New evidence could undercut Trump’s claims of documents being declassified

The National Archives has informed former President Donald Trump that it is set to hand over to special counsel Jack Smith 16 records which show Trump and his top advisers had knowledge of the correct declassification process while he was president, according to multiple sources.
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  1. The National Archives is doing the correct procedures, by giving special counsel Jack Smith information.

    1. The former President demanded total loyalty from his employees when he was just an employer.
      He tried the same when people worked for the Government, and loyalty to your country is much more valuable.

    2. That’s there job so good they re doing it. I want to know where the nkorea letters are!!! Where are they!!!

  2. Declassification, all he needed to do was to think about declassifying , that is it 😂😂😂😂

    1. Please cite the federal statute that breaks down the classification process that would remove his default article 2 declassificatiom authority. I’ll wait. And keep in mind an Obama EO is not law. It’s just an internal bureaucratic process. Again it’s not law

    2. @Chucks Grace its a process, many others are involved, no jedi mind trick can be performed!

  3. Trump being Indicted would be the personification of ” Making America Great Again “


  4. His ignorance and arrogance is unparalleled. This, of course, is old news but yet another potential lawsuit is new news. No Big Macs in the big house, Donnie.

    1. He’s not ignorant, he just pretends to be ignorant. That’s his whole defense, so it’s probably best to not repeat it for him.

      You’re right about his arrogance though.

  5. I love how Trump keeps asking Collin “Are you ready?” She should have told him, you will be going to prison, are you ready?


  6. I was thinking the same as the woman at the end…Does claiming ignorance make you innocent? I didn’t know murder was illegal!

    1. I’m not an expert on laws, however I do know in my fish and game handbook for the state of Utah, it does say, “Ignorance of any wildlife laws is not a defense.”

    2. Maybe ignorance of the law isn’t a defense, in theory, but clearly everyone, including the DOJ, thinks it is. At least for trump.

  7. intelligence agencies or the Russian president?

    “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be,”
    Putin’s best asset

  8. How to better ask the question: Do you have in your possession any paperwork or documentation that was once classified by the US government? Whether declassified or said to be declassified?

    1. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump’s legal team struggled to explain how the original Declaration of Independence made its way to a storage unit leased by the former President in Queens, New York.

      The lawyers informed the Justice Department that they had discovered the eighteenth-century document under a stack of hastily packed items, including several pairs of socks and the Oval Office’s television remote.

  9. “I took what I took” Story of Trumps life. Financial, tax, females, classified documents etc….

  10. The rule “ignorance of the law is no excuse” really means that people can’t defend their actions by claiming they didn’t know the law.

    1. @tccaux The removal and destruction of state property….remember the smashed hard drives? You are too blinded by partisanship to be a good representative of others, you should stop interjecting your bias

  11. When a normal person breaks the law, it doesn’t matter whether they knew about the law or intentionally broke it, they go to jail regardless.

  12. OMG, he didn’t declassify those documents. Just because he’s an idiot doesn’t make what he believes true, or that it should get him off the hook. He’s a criminal, possibly a traitor, and should be in prison, not running for president.

    1. Thank God he is running for president. He’s the only hope we have for this country anybody with open eyes can see that. Food is expensive gas is expensive to banks are going under where close to being in default smell the coffee please and stop sniffing glue.

  13. He just admitted he took documents as he was leaving. Who takes paperwork with them when they leave a job??

    1. He also said he didn’t take the documents, but just took the covers because he thought they were cool. He also said he used one of the covers to block the light from his digital clock because it kept him awake at night. His stream of consciousness excuses are beyond bizarre.

    2. What’s the guys name they found classified documents in his garage next to the Corvette? Assorted other places too, Penn Univ..etc.

  14. Surely these records should’ve been given ages ago. This investigation is taking longer than is needed.

  15. Notice when Kaitlan asked him if he still had any “Classified” documents, he said he didn’t have any classified documents (because according to him, he declassified all the documents.) The better question would be do you still have any documents from your time in office – whether classified or not.

    1. And once again, declassifying any documents, does not make them the property of the former president.

  16. My understanding is that the subpoena doesn’t rely on records actually being classified, is that they’re records belonging to the government, including documents marked classified. But the Presidential Records Act applies to all government records.

    1. Yep. There is a carveout where the POTUS can request that certain personal documents be given to them. There is a process to working out disagreements.
      Personally, I think they should obtain a secure warehouse and funding, a few weeks before the end of term NARA should start moving things there. They can pre-clear personal possessions the POTUS takes with them that day, and everything else goes to the warehouse *first*. They can spend the next four years sending things to a presidential library elsewhere. It wouldn’t take that much funding and apparently, due to 45, we need to consider doing so 🙄 because he can’t act like an adult.

  17. Hurray for Kirsten Powers. Finally, someone in the media has just put forward the plainest and simplest question, “Why do they have to prove Trump’s intent? He must have received briefings about this issue. It’s not plausible that he didn’t know there is a process to classifying/declassifying, and handling classified documents. Why is he only responsible if there is intent?”

    1. they believe rules don’t apply to them and it is true. Rich and powerful get away with all sort of things because for intent all day, everyday from the beginning of human history.

    2. There is no formal process for the President to declassify, because the Executive Branch has the authority to classify in the first place, and the President is the Chief Executive, and no one is above him in that branch.

    3. @willmont82 There is a formal process for declassifying documents. And even though the President “has the right to declassify documents”, they still have to go through that process to get it done officially.

  18. Why was he allowed to remove them in the first place? There are videos! He is guilty but there needs to be more control on documents.

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