1. 4k is primitive. Too much fuzzy edge effect, weak modulation, I could go on.

    I’m holding out for 32k.

    1. Meh. It’s just a brighter OLED… on 10 -bit color processing. Some of the NEO quantum dot tv’s are 14-bit.

  2. I neither need nor want a new television — there’s absolutely nothing I “need to know” from CNN about them.

  3. What you need to know about any TV you purchase is that it will be obsolete within a year, two at most.

  4. Things to start in 2022:

    – Reading at least 5-10 pages of a (e)book
    – Quiting drugs/alcohol (you don’t need that bs)
    – meditating
    – Giving to the less fortunates
    – cutting out bad friends & family
    – minimalism
    – Learning a (remote) skill (coding, music, designing, marketing)
    [Screenshot this, atleast try it & any questions? I’m open for answering it]…………………….

  5. Love to watch Soccer as the real Football, but the Premier League is mostly overrated and La Liga or the Bundesliga are way superior!!!

  6. It would be beneficial to mention any DRM included in any of the TVs. If i’m spending $2000 on a television (which I never would) I better actually own the thing.

    1. I’m skeptical of that claim, and as I pointed out in my original comment, addressing that skepticism would’ve been a valuable part of this review.

    2. You don’t own most of the stuff you think you own. Software, anything that’s patented or copyrighted you only have limited rights despite buying something.

    3. @Captain Win You do in fact own your TV when you buy it. Just like you own a PC, stereo, and speakers.

  7. which one has the best antenna reception, in Mv and S/N ratio and how bright is it in Nits or Cd

  8. If CNN took about 5 red bulls they would may be, almost be able to compete with LinusTechTips reviews.

  9. Gosh, so sad that CNN+ tanked and you’re having to air commercials as though they were news stories.

    1. The Samsung facility requires masks to be worn. They don’t f around and want to keep staff and visitors safe. He’s wearing a high-quality Korean made kf94, almost as good as an N95.

  10. I thought ads on YouTube were supposed to be marked as such. Disappointing CNN, it makes it all too easy to question the motives behind the rest of the news you present when you’ve got a 5-minute advertisement sitting here.

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