about America First!” – t’rump
    “Nah, we don’t need your vaccines. This is all a hoax!” – also t’rump

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