CNN reporter asks Chinese official about suspected spy balloon. See the exchange

CNN international correspondent Selina Wang asks Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning about the government's claims that the balloon shot down in the U.S. was a weather balloon and not a spy balloon. #CNN #News


    1. @twofortydrifter fixing the mistake means putting a few holes in it with cannon then letting it fall slowly, then recovering the entire piece and sending it back to its owner, possibly with a fine.
      Or the very least you can do is to leave it be. But no, let’s blow it up using a fighter with missiles because we are America and we are special, right?

  1. if it’s civilian then why does chinese government even care? oh if anyone doesn’t know; nothing happens in the private sector without the government approving it hence making it a chinese government decision

    1. They care, superficially, bc the US government says it’s a spy balloon.

      Every time I read the comments at CNN I can’t help but wonder how you guys make it through life.

  2. What’s “unacceptable” is to fly one of your craft right across the US. I wonder if Emperor Xi would let the US fly a balloon right across China?

  3. Dude, even if it was a weather balloon, it was in our airspace. If you fly a balloon into my house, even by mistake, it is perfectly within my purview to pop the damn thing.

    1. What the US does instead is send military equipment to Taiwan and set up missiles next to China to stoke the fires and provoke china. That’s worse.

    2. It’s really ridiculous when US said that other countries don’t play in the international rule, is there real international rule which is totally abandoned by US. The so said international rule is actually US rule.

  4. I would have asked, “why not tell the US, Canada and LA beforehand that a large weather balloon is headed their way”. It’s the silence that is unacceptable and irresponsible.

    1. Why US Air force did not inform China when they shoot two missiles mistakenly into China’s embassy leaving 3 dead and a couples wounded?

    2. Well it was owned by aerostar based in south Dakota maybe they should of got in contact with them they shot down a balloon owned by a American company stupid

    1. @Jeremy G Japs have done this. But the question is, because of the ocean current, the most nuclear water would finally reach Californian’s shores. So read some geography at first.

    2. Just like the massive factory fishing trawler the Philippine Coast Guard stopped last week , and once questioned they said “ohhhh…the rough seas made our vessel registration fly off the side of the boat! We don’t have it !”

    3. @Thebaddest I must point out that Chinese History makes American history look incredibly tame. You have no idea. Even Russian history pales in comparison to Chinese History.

    4. Well it was owned by a American company called aerostar based in south Dakota stupid Americans shot down there own balloon

    1. @Mohammed Kumar You can feel up whomever you’d like. Also, if you want to gang rape, you should probably surrender yourself to your local mental health officials. India, the land of female only passenger trains, doesn’t need another potential rapist on the streets.

    2. @J D
      the US most sophisticated F22 has fired three missiles (AUM-9X) to shoot down the balloon !!,
      one hit, two misses,
      costing US$3 million+.
      (I know the western media told you it’s one, but who do you trust more, Americans / Brits / Chinese when it comes to mathematics?)
      Probably because the balloon didn’t speak any English except the very first question “what pronoun shall I use if you have two moms?” It’s a democratic F22 that can’t stand any prejudice, perceived and actual.
      The F22 is now a very well battle-tested machine with the first ever victory, 👉 against a balloon !! 🤣🤣🤣
      Allies (the Australia, Canada, Japan,Korea even India) will now rush to buy the best of the best battle-tested aircraft. !!
      Go Brandon…! !

    3. @Mohammed Kumar Not sure if anyone told you… since you’re a foreigner but no one is going to read your six page long inane rants about a country you know nothing about.
      Your impotent unintelligent comments are simply verbal diarrhea.
      Your mother should have put down the male members she was serving orally and taught you something.

    4. @J D
      The paranoid US will next start shooting down birds accusing them of being Chinese dive bombers, or the fish being organic mini submarines.
      The depths of stupidity goes to a whole new level that its laughable.
      Let’s go Brandon….!!!

    5. @J D
      Did your mom tell you what she experienced last night..??
      Yeaaa.. you’re right.. your mom put down us 5 black Indian she was serving soooo good orally…

  5. If it truly deviated from its course then the Chinese officials should have informed other outside country officials what happened which is the proper action. And no harm done. The fact that didn’t happen leaves room for foul play. The US should have put bullet holes into it, causing a slower descent and it would be in better shape to collect data from the balloon.

