1. I’ve always loved how Neil is able to explain deep things in such a somewhat simple sounding way ❤

    If only people understood OBJECTIVE TRUTH…..we wouldn’t have war and hate over religions…..resources, likely…..but not unproven beliefs 😑

    1. The interview started with them talking about what an alien would say about Earth, but it then got off that topic. I think a lot of the differences are due to the different religions around the world which have affected mankind for millennia.

    2. “You may say I’m a dreamer
      and I’m not the only one
      I hope some day you’ll join us
      and the world can live as one” John Lennon

    1. We should be thankful that he is a teacher of the masses, not many have the capacity or mental stability to reduce themselves to others without reducing the quality of the content or words he speaks.

    2. Its because the Teachers union doesnt want good teachers, it makes all the other sloths look bad and raises the standard too high.

    1. @Slippery when Wet yea, but you have high school only and some course… My high school diploma is in mechanics and car mechanics…
      Who’s we? You mean you and Neil? He’s not to bright with other things than his own, and even with that most of his work is only a theory that we can’t really prove 100%. He knows sht about Pluto or black holes…. he’s just guessing.
      Science based myAss🤣

  2. I couldn’t have described my love of astronomy better..
    “So there I sit in the planetarium, and they dim the lights, and all of these stars appear–more than I’ve ever seen in the Bronx at night–and (smacks palms) it hit me!! I often say that I don’t think I chose the universe, instead the universe chose me..”~Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    I absolutely LUV how he described his public image as an accomplished astrophysicist and scientist of color, and how he is perceived by white people when compared to a homeless person of color. THAT was *DEEP*–watch to the very end–you *WON’T* regret doing so..

    1. Agreed, and although I was aware of Pluto’s high ice content, I’d never heard a better description of why Pluto is not a planet anymore. There are a lot of reasons but that was good, Dr Tyson. Damn, as an active astronomy lover, (and Pluto fan) even I’m more convinced than ever. There’s no shame in being a dwarf planet, 😂

    1. Really? What about the Swiss guy with 700 recorded face to face chats with human ets? In reverse, moc.ylfyeht.

    1. @Manuel meanwhile, he’s written several books, published articles, taught millions across the world, has spoken many times in scientific forums, tv shows, etc etc etc

    2. @MartelDuV agree 100% ndt is the best, funniest, down-to-earth astrophysicist there is, and that’s that. his background is irrelevant (from a racial perspective i mean)

    3. The best thing about NDT is not what he has “achieved” in terms of papers, awards, discoveries etc but how he has ignited curiosity and desire to listen and learn about science for millions of people all over the world by making it interesting and fun

  3. I LOVE Dr. Tyson he’s an amazing guy, and I wish more people paid attention to “celebrities” like this and not others who are famous for less productive reasons.

  4. I’ve always liked how NDT so easily adds 1 + 1 to come up with a sum that sounds so utterly possible, and then explains the sum he came up with in laymen’s terms so anyone at any level can grasp his concepts. He doesn’t speak above anyone’s social standing or intellectual capacity.

  5. I can relate to his experience of seeing all those billions of stars in the night sky. I grew up in the suburbs and have only seen the Milky Way a few times.

  6. Great guy. For folks like me, who know something but are certainly not astronomers, I love and appreciate him and Sagan for bringing the scientific community’s studies and findings to folks.

  7. The man communicates the wonders of the universe so concisely, as if serving a meal wonderfully prepared.

  8. I just love Dr Tyson. He translates the complexities of astrophysics for lay people like me. He’s positively amazing.

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