'A worldwide travesty': Calls to investigate unmarked graves at residential schools 1

‘A worldwide travesty’: Calls to investigate unmarked graves at residential schools


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    1. Here’s a better idea: hold the politicians who promoted, implemented, and administered the residential school policy responsible. They were the architects of it all, and without them, none of it happens.

  1. Lest we forget Pierre Trudeaus looking the other way while these sick injustices went on.

  2. It doesn’t seem like an election but I feel like Trudo is trying to push an election with this

    1. As opposed to the politicians who promoted, implemented, and administered the residential school policy? It is interesting to me that the focus is on the schools themselves rather than the politicians who are the architects of the entire thing.

  3. As of this point we have to understand there is literally no proof of these “graves” . This is such a big claim it is not unreasonable to ask for some evidence

    1. @Carle Sock yah no there has literally been zero evidence presented. They claim they have used ground penetrating radar to find the apparent “mass grave” but yet have refused to release the actual findings. Btw ground penetrating radar does not show a image of what’s underground only differences in soil density…so yah a little evidence would be nice

    2. @Carle Sock Are you an indigenous Canadian? You may not want to answer but I have this difficult question. How were the Indigenous to receive an education to work with the Europeans who weren’t going anywhere?

  4. ‘Reparations’ is a government word for your hard earned tax dollars. And what government official determined; Canadian taxpayers, who have no part in these atrocities, should be responsible to pay these reparations? What exactly would reparations go towards? Not going to help those poor souls that lost their lives. I foresee tons of money being thrown at this with zero accountability! Simply more opportunity for government corruption!

    1. it what you did for Isreal..remember…
      it is your whole doctrine and religion too..

  5. Trudeau and the Liberals have been apologizing for everything since they came to power. No need for the Catholic Church to do or say anything until an investigation is complete.

  6. Now they are “unmarked graves” 2 days ago Belgard /Cameron were calling them mass graves genocide.

    1. It was an effort to uplift the Indians from the Stone age to the present with a written language .

  7. Sue the churches and start taxing them. No more free ride. Sue them so they are as financially bankrupt as they are morally bankrupt.

  8. Yes but the British government is responsible for allowing the creation of this system of schools. The British. Not just the church .

  9. Who was responsible for the isolation and near geneside of the eskimos, the British government. The colonialists.

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