    1. @Big Fig FL600 is 60000ft. This is the limit that the FAA is controlling domestically. Not higher.FL600 to 100km is unregulated. The previous balloons flying over USA ignored higher up

      Some planes like the f22 and u2 can exceed FL600 but is outside US airspace control. The U2 used to fly regularly over Russia outside their 60k airspace till Russia decided they owned everything up until space as class A. USA ignored that and still flew over. So being a hypocrite here is not cool.

    2. @Nathalie Sinovich Class A airspace has to do with FAA regulations and does not have any say on what is the sovereign airspace of the US. If this is truly where you are getting your “60k” number, it is wrong. 60k+ is still US airspace.

  6. US: “What’s with the spy balloon?”
    China: “Uh, some farmer probably made it… but anyway, it was really rude you shot our balloon down”

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      Chinese Spying,TikTok – not Ok
      Israeli Spying,Pegasus – Ok?

    2. “i know i broke in to your house to see what kind of expensive things you got in there but for you to actually stand up against me is messed up because violence is bad”🤣

  7. It was a ” whether” balloon all right; they wanted to see “whether” or not we’d respond to incursion.

    1. @LotsOfFun Well they’ve done these things before. The Trxmp admin. just didn’t know the difference because they had so little expertise. They wouldn’t have done anything at all. Very slow response yes but remember this thing could’ve been provoking that very reaction deliberately. Next they could send one full of anthrax that drops all over America as soon as it blows up.

  8. China: hey US, hey its China. Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up that one of our weather balloons blew off course and it’s headed your way. Can we discuss methods of possibly getting it back without damaging it?
    I swear, these world leaders are like toddlers. We shouldn’t have to explain basic communication to them

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if we all spoke to each other in this manner? The world would be a much better place

    1. The CCP has an office in just about every business in China. All answer to the authority of the CCP. So yes, the CCP has all that data and that is probably the whole point.

    2. try telling that to the Bimbos that use it. They willingly share everything they can and don’t really ‘get it’ .

  9. “What is the civilian group behind the balloons?” This is a simple question I haven’t heard asked. Shouldn’t the Chinese government be hanging some poor patsy fool by his toe nails right now?

  10. Something else we as the public will never know is if they ploted where it was going and dressed up known sites to provide false information. There is enormous value in tracking and observing. There is even more value in feeding false information, and preventing useful information from getting out, like say how fast one can identify and scramble to take down an actual threat.

    1. @LotsOfFun You shouldn’t worry so much about these matters of state. Let the big boys in Government deal with play their 4d chess games. Don’t overthink it.

    2. @clearz I am a Major in the Army. It’s somewhat over my paygrade, but clearly above yours!! We have all been talking about it for days. I think we know more than you……and even Biden!

    3. Fun Facts :
      It was just the US (Blinken and his gangs) wish to visit and meet Xi jinping as to enjoy that delicious dumplings and peking duck for free in China during this Chinese Lantern Festival.
      Then the US announced a date themselves without asking if Xi jinping and teams have the time to meet them.
      On Feb 2 , China officially told the world: China & USA never had a joint announcement about Blinken’s visits. !!!
      And… out this saving face gimcrack drama.. : ” China spying balloon hovering across the 🇺🇸”
      And finally… F22 fired 3 missiles (AUM-9X)

      …boooom… boooom… boooom…
      2 MISSED 1 HIT
      W T F …

    4. @LotsOfFun o u r? 😂.
      Who made u major when Ur lads can’t c Baloon coming.
      This was Baloon next time we c if Ur f22 can catch up with manuverity of paper plane.

      Trust me u will loose against paper plane.

  11. “If you’re angry, well sorry guys, then don’t fly your military assets over our country”. Exactly!!!!

    1. Hmmmm…. Did we the US ever fly a spy plane or satellite over other sovereign countries territories? I believe we have treaties with many countries to allow it.

  12. Damn! I like this congressman: level headed, judges on facts, and doesn’t rashly jump to conclusions. Wouldn’t mind someone like him being president.

  13. We can’t take chances. Like the saying goes, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

  14. Some places don’t even allow drones let alone a “weather” balloon from questionable countries. Am I paranoid?

  15. As expected, they are changing their story about the balloon. If this was a true weather balloon, they would not be so upset… Will be interesting to see what they recover from the one that was shot down. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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