A Majority Of Americans Support A Congressional Jan. 6 Investigation

A majority of Americans support a congressional investigation of the January 6 insurrection, according to new Politico/Morning Consult polling.

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A Majority Of Americans Support A Congressional Jan. 6 Investigation


  1. Subpoena Gym Jordan. Put him under oath and under threat of perjury and then lets see him try to put on a show then.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Right, they didn’t even ask why this is happening after a simple tourist walk. These tourists were there giving and receiving love.

    1. @Wisconsin Man No. Normal polling however pollsters are facing a problem they are struggling to overcome. In the past people suspicious of government were +- evenly distributed by both parties, so although these people were under represented (meaning they do not reply to polls) did not create a problem for pollsters. Now, the large majority of these people support one side, not enough for a 58/29 difference but likely to make a dent on the difference.

    2. @reality Let me fix that for you;
      “The American people want Trump in federal prison as soon as possible”

    1. @realityin an alternate universe; You cannot site one instance where the “Left: has acted fascist. Saying words like that fool drumpf would is meaningless.

  2. Those ‘so-called’ Republicans not wanting this investigation don’t deserve their US citizenship – full stop – period!

    1. @Harold Moore California is the biggest welfare state. Texas and Florida are the 2nd and 3rd richest states and they are red states. People are leaving California and going to red states because they are better.

    2. @Harold Moore California is on the verge of collapse, millions on drugs, millions living in tents, millions of criminals, No water, Fires burning, Earthquakes coming, crops dying. Stay there we don’t want you degenerates.

    3. @STOP CENSORING THE TRUTH! so then why would you expect half of the Country if Republicans are 25%? Not that you are getting anything…

    4. @STOP CENSORING THE TRUTH! the only delusional people are the Republicans who refuses to see the truth.

  3. How times have changed as my memories come back of the Watergate Hearings. At that time a President was not above the law but now some want a king who does not have to live by the law.

    1. They want an infantile, bigoted king who hates everything they do just because they feed on salt.

    2. its so obvious these comments are made by individuals that simply cannot see the shadow they have hiding the hypocrisy from themselves

  4. The GQP are suddenly turning on police after using them as an excuse to tell BLM activists to STFU and Know Their Place.

    1. @Patriotz Finder Fok yu and willy Wong are in their new movie call “something willy wong with the GQP and fok yu if you think we want the truth.”

    2. @Fok Yu You missed something… Leftists are socialist and (there is a difference) ultra leftists are communists like Leninist, Marxists etc. Fascists are ultra, hard, extreme or alt right jokers. Antifa, means anti fascist. There is no organisation called Antifa accept for the Allied Forces during WWII who fought the Fascist regimes of Hitler and Mussolini. That was the real Antifa… Maybe you can ask your former history professor what the difference is between left and right. Hold up two hands with the back towards your face. Left is where thumb is on the right side and right is where your thumb is on the left side. There is also something like political middle ground. That’s the place where all left and right should be speaking like grownups.

    3. @Fok Yu there were a lot of angry white nationalists at those protests beating police, burning buildings and looting

  5. Imagine not wanting an insurrection investigated. These people are disgraceful and should be treated as such.

    1. @Hugh Jass i don’t care what you are, I post the FACTS, YOu have NOT posted any facts, and just because you say your black and vote independent doesn’t mean squat when you back trump,

  6. If you want to know the view of the 2022 midterms, look at the Independents not the two parties. Independents are breaking toward the Democrats.

  7. I am happy to see that 52% of independents support the investigation. They will get to know the facts and they will decide against the lying Republicans. It might cause the shift that America needs.

    1. That was the first place I looked too. It really doesn’t matter what Republicans think, the country is about evenly divided between D, R and I. The favorable mean between D and I is around 67%. I take heart in that.

      “Around a third of registered voters in the U.S. (34%) identify as independents, while 33% identify as Democrats and 29% identify as Republicans”.

    2. @oftenlucid Also a third of Republicans want an investigation. It’s the trailer park trash Republicans and the leadership that do not want this exposed.

    3. @Marc F. Nielssen That`s right. 100% of US citizens should want this investigation, every Republican, every Democrat and every Independent. 52% is nothing to celebrate.

    1. They’ll simply refuse to show up or if they show up, answer questions. The process for finding witnesses who refuse to answer questions or even show up after being subpoenaed in contempt of Congress is very cumbersome and would take months on speed dial, if not years. Pelosi can’t make it go any faster than what the process is, and the process sucks. There would either be a hearing before the full House of Representatives (where the Select Committee is located) or the matter could be referred to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, to be taken to a Grand Jury to determine whether an indictment should be issued. We’re not talking days here. Those treasonous Republicans will use every means necessary to not testify and have to tell the truth or be subject to criminal perjury charges afterwards.

  8. History need to officially document this. Trump incited a insurrection because his ego couldn’t handle the fact he lost the election.

    1. @Jeremy Schissler okay, you’ve had your rant, we disagree and I don’t like being called shugga and sweetie. I’m out!

    2. @Brendahh Stiles Be sure to tune into Rachel Madcow for her next “rant” …im sure thats some bs you can agree with

    3. @Anthony Martino everyone has an ego …including you….grow up Anthony…clean your psyche and integrate the shadow ….perhaps then rather than being woke you can actually help transcend us space monkeys to the next plateau …..do you actually think you are waking people up from some sort of ignorance with that ALL CAPS intensity stuff you got going on there?

  9. The world watched in horror as the Capitol Police tried to hold onto the building FOR HOURS. We have seen the former president slide out of two impeachments. I truly wish this abomination would bring him down.

    1. Yes we did (the world, lol) and now we watching the hearings going on and the responses from those who opposed it

    2. He only slid out of the two impeachments because he had the Senate on his side – who are themselves traitors.
      The game has changed now. The GOP are no longer in power, and America is watching and demands accountability.

  10. I question why Kinzinger is still in the republican party. The GQP continues to treat him like dirt

  11. How about we start polling how many Americans support charging and trying Trump for felony sedition.

  12. Why GOP resists 1/6 investigation???? Really??? They’re obviously complicit if not directly culpable. They’ve abandoned any disguise of being “democratic.”

    1. It’s almost like asking the Taliban if they were in favor of American intervention in Afghanistan. Of course not. We certainly shouldn’t go easier on these terrorists just because they were committing treason as well. Al Queda, Y’all Queda, we need to treat them the same.

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