As Trump Mulls Self-Pardon, Legal Headaches Mount After WH | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

As Trump Mulls Self-Pardon, Legal Headaches Mount After WH | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1


    1. @Pineapple Ninja Lol. You’re going to eat those words really soon. Trump has even talked about it himself brainiac.

    1. God what was she thinking,when she bedded down with that orange urangatung,she must of been drunk,or high on drugs.

    2. @Naomi West Naomi, Naomi, Naomi. When did you start being interested in and involved with pedophiles? Is that what you look for in a partner? How many photos of Epstein & Trump do you have above your bed? Does your Tickle-Me Elmo cry?

  1. Well, that trump is mulling a self pardon is trump making a confession for once:
    – ” Look people; I know I am a criminal ! “

    1. He only commits the best crimes. Huge, tremendous crimes. I tell you once he’s done we’ll all be tired of crimes.

  2. “Trumpism” IS a crime. He’s constantly breaking laws and telling his…”supporters” to do the same. They should all be locked up.

    1. @Paul Vizcarrondo
      I dont know any trump supporters not wearing masks.
      Then again, my neighborhood is 70 and older.

    2. @PauliDee, TMJ Thats what trump would do to mexicans and muslims if it was up to him, stop playing the victim, one minute reps accuse people on the left of playing the victim card and next minute there playing the victim card. P.s. i think both reps and dems are trash who are in it for themselves and themselves only. Just so you dont accuse me of being a lefty, God forbid i should let human beings dictate how i should feel about morality and important policies.

    1. @Blind Visionary Just Fyi, I am pro choice. What I do with my body no man will tell me what I can and can’t do. I alone will answer to my maker ,not to another human being .

    2. Yes, lock him up, lock him up. Sound familiar, now the tables have turned. Make fat man run. I don’t think he’ll be grabbing pus** in prison. Lol

    3. @Blind Visionary “Unless of course someone disagrees with you.”
      What a horrible argument to use defending Trump. That is projection 101.

    4. @Mortimare77 How about taking children from their parents at the border for one? He owes millions to Russia. GTFOH

    1. The AG of New York said that Donald Trump will be far too busy in legal affairs to even be able to do anything political. They have been working on different legal matters for years irrespective of just election fraud. His real estate and tax fraud runs deep.

    1. MSNBC is working for China . Revealed: How Trump Broke China’s Control of America | Crossroads

    2. @Concerned Citizen Well we’d obviously be doing better than trumps current lawyers who are 1 – 47 in court 😂.

  3. So witnesses against trump its the deepstate and lies but every witness for trump is credible… Its like the irony of trumps cult is so pathetic..

    1. @Kagan Asmr Why are you here if this is fake news?
      Your mind is a simple bot-like algorithm of petty partisanship and knee-jerk nastiness.

    1. @Gladis Gamez
      Remember when Don said he liked the uneducated? Well, you just proved it with your weak minded acceptance of Trump’s daily deluge of BS crap.

    2. @Gladis Gamez and your still running around claiming that there was some type of voter fraud going on because you can’t believe you’re Great White Hope lost the election you and the rest of his racist politically uneducated cult members are delusional and a total joke 🐑 🤡

  4. I love watching drumpf lose. It’s like he’s a loser, playing the role of a loser, losing. So much losing. So, so satisfying

  5. Trump’s “disgusting people” don’t care—they believe anything, everything the cult leader tells them.

    1. emcanally8 They’re proud to be disgusting. They’re proud to be deplorable. He’s not calling them that, Trump supporters are proud to be disgusting, that’s the point

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