‘Absolutely devastating’: Powerful earthquake rocks Turkey and Syria

More than 1,500 people have been killed in Turkey and Syria, and thousands more injured, after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southern Turkey. CNN international correspondent Jomana Karadsheh has more. #CNN #News


  1. 🇦🇿🇹🇷 Our brothers, the Turkish people, we are always with you. I hope all the people will be better. Our country has already sent their aid, and this continues. More than 400 rescue workers are already in Adana, and the second plane from Azerbaijan is on the way. Stay strong as always. 🇦🇿❤️🇹🇷

  2. What can you say…Its tragic…savage…simply devastating! While not a fan of Turkeys government…One has to maintain humanity and feel for the people and their suffering now! Condolences for all that have lost someone here. I hope the international community leaves politics behind and gets in here to assist these people. Blessings for all involved!

    1. You won’t be a fan of Turkish government if you keep watching CNN. Erdogan is the one who tried so hard to prevent Ukraine Russia war, Erdogan is the one who convinced them to open a wheat corridor so that people don’t starve to death. He’s been thanked by the african governments. Erdogan is the one who is providing gas to Europe via Turkstream. Of course main stream media never mentions these.. Because trying to prevent a war never benefits the weapon industry who owns the main stream media as well.

    2. A pity to my brothers and sisters : we need to pray more and more as brethren : my condulence to families of the victims and even the injured – God – Master Jesus is the answer

    3. *”While not a fan of Turkeys government…”*

      Nothing ever happens to governments, rulers, oligarchs, the rich, the elites during natural disasters anyway. Be it hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, floods, it’s ALWAYS the poor and the destitute, the lower “class” that get slaughtered.

      Yet. it’s these poor destitute people that turn to their magical gods after such “acts of god” against them, while the rich continue to use the magical tales to keep the peons obedient. Go figure.

      *”I hope the international community leaves politics behind and gets in here to assist these people.”*

      They will, but after all the many hands in the government take their cuts, it will be pennies for the people who took the brunt of it.

  3. We felt the first and second earthquakes here in Cyprus. I was awake when the first one hit we are on the top floor of a 6-story apartment block. We rocked from side to side for about 45-odd seconds plus. Believe me, that’s a long time for the whole building to shake. Made one feel quite lightheaded and left feeling a little sick, to say the least. Let alone the thought of the building collapsing and all the water tanks and ceilings coming down on us. Never mind the thought of the whole building coming down, it was quite frightening. My thoughts go out to all in Turkey enclosed in the rubble and to their families.

    1. Im from turkey ı have to say for all türkişh people, thank you brother GOD bless you your family your country brother

  4. I live in the centre of Syria. Woke up to the bed and doors shaking. Rushed outside and people gathered on the street (at 4 in the morning!). I’m 45 and I never experienced anything like this. You simply don’t trust the ground anymore, really scary. I can’t imagine what it felt like for people in the immediate vicinity… and to make matters worse, a massive winter storm just kicked in in the past day!

    1. @JJ LL the intensity of the earthquake was obviously unexpected by a majority of people, just look at the number of dead people for reference. Quit being a troll.

    2. I have it on good authority that the Russians were instrumental in causing this earthquake it didn’t do as they planned

    3. @Jeremy DeCaro We believe in God alone, who has no partner. As for Jesus, he is a messenger from God and all the prophets

    1. Sure, keep praying to your imaginary sky daddy magician. Notice how it’s all the poor, destitute people who are dying in these so called “acts of god”? It’s not enough that the poor get the short end of the stick in everything else, but even with these disasters, from hurricanes to tornados to earthquakes to floods, it’s overwhelmingly, OVERWHELMINGLY, the poor, condemned to sub-standard housing and bad locations, that are slaughtered by this magician of yours whose azz you lick. Poor be damned.

      Yet, when it comes to empty words, all the major religions pay lip service to the poor – camel through the eye of the needle my azz. I can almost hear the couple of neurons in the religious brains trying to find excuses through mysterious ways of their favorite magician. Well, there’s nothing mysterious about it all, except as to who ties the shoes of all these braindead so called adults believing in myths and magic, every morning.

    1. You said it…we need to live on this planet together an help each other through tragedy disaster an WAR.

  5. As a native from southern California, I know how terrifying these are. And they all seem to hit at 4:30am. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone there including my mother in-law. 🙏❤️

    1. I’m from Southern California also. I agree around 4 in the morning. Geez I can’t imagine experience an earthquake this big. I was terrified of that Northridge earthquake we had in the 90s

  6. 😱😧🇵🇱
    This is an absolute tragedy – condolences from Poland to the families of all victims of the earthquake.

  7. I am Turkish, we are very affected by the current situation as a whole country, but as Turkish people, we are helping each other in these difficult times. We advise each other to be strong, we know we will get through this. On behalf of all of Turkey, I thank you all for your prayers.

  8. For Malaysians, I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to the victims and their families as well as all countries affected by the disaster.
    “May Almighty God grant healing to the victims and quick peace to the bereaved,”

    1. We may be the biggest rivals in the history but in such hard times we always got each others back. Love from Ankara/Turkey<3

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