‘Stark rebuke’: Clinton campaign lawyer acquitted of lying to FBI

Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted of lying to the FBI, in the first trial of special counsel John Durham's investigation. The verdict is a major defeat for Durham and his Justice Department prosecutors, who have spent three years looking for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia probe. #CNN #News


    1. @Pogo right.. lol. The same people that screamed biased jury after the rittenhouse verdict are now saying trust the process 😂

    2. @Jim Hawks yeah, but the GQP’s going full fascist. Gotta vote for the ones still advocating for democracy and civil liberties.

    3. More like a three tier system. One for officials, where they are not held accountable. One for the rich, who can buy their way out. And one for the rest of us, where your held at the mercy of court.

  1. I like how you didn’t say a single word about this case until he was found not guilty. Definitely not biased reporting.

    1. @Mike M You just did it yourself. Someone makes a joke about the typical low IQ CNN viewer, you immediately go, “but what about tucker Carlson and fox News reeee”

    1. @Carl Frye so was the “Kenosha kid” and he killed 2 people with a total illegally owned gun,still innocent tho,cos the jury said so.

    2. @Scott G of course it’s known it came out in ‘voir dire’,but as she wasn’t a defendant legally irrelevant.the court was fully aware.

  2. So they’re saying he didn’t lie, because the FBI was already investigating? That’s not how a lie works. It’s the intention to mislead that determines lying, not if you already knew they’re lying 😂

    1. @The Contractor hmm that’s sure different from what they said about the Clinton Emails. They specifically said “she didn’t mean to commit a crime, therefore it wasn’t one”. Or were we supposed to forget about that? 😂

    1. @Rex Sterling Buchanan well one thing I know for sure. If that file was full of Republicans they would be climbing over each other trying to get that info out. So the fact that they are hiding it should be very telling.

  3. How can you lie to your best friend who’s with the FBI…. Of course he’s found not guilty…

  4. Didnt have to testify bc they knew he couldn’t without incriminating himself. He still gotta get through street court tho. And its different decorum.

  5. When you are absolutely corrupt, but so are your friends & they’re the ones in charge.

  6. I do not believe that anybody with a brain ever thought that any of these people will ever be held accountable

    1. It’s nice to see people who once said “he’s a traitor”
      “Impeach” eat that HUGE crow that’s been decomposing the last few years.. smell that? ..because HONESTY is scentless

  7. “We found him not guilty because the FBI said they knew he was lying so its ok because they where in on it all along”

  8. From the comments I’m reading here… it makes me think that our criminal leaders must be wrong about all of us wanting to be communists…

    1. @Nik Palmira lol forgive him they are all still hungover from all that” lock her up” chant @#$% lol

    2. @Thomas Taylor Emmet Till was completely blameless,and oj was the juice, a sports star and beloved comedy actor,and they never found a trace of evidence that he was ever there Ida found him not guilty too.
      The jury weren’t happy either but the evidence wasn’t strong.

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