1. Wow, it took CNN 11 days to start covering this and now we are getting somewhat sketchy movie reports on an almost daily basis since then. None of these reports cover the skin rashes or the death surrounding this derailment. Or that many people want to move the evacuation area up to 100 miles around the crash.

    1. Maybe it didn’t happen the way they are saying. It is almost impossible to have the scenario exactly the same as the movie so someone is lying to us about something for sure. Why didn’t Biden go? Maybe it’s not really happening like they say. This guy is an ACTOR! Literally!

    2. @Jhun Hoon If you look at the posting history of videos that CNN has made here, which get way more viewers that its TV channel, they have posted four videos in the last two weeks. One of them a movie review. They have posted more videos supporting gay guys dancing for kids in gay bars for their milk money in the last month, then they have about the biggest environmental disaster in our lifetime.

    3. @YouHaveBeenMisled I think my comment got deleted but again just look up Train derailment in northeastern Ohio sparks massive fire

    4. @Jar Head I can’t post links and I put where you can find it via google so you can either look up what I put or STFU

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  3. All the “conspiracy theorists”, I mean Americans with a pulse who know which bathroom to use, were talking about this immediately after the crash… Of course, this means late breaking news from CNN 2 weeks later 🧐💩

  4. The book has been raising questions about our society since its release. Even the title can be read more than one way.

  5. tired of hearing about trains and balloons on the news constantly, need to find something else to talk about, and especially no more Ukraine war.

  6. You should cover who owns 3 of the railroads that were in a crash .Black Rock! To much of a coincidence..something fishy also did they lower the acceptable tolerance of these chemicals like a week before the crashes?

  7. There was a person staying in a hotel at the bottom of the twin towers, the time there was the crash, writing a book about a terrorist attack in New York. There is a documentary about survivors of the crash and he was i it. (If I find it again on YouTube I will put the link here.)

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