1. Congrats republicans, in your efforts to “protect life” you have now stopped the chance for any life to be made

    1. They don’t want children and they’re getting an operation so they can’t have them. What’s the big deal? If they want to have children in the future, there’s what you call birth control, which they can use fairly easily and prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

    1. It’s very hard when both parents are men and one man tries to impregnate the other man which democrats think is actually possible hahahahaah

    2. Truly the dumbest comment I’ve read today. Every single state has families started every single day—it’s truly not that difficult.

    3. @dave mitchell Wtf do you even mean, like literally 🤣

      Like is the options if partners not diverse enough for you ?

      Is their a lack of holes or something, I mean there has only been one option as far back as I can remember

      Is the location not preferable to procreate

      I’m racking my brain bro on what options are lacking lol

    1. @alex silent Poor countries should refer to “tropical countries”
      Fertility rates are inherently high in tropical countries

    2. @alex silent I mean the relationship between the economy and the fertility rate in the same country
      Do not exceed this range

    1. They already make it incredibly difficult for some women in some areas. Some doctors require a signed permission slip from the woman’s husband and if she’s not married they won’t do it

    2. ​@Ranting Ratite all women have to do is wear a fake wedding ring and say they already have 2 kids.

  2. As a man, I knew I didn’t want children back in high school, and the temporary birth control was inconveniencing sex life, time, and gas money.

    I thought of a vasectomy since high school, but doctors turn you away unless you had a kid or you’re serious about your decision.

    So I waited until age 24 last October to get the operation, and I’m proud I did.

    Now, the woman I’m having sex with doesn’t have to worry about pregnancy, take daily pills, put an IUD inside of her. So much peace of mind.

    The GOP isn’t stopping with abortion bans and abortion pills, they’re coming after sex education, temporary and permanent birth control.

    1. Let me know how that worked out in 20 years. I’m 31 with twins and best believe I dumb proud and satisfied.

  3. If this trend grows, it won’t be long before women will have to walk 10 ft behind their men.

    1. Please imagine colorfull words that I cant use, to describe how I feel about any woman having to walk behind a man. Very colorfull language.

  4. I’m a woman and I’m also thinking about sterilization. Because with the new abortion laws, I am too scared to get pregnant, so I am avoiding sex. But I do not want to be without sex for the rest of my life. So I guess I will have to get a sterilization.

    1. You should avoid it, even with abortion laws. You have no business ruining the lives of men over garbage like this.

    2. You are smart & wise. 👍🏻😎 It all goes back to your priorities. Whatever works best for you. 😉❤

  5. To see what an embryo looks like at ~ 10 weeks Google “What a pregnancy actually looks like
    before 10 weeks < in pictures The Guardian". It is little wonder that Nature allows for huge numbers of these to not go to term for any species. "For those who choose to look at the tissue, you can literally feel the tension come down. People have been on this emotional roller coaster. And they’re like, ‘You’re kidding. This is all that was?"

    1. It’s still human life, and if left alone will likely be birthed.

      It’s value at 10 weeks is the only thing being called into question, science proves life begins at conception, so this is a mere question of morality.

      The reality is when we start assigning value to life, we open up Pandora’s box and begin to call other things into question, things that once would be illegal would then have a precedence to become legal.

  6. It is insane, abhorrent, I can’t think of enough words of how bad it is that some Americans are being driven to these extremes, despite their medical climate. What are you doing, America? You are forcing this horrible choice upon half your population!!

    1. If there is any justice, the choice should be forced upon the other half, the male population.

  7. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! I chose not to have children and I’m 67 and very happy I made that choice. Raising children is the hardest job on the planet, and sadly too many who do choose to have them shouldn’t have. There are some really healthy moms and dads out there who see children as a gift, and want to do everything in their power to help them grow into healthy adults, I applaud them.

    1. I applaud you 👏
      I’m 58 and never wanted to be a parent either. I’ve never regretted my decision

    2. It is a choice, I have three children all grown, one daughter is a geologist the other an engineer. My son is a marketing manager, from day one he was a great salesman. It really was not difficult raising them. For me it was a joy, you learn from them. Very early they are the mirror and you see yourself. Wow, a reflection of you, you never anticipated that. Everyone makes their decisions, and no they’re not always the same. I might think you’re missing out on something but you might think I’m spending a lot of time at a difficult job. Neither one of us knows, what you have and what I have had.

  8. If I was able to have a child I would refuse to do so….only because the world is in such a mess.

    1. Thank goodness you cannot have a child. That works for me and apparently it works for you too. I don’t see you’re contributing any positive thing for future generations but it doesn’t matter if you cannot have children.

    2. ​@Lorathere is nothing positive about your rude comments. Sounds like someone took your crayons away. Smh

    3. @🛸⚫ Night Buzz You’re right, it was cruel. Or was it? It was a choice, was any thought given, probably not. Does it matter? Why do you object to my observation? That was not the decision I made. I also looked a little bit more than self-pleasure, or detriment to my freedom. Societal issues or climate change was completely out of mind.

  9. How did they find a doctor that would do it? Most doctors refuse when you are young, unmarried, married with less than 2 children or if your husband isn’t there with you and agrees to it

  10. Watch them outlaw or restrict sterilization in the near future next.

    Oh, I forgot – it’s already incredibly restricted since it’s so hard to get a Dr to perform the procedures now as it is.

    Personal experience – I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and a hysterectomy was the next step… three OBGYN oncologists kept asking me if I didn’t want to postpone the operation to have a kid first. Why did they keep hounding me after the first NO?

  11. I have endometriosis. I’ve struggled since age 10. I live in Canada and my doctors refused to give me a hysterectomy until I was past child bearing age. I’ve never been able to have children and even with that my doctors refused cause I might regret it with age.
    I’ve always wanted kids but I’ve always known it wasn’t possible. I’m afraid these young women might regret their decision once they decide to get married and older. Your mentality really changes with age. It’s incredibly sad this is the only choice they felt they had. At that age you shouldn’t be making such a life changing decision! America is going to have even bigger issues to deal with as a consequence of this abortion ban choice. I’m guessing they don’t even make birth control easily available or even free? Not every woman can even take birth control anyways! This is horrible all round. No woman at such young ages should feel this is their only choice.

  12. This is just awful. The only way out of it is to vote and encourage others to vote as well. These decisions will influence people who don’t vote as well and that’s why we should talk to people around us about it.

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