1. @Bass INC what are you even talking about?

      Seriously? Do you wake up in the morning mad at the world? What do you do that’s constructive?

    2. @Bass INC offensive? Nothing. I just don’t see how your rant about your hatred of capitalism has anything to do with my post…unless you have an expanded definition on what a necessity is and has always been…

    3. @Brent Harrington

      You, i feel, have little experience.
      You can’t dispute what I wrote, so you TRY to assault i.
      I have mistaken you for someone capable of creative thoughts?
      My bad.

  1. The Conservative in Britain,were reluctant to,use the windfall tax.In the previous past, four months,of the year. When the labour government opposition,first introduced,the idea….until the Conservative run out,off ideas.And decided to use it under a different name.

    1. Yeah, I love how Rishi Sunak danced around the nomenclature. No, it’s a tax on windfall profits, not a windfall tax…as if the British public can’t figure that one out. 😂

  2. 👉👉👉Company’s are taking advantage of the consumers, they have increased their prices and have hugh profit margins. Profits tax is a hell of an IDEA, SOUNDS GOOD ❗️Win Win Situation, love it ! 👏👏💪

    1. Could you tell me those margins? You do realize you are going to be taxed on the products those company’s make, not the company, right? Corporations COLLECT taxes…they do not pay them.

    2. What is the profit you were looking at or before taxes. Job is given the roadmap for energy and economic security but he put the roadmap in the glove compartment as she drove the car off the cliff.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Well…before taxes it is not profit (I feel you know this and are trying to get the OP to show more of what they do not know), I also think the OP fails to realize taxes are part of the prices people pay for products….meaning taxing ANY corporation is just taxing one’s self on those products.

  3. My question.
    Why aren’t the Strategic Oil Reserves making a difference ???
    … yeah I know, greed. And we’re giving them more 😓

  4. When the big rich companies subvert the taxes ,there will only be one place to go for that money. The common tax paying citizen that has no defense .

  5. Let’s not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don’t come from great performance but rather its great promotions. Stay invested,diversification for streams of income is very important💯💯

    1. @Logan England
      Quick question.
      Shouldn’t your comment say GUIDANCE, not “Guide” ???
      I know your troll account is pretty new. But shouldn’t people understand the TEXT of all contacts and investments too ???
      And probably not trust people that can’t even use simple English?
      Ya know.
      What ever side you want to play is great. But some us don’t need to Step In It. To recognize it.
      … the right loves the uneducated

    2. @Rebecca smith
      Another Brand New Troll Account.
      Tell us More about your days old financial experience 😂

  6. I guess it’s good to start with really broad strokes but the only inflation we really need to beat down is fuel prices, and a good measure of the rest of it will go down too.

    A windfall profits tax on big oil would accomplish push and pull. One, they would reinvest profits instead of paying shareholders which is the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM, and two – the share of profits taxed could go right back to the people in something like advanced credits in the bank account of everyone making less than $250,000 per year ($400k family). Sarah Palin gets a check from the oil companies, via state treasurer and so does every other resident of Alaska.

    Question: Does big oil OWN the oil they pump out of the ground, refine, then put in the pump where you pay 18.5c a gallon in taxes thatthey get back as “subsidies”?
    Hell no.
    YOU AND I OWN THAT OIL via the United States. That’s our oil. We pay them subsidies to pump it, have the government tax us on each gallon, and we pay them obscene profits ON OUR PROPERTY. That’s the problem, innit

  7. In the past, the United States would always implement a windfall profits tax to fix the economy in times like these. It worked very well.

    1. That’s false LOL that’s never happened…. And tax policy has nothing to do with inflation… Stay in school kid

    2. @Sun Dial ~The rich always have types of socialism. If you want them to keep it all, then we will always have a stressed, sick broken society

  8. I’ll just stick with what Biden said, “deal with it!” Stop complaining this is the new normal!

  9. Corps have to pay workers more so they’re offsetting their higher labor costs with much higher prices, in essence workers have so far sustained a 3% pay cut in real buying power

  10. Thank you Mr. Reich for being everywhere with complaints for us. We have a hard time complaining and being heard, so you are doing it for us! Thank you. You feel all our pain and say “OUCH” for us. A lot of us just wind up depressed and on medication because no one will listen to our unhappiness. We work too hard and we get nothing. That is just survival coping and it can not last forever.

    1. @Bobby Sherridan
      Ok Trollio.
      Let’s hear all your Week Old Troll Account Wisdom of the World !!!
      … naa, we got it already 🤣🤡🤤

  11. When there’s record high inflation and at the same time record profits something isn’t right.

    1. @Bobby Sherridan Wow, you managed to tell someone to go back to school while not being able to manage basic sentence structure. Did you eat the wall candy as a kid?

  12. Taxing companies more that pass prices on to their customers doesn’t cut costs.
    Taxing companies making profits that most Americans have pension funds tied to just reduces the pension fund growth.
    Either way you don’t cut inflation.
    Stop borrowing and spending money.
    Raise interest rates.
    Every economist knows this.

    1. How much does Amazon spend on pension funds? Cause they made record breaking profits and definitely didn’t pass any of it on to workers.

    2. @Michelle Berube For heavens sakes…it’s called a 401k. Their stocks ARE the pension fund for millions of Americans.

    3. @Bobby Sherridan they only match up to 2 percent of employee contributions…. nothing to sing about

  13. Fighting inflation takes time. It took time to climb and it will take time to come down. So rate hikes will take a year to see full affect.

  14. If dividends are treated as income, why even have a federal corporate tax? Raise the standard deduction to $100k, and beyond that it won’t matter if the rate is flat, progressive, or curly-Q, so long as sufficient dollars are relieved from circulation.

  15. The rising of costs that we are experiencing is not “because of the pandemic”. We are reaching the end of low wage mentality. Fair wages means we can never provide enough consumer products in the current scheme of throw away thinking. We throw food away. We throw consumer goods away because we think of them as trash on the hoof. The pandemic may well be shaking economic failings loose.

    How often do we replace phones?

  16. If the people polled understood they’re being gouged by Corporations then it might help them understand inflation. It’s definitely not all Government! ✌️

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