1. Con’t ……. the man was armed to the teeth ……. he had enough fire power to take over the town……. WHY ? ……. police are here to serve the people ……. not own them …… police the police …… save the citizens ……

  2. No politician who supports “gun control” should get armed protection paid for by those they are trying to disarm.

    1. @Jody Percy lots of dumb comments? Uhhh, yeah.. you kinda walked right into that one now didn’t you? 🤣

    2. Some security agencies that actually need the licence probably will still get one (your example) which is already part of current restrictions. Can technically get a licence for one for hunting but they not all that practical I don’t know anyone who keeps one while hunting, maybe last resort for a bear or something. And the last one was a collection is was a gun “collector” which is whatever those are surprisingly the people to be least worried about majority of the time. But they’re licensed and registered if legal. Overall not really sure if will be much difference the cops and rcmp just use laws to their own convenience anyways. Mainly just to keep them out of large urban centers and out of hands of idiots.

    3. Rubbish.
      With all those mad angry bullet heads out there, of course they need protection.

  3. “Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.”- Thomas Sowell

    1. No shock Sowell thought Martin Luther King, the ultimate activist, was counterproductive… probably to supporters of Jim Crow, right? Moronic quote from a completely clueless man.

  4. Canada – Healthcare is a right and owning a gun is a privilege.
    America – Owning a gun is a right and you better have money if you get sick.

    1. @Fat Man Well, you’re half right. The world did see what the Canadian government did to the truckers.

      I know that as an American, learning about other countries is not a part of your culture, but you should at least be aware that Canada, like the U.S., is an immigrant nation. So, yes, that means people do in fact move to Canada.

  5. Don’t hear about too many mass shootings or even many shootings period in Canada do we? Only in America. What’s the difference second amendment people? I’d say common sense

    1. Nor in Australia, New Zealand, England, Japan, Russia (and they’re doing war crimes) etc etc

  6. Brilliant!!!! “… 59% of the incidents that involve guns in that country over the last 10 or 12 years have included firearms…” 🤨🤨

    1. Uh you repeat yourself…. Here in the the states, where we have math, 100% of gun crimes and incidents include firearms

  7. “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.”
    ————- Benjamin Franklin.

    1. @S “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” Benjamin Franklin

  8. @ 3:30 “59% of incidents involving guns have included firearms.”
    What????! Let’s find a better expert please.

    1. They could be referring to airport, pellet, or BB guns. Some of those aren’t considered firearms legally in Canada (there laws are a little wonky on “fake guns”). It could be that they consider those guns, but 59% of the cases included “real” firearms, or at least a firearm based on their laws.

  9. I’m surprised Canadians can even afford guns. With the price of gas, food and alot of people will never afford a house.

  10. Those Who turn their Guns into Plowshares…May someday Plow for those with the Gun’s…..’Thomas Jefferson’…

  11. How about you introduce getting back ALL that serve money all those scamers got last year instead of putting us working tax payers on the hook for it how about that Mr trudoe .

  12. Mr. Gerald Bull would like to make note of this hypocricy. Society can always build guns out of high pressure oil pipes.

    1. You get a thumbs up just for knowing who he was and a rough description of his tech. 🙂

  13. I don’t really care anymore I use to stress when they add a new law to ban more guns I am planning to sell off my collection and living a stress free life

  14. I don’t understand some peoples fascination with guns. All my life I’ve never owned a gun, and yet, I survive. Thrive, even – completely firearm free.

    Bring on the regulations, if it puts an end to shootings.

    1. Not only thanks for ruining my hobbies of hunting and sports shooting but also denying me the right for self defence. Sure you dont need it. The police might only take 5 minutes to get to where you are. But police response time in my location is up to an hour… why am i not aloud to have something to keep me safe while i wait for them to show up?

  15. “Fewer guns in the community the safer it will be” in Chicago the strictest gun law city in USA has a mass shooting EVERY WEEKEND.

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