1. Kinda had to argue against police reform. When they literally refuse to do their jobs and allow kids to die.
    You don’t want to do your job? Then find another line of work.

    1. @Kyle Ayres I’m always impressed by how cowards stand together;- until there is trouble, of course.


    1. @Jay Kline Right!! Imagine the terror on both parents and childrens faces as they hear the gunfire and screams for those defenseless kids desperately on there phones for someone to save us! Your instincts would kick in and you would try to get him!

  3. Hostage negotiators sometimes slow down the tactical team to allow for a peaceful resolution, but no contact had been made and the shooter was clearly doing more harm. Unbelievable.

    1. @DBDog Barker Well, they don’t want an active shooter in the classroom either, so I don’t know what to tell you.

    2. They’re not requesting every teacher to be armed. They’re schools in Texas that allow 2-3 staff members who stay anonymous who are trained and carry on campus. The response time for officers to arrive isn’t quick enough when you have someone who can be there in 0-10 secs. It’s just another option if there is a breach inside the school.

  4. The police that held parents back from going in committed crimes. You don’t have to throw a life vest to someone, but you CANNOT stop someone from doing so. Cowards.

  5. Once first shot is fired at a kid You go in alone if you have too.. Being outgunned doesn’t stop you. All it takes is one shot to end it. Grow some balls and do the right thing

    1. @Karen Rumney Document the problem in the UK, Australia, and Germany please. Or else you’re just flapping.

    2. @heymisterderp Nononono. That’s not how it works. That the mentioned countries have had issues with guns and changed their laws accordingly, is common knowledge, documented throughout quite a few years.
      It’s not anybody’s job to inform you, it’s your duty to stay informed. Besides, your “questions” show no true curiosity, only simple pre-chewed comebacks intended to end a debate, not open up for one.
      In other words, disingenous as f#ck.
      Now, why don’t you in stead give some documentation that more guns is the solution. Because it’s the only one GOP has come up with, and we both know that so far, things have only gotten worse.
      I would respect people saying that they like guns, and so don’t want changes.
      To claim it leads to less gun crimes however, is childish on a flat-earth level.
      If so, you must believe there is no correlation with drownings and access to water either.

    3. @David Renwick I agree, but it was hardly anyone else’s choice but the police *not* to go in.

  6. It doesn’t matter if they knew about the 911 calls or not. They knew there was someone shooting in a school. What a disgrace

    1. They cared more about handcuffing the parents and pepper spraying them and reportedly threatened some with being tased for wanting to save their kids lives!

    1. @Dave Smith so don’t show up on the premises. Just turn around and let someone else step up

    2. @Dave Smith You think you need special forces training to arrest an untrained 18 year old? 19 cops were inside the building around the time the murdering began according to the Texas governor.

      You should do your homework before critiquing someone who has done theirs.

  7. How about this, Frank? You stop with the “we are warriors” BS in law enforcement. Giving law enforcement the mentality that they are soooo much better than the communities they serve is what we used to do in the Marine Corps when we deployed. Not going to talk about that warrior mentality as right or wrong, but I am going to point out it doesn’t help with how the populace and “the warriors” interact. And you should know that, with your resume.

  8. And be clear. Not only were the police unwilling to go in. They tased parents trying to get their children out.

  9. It should be made into law if a cop fails to do his/her duty mandatory 10 years minimum.

  10. Those policemen had everything they needed to stop this tragedy before it escalated. They had the guns, they had the numbers, they had the justified scenario. They just lacked the WILL to act. Disgraceful. As a Navy sailor who has arrested someone drunk at an entry gate, I am ashamed.

    1. Incorrect though. They didn’t have the proper weapons at first call to fight the threat. They had to wait for border patrol. I would like to know not only their rules of engagement debacle but why didn’t they have rifles?

    2. @Aaron Hall wait a good guy with a good can stop a bad guy with gun…. but it depends on who’s gun is bigger?. 1 against what looked like 20 leo’s on scene…. not big enough? A librarian with a gun could have been silent and could have responded faster… 80 FKING MINUTES. 45 sec to bleed out of your carotid artery when opened. Dereliction of duty plain and simple.

    3. And I am ashamed that you consider your single act of arresting a drunk has equivalence to facing a lunatic with unknown weapons in a locked classroom. Shame on the Navy that they bred such a person.

  11. Thanks to the CNN news guy for properly slapping down the utter BS from the guest Frank Straub about (at time 4:20) “they [law enforcement] were out gunned and unprotected,” to which the anchor correctly said, “That was not the situation here.” We need more like that that correct liars like Frank Straub.

  12. Well I’m a 65yo Brit thousands of miles away and feel I don’t have the right to criticise. I’m an RAF Vet, had to carry and learn to use a great variety of personal weapons. To this day I still hate them and have never touched a gun in over 40 years. But come on…? there are millions of people ALL OVER THE WORLD who would’ve gone straight into that classroom if they were only armed with a broom handle…!!! my hearts broken over this! Can’t watch a single report without weeping… even as I type this…. take care all.

  13. Their expert can say whatever he wants, the fact is the police waited outside while shots were being fired inside for 46 minutes. until the shots stopped they did nothing. They are just as responsible for the deaths that occurred as much as if they themselves were the shooter.

  14. It is deadly incompetence and that should be prosecuted!
    Imagine if fire fighters were reacting the same way!🙄

  15. It’s mind-blowing that the police didn’t even weigh in some of the blame squarely on those guys it was really a bad judgment call🤔

  16. I don’t know where this guy was coming from but he is in many ways wrong. Yes, ideally you want your police with the bets arms and protection equipment before they engage in an active shooter but that is not reality. When you have an active shooter the job of the police is to engage in the shooter as quickly as possible with what you have not what you want. If they did less people would have been shot and a lot less would have died.

    There were a number of things the officers could have and should have done. that was a ground floor classroom so they could have easily engaged the shooter through the windows. They could have also gone in through the door with the janitor’s key that they had. They could have easily seen where the shooter was through the windows so being on the radio telling those inside where the shooter was which way he was facing. I could go on and on by. What happened in Uvalde was a complete failure on the part of those officers and whoever was in charge and told them to wait does not belong in a command position.

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