Turkey earthquake aftershocks captured on live TV

Two massive earthquake aftershocks were captured on camera during a local news report in Turkey. #CNN #News


  1. God bless and be with these people in this hard time. Not only has the death toll exceeded to over 2300, but the injured,missing is in the thousands and the now homeless is astounding. My heart breaks for them. 💔🙏

    1. @desideratoRdam Science versus Religion. Science relies on testable empirical evidence and observation. Religion relies on subjective beliefs in a creator. Bizarre many devout ill patients tend to depend on science to cure illnesses and many views Doctors/Surgeons/Anesthesiologist MD as “Savior/God” to save their lifes.

    2. @James Mamone don’t think you are protected because you are behind an account with no profile pic because you aren’t good luck rip

    1. Yet some people are still dont understand this even they see this misfortune happened. Just because they are not affected becuase they are far away they think, and behaves like live will not ever end at all

    2. No one knew what was gonna happen.they went to bed as usual and this. It makes me furious why earthquake comes like a thief in the dark to make situations worst. I beg you let’s put in action what we write.lets be good ,merciful,understanding,cause this could have been anywhere else,could have bee me you.😥😥😥🤝🤝🤝

    3. @U.S.M.C. FEW PROUD THE MARINES You know someone asks people to be kind and someone comes on screaming Jesus. Jesus would rather you be kind than scream his name from the rafters. Have some tact and offer words of kindness instead of proclaimations with feverous condescension

  2. I live in the city of Adana, which is close to the center of the earthquake, the moment of the earthquake was really bad, it was the first time in my life that I felt so close to death. I have relatives who are under the rubble and unfortunately we are waiting desperately, most areas cannot be helped. The weather is very cold, I hope the people under the rubble are rescued as soon as possible.

    1. So so sorry this happening to you and so many others. @Sena I hope your loved ones and the many more needing rescued are eventually found along with okay.💔🙏🏾🇹🇷 Deeply saddening, & horrifically catastrophic this is, all the way around…💔🌏💔

    2. @ dominiquebrasseur
      Everyone knows that people and equipment are needed to help. Yes it is a natural human impulse and need to cry out to God. Who wastes time arguing?
      We know the practical need and prayer is a need too. Don’t argue with what emotions turn to find God..
      Prayingfor practical help is needed too.
      I pray you find your way to your peace too

  3. Our heart goes out to Everyone here in Greece.We are Very sad and upset.I Am in tears.Gree ce loves our Turkish Brothers And Sisters.Stay strong

    1. @BW in NJ lame vaccinated duck 🦆 came way over here just to look in the mirror and quack sum bullshit …ima need you to sit front row up under my ☀️🔥🔥🤡☠️

    1. Prayers to the same God who did not stop the earthquake? Or prayers to a different God who is less powerful than the one who made the earthquake?

    2. I’m confused, which god do I pray to? I mean if it was California I could pray to the Christian one , but Turkey has that Allah guy, I know…. I’ll pray to the both, since neither exists I’ll probably send some money in lieu of prayers. We know that money is real.

  4. We are saddened to know about the earthquake of this magnitude, the scale of the damage it has caused, and most importantly the loss of life in Turkiye and Syria. We pray for peace for the departed souls, a place in paradise, patience for their families, and early recovery for those injured

    Love from Islamabad, Pakistan

  5. We are sorry for the loss of your people. May everyone who was injured will recover soon and may the souls off all of the victims will rest in peace. All our sympathy and prayers are with your people. We all are helpless infront of the Nature. Condolences from Ukraine 🙏

    1. KARMA for both Syria and Turkey “Sweden and Finland Application for NATO & Bombing of Syrian Rebel fighters from Assad the butcher criminal.

    2. Yes, prayers to everyone in Turkey and Syria at this time. Such a devastation. Also prayers to you all in Ukraine. Stay safe. 🙏

  6. Heartfelt condolences to the dead. May God protect all of Turkey and Syria at this devastating. Wishing everyone who was injured a speedy recovery.

  7. My deepest condolences for the people of Turkey in this most challenging hours who have lost there near & dearone, God bless them… 💐💐

  8. Our prayers to our brothers and sisters of Turkey and Syria. May Allah make this situation easier for them.

  9. This is so sad,our hearts go to Turkey and Syria,lots of love and accept our condolences to these who lost their loved ones from Kosovo,Albania❤😔

    1. We Muslims need to stop burning flags of other countries and start eradicating corruption in all sectors of economy, especially in building sector. If not for corruption and lack of quality control, lack of standards builders must adhere to, number of casualties would have been much, much less.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about such a catastrophe as a Turk. We must remain strong and pray for people who are suffering. Thank you for your kind comments and I live in the west part of the country. I am healthy, but I pray for those who need help and support. May Allah give them strength. Your support for Turkish people is greatly appreciated.

  11. My prayers and dua’ for my brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria. Much love from Malaysia ❤️🇲🇾🇹🇷🇸🇾

  12. Allahdan tek isteyim bir an önce her kesin ordan kurtulması, ailelerine kovuşmasıdır. Maalesef Baküden yapa bileceğim bir şey yok ve bunun için çok kötü hiss ediyorum. Azerbaycanda her kes sizin için dua ediyor. Güclü olun Türk qardaşlarım!

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